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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Screwing young Aussies (Enthusiastic Neighbours) out of an opportunity to purchase any real estate within our highly regulated economy and allowing unregulated foreign money in unabated, seems mildly un Australian to me. But then I guess that just makes me racist.
24/02/15 08:44 PM
With the current farm gate pice from Australian processor's at about half the true cost of production for beef and sheep, live export is pretty much the only hope for the long term survival of our industry and most of rural Australia. Live ex is the future, get use too it.
16/06/14 10:22 PM
Agree 100%.
30/03/14 09:44 PM
Your scenario seems the wrong way round David. Any savvy person in ag would think to himself, farming as a whole returns about 2% so why would I invest in listed ag. While his none ag friend would be more likely to listen to a consultant on how great ag is and invest his hard earned in it. How dumb do you think farmers are? Why do you think the super funds won't touch it.
31/07/13 10:02 PM
I think the main point David misses is the fact that farms are over valued and in order for australian agriculture as a whole to survive they need to drop, propping up values when commodities won't pay the interest let alone show profit is insane. The next gen is already walking away in droves they don't need to be pushed! Most farmers don't farm to be a charity to feed the world, they are just trying to make a buck and feed their family like everyone else. Buisness's go broke everyday that's capitalism. Communist investment will just skew the system worse.
08/07/13 08:12 AM
David, on one hand you say we should all sell out to only the most efficient few to lift production to its maximum and then on the other you say a slight lift in production by the EU will have devastating effects on commodity prices, making even the super efficient unprofitable. Your comments make no sense. Farms are easy to sell when they are profitable, but history shows they're just a rich mans hobbie. What should we do, lift production or cut it, either way we still won't get a fair and sustainable cut of the end price?
12/06/13 11:24 PM

Get Muddy

"Farm land values have inflated beyond what farm economics can justify", so all you blokes that think farming in Australia is a business in this current economy should keep you psychiatrist on speedy dial. It's a rich man's hobby at best and to treat it differently is a recipe for disaster.
17/12/14 01:56 AM
It would be a fair stretch to assume our farmers aren't contributing enough before retirement. If fourty hours a week for 48 weeks a year for fourty five years is Australia's working benchmark. This equates to 86400 hours work to retire at 65. I'm 36 and been in the job 20 years and estimate I've done 73000 odd hours so that means I've nearly done my bit for society. Our young people fully understand what's going on in ag, you'll do two working lifetimes work and on average earn half the average wage for that work. That's why farmers are old, our young people have wised up.
23/09/14 10:52 AM
Don't know which article you read Geronimo but the one I read describes two families, one a rural merchandiser and the other a clothing retailer. Both of them running, as most Aussie farmers are currently running, a not for profit farming operation/hobby.
20/05/14 12:40 AM
It takes a fair old nerve to peddle that load of tripe "taxpayer", when the average farmer is on less than seven dollars an hour and supplying some of the only globally competitive products to come out of this socialist, overpaid country. See how you go getting cheap food when your so called farm mangers are on $50-$100 an hour and working like unionist. Aussie farmers receive less than %3 in govt assistance so your statements just don't add up.
08/04/14 02:43 AM
Been on strike for a pay rise lately bushie?
30/12/13 01:39 AM
The old man has always said farming is not a buisness it's just an interest, don't get exposed, work hard, never take it serious and just enjoy the lifestyle and you'll do fine. There will be a hell of a lot of empty farms if we take your advice, I suppose the couple of farmers left might make a quid when production drops and land values drop.
We are not asking for a subsidy, just a fair cut of the end price would be nice. Getting sick of working harder and getting less.
16/12/13 08:46 PM
Hungry is spot on, you should have researched African game hunting and left that out. Just shows how the uninformed make rash statements and can cause knee jerk reactions. Regulated game hunting brings millions of dollars and directly feeds thousands of the worlds poorest people.
More than you can say for these animal rights nut jobs.
01/10/13 01:46 AM
Spot on Qlander, land where I am is three times its return on investment value, the banks know it and are very worried no doubt. They just hope the can con some cashed up foreign investor into bailing them out and keeping the the whole show rolling. Good luck to them I say, farming is just a hobby here now.
03/09/13 10:19 PM
Just goes to show the only future for our ag is to either export the whole lot to someone who appreciates our efforts or cut production to a level where they have to pay up. Otherwise it will just be more of the same and the harder we work and the better we get, the less we end up with.
20/08/13 03:27 AM
Your spot on bosco, that explains why the next gen of farmers is off to town to get a job that pays. Doing exactly what their parents have encouraged them to do. The consumer will pay up when they get hungry enough, we just have to keep waiting.
30/07/13 11:10 PM

Burrs under my saddle

All this ridiculous idea will do is make the already huge disconnect between farm gate prices and land values worse. If old blokes paid too much for land and can't get out then capitalism will see them go bankrupt to allow either a better/more cashed up or more conservative operator take over. If gov wants a fair playing field for Aussie's to farm their own land then ban foreign ownership, otherwise stop manipulating the system. My farms value has to drop by half to become economically viable against current farm gate returns, that will make me profitable again.
31/05/14 12:11 AM

Out of the shadow

Would love to know what you base your statement "agriculture is surging ahead" on Farmer? That's certainly not the consensus of the farmers I associate with.
23/03/15 01:27 AM
Maybe the farmers of Australia could do what the majority of your voters would do and go on strike, withholding all food from market until we get a fair share of the profits, that's the union/labor way isn't it? Wonder how the shoe would fit on the other foot?
02/07/14 12:09 PM
Why don't you buy back the forests you sold in the fire sale to the Canadian's, most of which are going to be bulldozed for return to grazing. As for NZ they have been bulldozing and burning pine plantations for dairy conversion, hardly sounds like booming buisness to me. Like your Asian dinning boom, it's just all talk!
18/06/14 12:02 AM


