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I would have thought the most relevant Shakespearean character to the ALP was Yorric - the skull speaking to the dead !
14/09/13 01:26 AM
Pleased to hear Joel Fitzgibbon will be a strong advocate for Fisheries - he certainly knows plenty of sharks !
17/07/13 02:47 AM
The budget of the "dead man talking" had as it's mantra - "repeal, booby trap and stifle". For once the Canberra Press Gallery seems to have got it right but what about the carnage, rape and blatant disregard for manafacturers, farmers, cattlemen and anyone of those self employed small businesmen and women. So much to do and so little time and money to do it. Good luck LNP !
01/06/13 12:55 AM
My prediction is that the electorate will say NO to Juliar, NO to the way the Parliament has been manipulated by the Greens and NO to the corrupt practices of Labor - Thomson, Obeid, Slipper etc. A Drover's dog may be the best bet !
04/02/13 12:41 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Land Grants by the Crown opened up vast areas for development by private investors in Australia.
There was more good than harm for the Australia we know today. In fact at more then one period in our history we rode on the sheep's back. The Just Terms Compensation Act was enacted for the good of the nation.
Why do not the same principles apply today ?
20/06/12 06:42 AM


This is a sensible budget under the circumstances. There are no "free lunches" and the handouts by Labor and Labor's debt must be paid back. We went into the GFC in a strong enough condition to weather the storm helped of course by the Mining Industry. Now it's time for agriculture to make it's contribution. It can be done and this is a good first step.
14/05/14 02:51 AM
ADM has made its money out of US Graingrowers who receive considerable largesse from the US Govt - Reith, Costello and Kennett should take a good hard look at the "level playing field" and have a long rethink about the parlous state Aust agric is in and their inaction to stop the rot.
03/12/13 04:36 AM
The Agriculture Minister should have a proven record. John Cobb is a farmer and a former President of NSW Farmers - give him a go. The others are late starters with no track record.
12/09/13 01:38 AM
Wake up fellas. Ag Policy should be all about us - not about foreigners profiting from our resources.
30/08/13 06:43 AM
Are we now looking at the era of Clive, Pauline and Bob ? Will Julia be the next to go ?
26/06/13 12:48 AM
The point was made way back then was that once you float the dollar, deregulate the banks and remove tariffs you must have a set of policy structures in place that pro-actively support producers/manufacturers. You cannot allow a free for all - the only possible result is catstrophic. There must be a level playing field. If there is not the only ones that profit are the ones that speculate - sooner rather than later they collapse and all you are left with are a heap of empty worthless promises.
10/05/13 09:19 AM
I remember all those years ago when we did our best to save the Reserve Price Scheme and lost in a very closely contested vote. The end result is not a surprise and has been catastrophic. Similar arguments were successfully put to undo the single desk of the wheat industry and the full impact is already starting to be felt. We are not just dealing with commodities we are dealing with businesses that rely on our ability to provide a product that suits their needs. John, you know what needs to be done - Good luck with the Libs - we are right behind you.
09/05/13 02:43 AM
Trade is not fair or free when our competitors are treated by their respective Governments differently. The writing was on the wall when Hawke and Keating floated the dollar and attempted to eliminate tariffs. What sort of madman would expect there to be no negative consequences - especially in a country that is not blessed with abundant fresh water and is far from markets. It's true that world population continues to grow at an alarming rate but that has not and will not translate into higher prices for agricultural products. Why should it ?
29/04/13 05:24 AM
Bill Heffernan has got it right - governance is no place for academics and career politicians. There is no better school than the school of hard knocks and the lack of life's practical experience in all areas of government is alarming. Wake up Aussies !
10/04/13 12:45 AM
Science is only as good as the knowledge of the scientists who write the papers. If there are no baseline studies it is educated guesswork. Is it worth getting it wrong when the benefits may be minimal or non existent ? Even the scientists say that CSG may not be the answer to rising greenhouse emissions.
04/04/13 12:10 AM


I am concerned it takes a grilling from Alan Jones to force a public commitment from Greg Hunt. Surely the Minister is man enough to admit he got it wrong and to re-evaluate Shenhua's application. Buckpassing between NSW and the Feds is not the answer - JUST SAY NO!
16/07/15 10:21 AM
Paul wants control ! It must be a real wake up call to discover that after levelling the wool industry and all those shearers with it. Gutting the Live Export Trade and all those Union jobs with it and bringing the grains industry to its knees - there is little left for the Unions to get their teeth into. The killing of the "little pigs" is almost complete - Oh dear!
02/12/13 04:26 AM
Barnaby, don't forget to "lock the gate" on water poisoners !
27/06/13 05:10 AM
Credit should be given by banks when lending money to self employed ag graduates. At the moment the first people to face a credit tightening are the ag graduates well before their programs are up and running. Why would you get an ag degree when this is what your future has in store?
24/06/13 05:07 AM
Jo, I don't know what substances you are on. Your kidding aren't you? Sell the farm because Aust farmers don't and won't vote for you, stuff the ag industries especially wool, wheat, dairy, live cattle, live sheep and buy offshore and put the remnants on Govt handouts - that's your and Labor's policies for ag aren't they? And finally, dress them up in green clothes manufactured overseas !
11/02/13 01:00 AM
Barnaby Joyce is right - he is in Parliament to represent the people who elected him - the Libs may not be happy with some of his views but the "free trade" at any costs policy has been to the detriment of family farms and an open door invitation to foreign investors to make a quick buck at the expense of Australians. Hopefully, we will see some constructive ag policy under the Coalition in the near future.
07/08/12 04:03 AM


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