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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Such a lot of nonsense it not worth commenting on.
29/04/15 12:45 AM


I suspect if Rick wilson actually adopted some of the best practice sheep management developed he'd see where his money went.
24/11/15 12:48 AM
Rock and a hard place for Labour. the industry has been suffering while the compromise is reached. Bigger win for big petrochemical/coal giants but no-ones going to be buying our coal soon so its will be a hollow win for them in a few years.
19/05/15 12:53 AM
"looking for consistency with other industrialised nations of a similar size" !
we used to be leaders and innovators in renewable energy - how far have we fallen!!
08/05/15 02:38 AM
interesting after watching the 'super rich' program last night and the effect of super rich foreign investors impact on the property market in UK where now most higher cost properties are bought by foreigners and left empty as an investment, leaving many unable to afford purchase of their own place.the foreign investors compete against each other and push up prices.
01/05/15 01:01 AM
I wouldnt be so sure. NZ sells "NZ lamb" all year round but they only turnoff lamb in spring in NZ. Their interests in South America fill the rest of the year?
24/04/15 12:57 AM
So if the green paper is compared to the Food Plan and its just a bit better, is that a win for agriculture - I doubt it. Barnaby may know some farmers but he knows naff all about how modern agriculture works.
01/04/15 01:08 AM
Not stuffing it up as much as this laughable lot!
05/02/15 12:42 AM
The issue is being competitive in the world market. Companies playing the local market are different. For example only 10% of WA meat is consumed locally- we need manufacturing for export markets and local markets will benefit.
03/12/14 01:03 AM
twiggy is right, marketing Australia is important and marketing together is very important. We have a brand identity in China - we need to build on it.
01/08/14 12:57 AM
From what data I have seen the emissions of power companies have gone down due to more people using renewables which by default has increased the relative emissions from agriculture. We are now about the same as transport as a contributor and it wont take much to push us above them if there are any efficiencies gained by that sector.
and Bruce C - I think the picture is to remind us of what contributes to carbon dioxide emissions rather than trying to show a picture of CO2. Try buying the magazine for the articles rather than the pictures!
10/07/14 01:01 AM


Great to see good quality processing happening! Good luck to GG
10/06/13 01:53 AM


Damage by wind turbines - A complete load of tosh!!! Europe and the states have had them everywhere for 30 years and the only health issues are with people who never got a payout by the turbine companies. Any one who has them on their properties doesn't seem to get sick! I also live within 1.5kms of a wind farm and since moving there my headaches have gone - no-one wants to know that!
I think anyone who complains of wind farms should go and live next to a coal fired power station please!
06/08/15 08:06 AM
thanks for some detail on this issue. Its never as simple as people would like it to be. I suspect the Abbott government is going to encourage farmers NOT to do anything about emissions. It will be left to the efficient, professional farmers to do the hard yards on developing ways to combat emissions while big polluters are compensated!
18/07/14 01:01 AM
ITs funny how Boris thinks the temperature hasn't risen in 16 years when it clearly has if you look at the Met data. Boris, just cause someone once said the temperatures havent risen doesnt mean they haven't!
15/05/14 12:48 AM
Some important reforms have been started by this government. Lets hope that people dont take the easy line and vote for old style comforts rather than keeping Australia moving into the future. Protectionism and propping up poor farming practices will not help the agriculture sector get more profitable. We need modern, educated, forward thinking farmers.
02/07/13 03:17 AM
Wow yourself! Deniers listen to marketing posing as 'fact' paid for by the lobbyists. You don't seem to get it, you're falling for the same trick smokers fell for when the same marketing companies (paid by tobacco companies) told us that smoking isn't bad for your health.
21/05/13 12:52 AM
Thankyou Stephanie! This is action and an advocate that we need as an industry.
30/11/12 01:38 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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