Why would you want to expand a business that can't pay the going rate? The average farmer's on $6 an hour, why would you want to drag others into that?
20/08/15 12:59 AM
So the "average" 60 year old farmer with a multimillion dollar investment and a life's work behind him or her has less than enough money in FMDS to buy a new ute, WOW! Get some perspective or maybe a calculator "spare change".
05/08/15 03:24 AM
@ Hayseed, interest rates are a large part of any farms terms of trade, even lower ones, in most cases one of our biggest costs. Rates may be low but the farm next door has never been more expensive in relation to income, meaning our interest bill is still high relative to profit (if you make one).Buying over valued anything is a risky game for anyone, that is unless your playing with someone else's really cheap money.
20/07/15 12:43 AM
Wish I could borrow at US and European interest rates, then I might be able to afford to buy my neighbour out. I Guess you've just got to let them have it. It would be nice to have a level playing feild though.
16/07/15 03:06 AM
Can anyone else smell a foreign take over brewing?
13/07/15 11:48 PM
"If farmers goals are basically financially driven you might be better off buying a real estate agency or taxi buisness" but yet we are supposed to "run our farms more like a buisness in town" says the first paragraph? Confused much? People pay for advise like this??
02/05/15 12:43 PM
King Billy, The plants will close while crazy farmers with grass fever push the price for cattle up and will come back guns blazing once numbers are breed up again. Slaughter beef will hardly change.
27/10/14 05:13 AM
What are you rambling on about "Freshy"? My whole comment is telling anyone who will listen to stay the hell out of ag. With the current suicide rate in the ag sector blind freddy should be able to tell the system is broken, completely. Who am I going to sell too anyway, three quarters of the country is on the market with no buyers. MR Walsh's regulations are killing rural Australia and someone needs to tell him.
18/10/14 10:53 PM
They would be better off investing in an electronic tag manufacturer. At least that way Peter Walsh will ensure the farmers of Australia are forced to lose money to drive the profits of the super fund. If my super fund invests in ag I'm changing fund, I've already lost enough money farming.
16/10/14 01:21 AM
How many million does the coffee shop worker have invested in the buisness Andrew T. You sound like a full blown communist.
29/09/14 08:44 AM


Jacky, hunters knock on your front door and ask permission, crooks don't knock and shouldn't have a gun license. They are irrelevant to this debate about registered guns.
16/08/15 03:40 AM
Jacky, If your 1080 based pest control system is so effective why are illegal trespassers coming on you place to shoot pest animals that don't exist?
13/08/15 09:47 AM
Absolutely hunters need semi auto five shot shotguns, anyone who's been on a fox drive will tell you that. You have no logical explanation for why they banned them either do you, Jacky?
12/08/15 03:57 AM
Still yet to see a genuine reason why a law abiding, licensed, registered, honest member of a free society shouldn't be entitled to own this gun, Jacky.
11/08/15 08:54 AM
Bank robbers and illegal hunters don't care about a change in the Firearms law Jacky, it won't affect them in their illegal activities one bit. There is no other side to this story apart from politicians trying to swing the green vote in the city and win the next election, that's it.
10/08/15 11:42 AM
Holy moly, the biggest problem for Australian ag is "FARM GATE PRICES".
05/03/14 04:51 AM
Why would you run out and invest, farms are still over valued compared to commodity prices, our labour cost are globally extraordinary, the banks aren't passing on the low cash rate and the labor party have set our economy up for another recession or worse a depression. Good luck Mr Stevens you'll need it.
19/12/13 08:21 PM
A quick google search says Roos mature to breeding at 16/17 months and only live to 6/8 years in the wild. Maybe they live a lot longer on the dope plants down at the local hippie commune, hey VivKay?
18/02/15 12:52 AM
Pretty sure that horse bolted when Whitlam got in wtf.
01/12/14 09:48 PM
Sue head, your comments that the beef industry is booming based on record exports proves you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
03/04/14 10:47 AM


Fox lights, haha, What a crack up! Lost count of the number of foxes I've shot within fifty yards of the neighbours fox lights when he's lambing. Snake oil.
13/07/15 12:52 AM
They say you should never argue with an idiot because you will end up sounding like one yourself, this guy is that idiot. Most of the worlds most productive farm land was created by animal production (intensive, managed grazing), without it even more humans would be starving. Idealism doesn't create realism, this is a prime example.
12/07/14 10:46 PM


Working 80/100 hours a week, for on average less than $7 an hour pushes most farmers way outside the realms of lifestyle, MEGATRON. Maybe 20 or 30 years of watching your life's work become virtually valueless might change your tone, it's defiantly changed mine. PS What farmer these days has time for a social life?
11/09/14 12:17 AM
Hey ted that neighbour is a good manager because by siting on the fence, he's keeping production down in an attempt to keep prices up. All the while waiting for the blokes who think they can reinvent the wheel to go bankrupt and he can expand at a realistic 1980s land price. Now that's smart farming!
20/07/14 10:28 PM
Pretty simple if it's not worth owning, don't buy it. Buy shares in the banks and actually make some money!
16/07/14 03:08 AM
The Chinese reportedly just paid ten million more than its worth for a sheep farm up the road from me so there is hope for the banks yet. Just a shame as a young farmer trying to get in, land values are still way over return from commodities even at these so called discount rates.
23/02/14 09:35 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Australia's farmers have been exploited to the betterment of the likes of bushie bill for too long now, it's starting to catch up. Qlander nailed it. I have lost count of the broke corporates in my area, the only ones left use farming as a tax dodge (hobbie) for their "real"enterprise.
06/10/14 09:37 PM


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