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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

@ Jock – you would be well aware of the numerous grower owned entities or co-ops that have started over the years. All started with good intention but largely all have ended in tears.
29/10/14 04:03 AM
In which fantasy land do animal activist and 100% vegan live? Are they really that naïve and brainwashed to think, the consumers of China and Middle East are going to take the slightest bit of notice what these people or their socialist organisations want? Government funded or not, the markets of China, the Middle East and most of Asia have far deeper pockets than what they ever will.
24/06/13 03:26 AM
Does Mr Leyonhjelm not realise that at the end of the day it is the end consumer who really decides? Why give reason for PETA to continue their belligerent anti wool campaign in Europe and the US resulting in consumers opting for synthetics or cotton garments. Why go back and revisit an issue that was badly handled by industry only to cop another serve? Progress has been made and growers have largely accepted the need to produce wool in a manner more acceptable to the end consumer.
18/02/13 12:18 AM


Wool prices are at record low's - please work your magic powers Barnaby!
03/03/15 11:44 PM
Twiggy, now you’re a player in the meat industry you will soon learn that most people whether they be growers or processors are largely their own worst enemy. Trying to get industry consensus rarely happens and when it does it is lucky to last more than five minutes.
17/11/14 03:32 AM
@ Jock - do you want anyone investing in Australian ag other than burnt out old cockies stuck in the 1950s?
21/07/14 01:08 AM
Happy to waste billions of dollars on out of date defence aircraft, but cannot find the money to buy locally made footwear. And the Govt must wonder why public approval is so low.
17/07/14 12:28 AM
It is rubbish to purely blame ECAS for the fee hikes. As the minister responsible, Joyce needs to urgently review all fees charged by AQIS which are making all Australian exports uncompetitive on the international market. It does not matter whether it is live export, processed meat, horticulture, dairy, whatever, AQIS fees are ridiculous.
02/07/14 12:46 AM
How about taking it one step further and preparing media or communication packages that promote agricultural practices in Australia. The Animal Welfare sector do a great job of using celebrities to push their agenda, even when it is completely misguided ie Michelle Bridges in the last month. The National Party are supposed to represent rural Australia, now would be a great time to actually start doing something.
16/06/14 04:24 AM
How has Elders survived this far? There has not been one positive story about Elders in the last 20 years. You can probably trace the rot back as far as John Elliott and his mates.
19/11/13 04:16 AM
The federal Coalition is largely made up of hardnosed economists / accountants or lawyers. None of them have any entrepreneurial spirit other than Turnbull, which is why projects like these that will deliver huge efficiencies and cost saving will never be built. The cold hardnosed rationalists will only look at the bottom line in the current market and be too short sighted to see the benefits and opportunities projects like these will bring.
24/10/13 12:48 AM
Cobb is as dynamic as a dead fish. There is no way he is going to have any influence at the cabinet table let alone on the national or world stage. Why does it need to be National Party membe anyway? There are several Libs that have the credentials and calibre.
12/09/13 04:11 AM
Which ever sides wins, they can start by making DAFF / AQIS operate under the presumtion they are there to assist business wanting to export and help facilitate that. Not the current layer of red tape and impost to actual business. This is another area where the Kiwis are doing a better job.
06/08/13 02:39 AM


Jock - you comments are from the 1950s. AWB was inflexible and full of their own self importance. By allowing private traders to operate, new markets have opened up and new opportunities have been created. I'm far happier that I can choose who I sell to rather than be dictated to.
20/01/12 02:56 AM


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@ Boris – I understand the direction you’re coming from and can see your point of view. However, the inability of the people involved in Australian agriculture to relate to or convey their message to the urban masses is growing and appears to be getting worse. If people in rural Australia are to be taken seriously, understood and given greater respect in general, improving communication methods is paramount. Whether or not this is done with the help of so called media / communication professionals is beside the point and shouldn’t be the focus.
30/10/13 03:30 AM
If it is true that Bob Carr is a member of Voiceless, would it not be prudent for NFF, MLA or the Opposition to address this issue and ask what his actual position is in regards to the Australian meat industry? How can we have a Foreign Minister who does not support a vital Australian export sector?
02/04/12 03:24 AM
Best of luck Cathy, the people of Indi deserve someone of your calibre and understanding of local issues.
25/08/13 11:03 PM
One thing is clear in the run up to the election, John Cobb is not going to make agriculture front and centre in a Coalition Government. Have not seen or sighted him in any mainstream media at all.
22/08/13 02:37 AM
Not sure which creditials you're talking about Chick, but certainly hope he is not just giving lip service to sure up a few extra votes.
03/02/13 10:59 PM


If the rejection rate of NZ apples is 25%, is that not great enough to stop all imports altogether?
What do the Government and AQIS regard as an acceptable level? If one quarter of all produce destined for Australia is rejected by AQIS, how much is getting through that probably shouldn't be?
26/10/11 04:21 AM


continued; However, the trade into the Middle East should be looked at in a separate light. This region continually presents problems in both transportation and market access for both sheep and cattle. The mortality rates on boats carrying sheep are exceptionally high, the voyage cruel and inhumane, and the treatment at the other end barbaric. The argument that the Middle East region requires live animals for fresh meat due to the lack of refrigeration is a fallacy. Exports of chilled carcasses to the region have sky rocketed in the last two years since live exports were restricted.
20/08/14 03:30 AM
Rather than continually having the all or nothing debate regarding live export, why can there not be proper scrutiny of the markets in which animals are being sold and the type of animal sold. Live export out of northern Australia for cattle into Indonesia and other SE Asian markets makes sense. The travel time is acceptable and Australian owned/managed feedlots operate in the region.
20/08/14 03:30 AM
Saudi Arabia claims that ESCAS is an intrusion on its sovereignty, that is somewhat of the pot calling the kettle black. Saudi Arabia could easily increase the level of chilled and frozen meat exported to the Kingdom from Australia by relaxing import protocols for Australian exporters. Saudi Arabia has a separate listing to most other Arab nations and require processing facilities adhere to their own set of strict guidelines, yet the neighbouring countries are more than satisfied with the regular Australian standards.
13/04/14 11:08 PM


I have no problem with foreign investment, so long as we know what is going on and who owns what. However, this is another example of international parties recognising that Australia will be instrumantal in world food supply in the years to come. Why then do governments, both fedaral and state contiune to under invest in Australian agriculture, whether it be education, research and development, marketing.... the list goes on??? When will we see agriculture at the forefront of politics instead of being made out to be an industry in decline run by out of touch red necks??
15/06/11 01:06 AM


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