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Fair comments Colin! They sure did enormous damage to the live cattle trade - a long legacy they leave.
16/09/13 10:43 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

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An excellent article by someone who cares for science, farmers and the truth - a refreshing and informed piece of commentary. The world needs more of this type of clarity and frankness.
18/11/13 01:13 PM


I have been disappointed with the ABC. They ignore requests for balance, they are well known to have a strong left/green leaning. I personally know dozens of ABC staff (many good quality people) and i know many who have moved on who struggled with the over green flavor (not all). Knowing a lot about agriculture and being Australia's lead authority on No Tillage, I find it hard when staff daily advertise on the radio the "organic gardening book" which gives the impression cultivation of soil is all good. They also rarely interview genetic professors on GM crops but give O2 to alarmists!
19/09/13 10:40 AM


Consider this wtf, they do the drought thing in the USA and we don't? Then who wins? Bit like their corn yields with 9 genes in it and their yield goes up 2%/yr while our wheat does what? 0.4%/yr and the global price on CME is link? It's worth thinking about, if nothing else!
06/02/15 04:37 AM
Hi Harry,
Wheat follows the RR, they are controlled with 2 g/ha of chlorsulfuron (12c/ha). Hi WB, the Nitrogen cycle is different, what that does is burn the C to release the N, in this case we are not releasing the N otherwise my soil C level and soil N levels would be dropping.
21/08/14 09:20 AM
Sorry Percy, cv and Tim, GM contamination does not happen in non GM canola anywhere in the world. Because non GM has a tolerance of 0.9% = easily achieved. Zero tolerance is not the same and I'm sure you 3 are not advocating that. Also, while non GM has attracted a $10-40/t premium [which will go as GM area goes up] this is lost when you factor in lower oil with non GM by about 2%, with 47% vs 45%. Virtually all soy exported globally, even into Aust and EU, is GM as is most corn that is exported, as is the canola. While the world sells GM we can only sell one trait and have to compete!
27/02/14 03:51 PM
Farmer uptake will keep going from strength to strength in WA as it has done in Canada. Farmers need to rotate their chemistry's and other tools - we don't want to over-use anything.
14/01/14 02:51 PM
Genes are safe to eat folks, even modified ones, they are amino acids (protein builders) - just ask any plant breeding Professor. Suggestion; be careful not to google anyones website - stick to google scholar for the most reliable info - there you will find much helpful GMO information. Some people have become paranoid about GMs & use this fear to promote organics, but without substance. Mind you, if a company was stupid enough to put say a natural poisonous plant gene into a crop then that would be different - but it would not be a very successful business model, I suggest, cheers
18/12/13 03:36 AM
Good work Bevan, but we need to make lupins out-do GM soy which has done our lupins out of a role. I hope this helps and I hope Dr Jonathan Clements can take it to the next level soon as well to keep them in the game.
19/09/13 10:42 AM
GMOs are in all the countries we compete with on the export market. Come on folks relax, the science is sound, it is safe, it is part of the future - get with the program labour and greens get some simple science training.
03/03/13 02:23 PM


Well said John Snooke, and congratulations to both Mike Baxter and the PGA for doing the honorable thing and defending all conventional farmers rights to grow what one-day will ensure significant benefits to us through gene technology. We need to wake up, before our farmers go broke, as all our international global competitors have been enjoying GM benefits for many years. Corn now has 9 stacked genes in it and GM corn affects our wheat price.
20/03/14 05:59 AM
All that is needed to smooth the waters is a little bit of tolerance and common sense. Australia's organic zero-tolerance on the safe GMO tool is just market-driven fearmongering. The truth is - people die every year, across the globe, from eating bacterially exposed organic food while no-one has ever died or got sick from eating GM foods or medicines. No need to have an inquiry - just some tolerance and a halt to fearmongering of a safe-clever tool that has been strangled by vested interests.
18/12/13 03:50 AM
Excellent, thoughtful comments. It reminds me of one of Geoff Fosbery's sayings; "I am biased......I am biased by my own experiences" :-). It was interesting to see only one letter to the editor on this issue last week.
13/04/13 01:10 AM
Tim Flannery has done significant harm to the Qld & Australian budget with his fanatical views on global warming - who will pay for the mothballed Qld desalination plants that his views helped to establish? He should not get a pay-out, indeed, he is no more qualified to talk science than an average graduate.
19/09/13 10:24 AM
Hey Ray,
Your line on GM is weak, anti-liberal and opportunistic. As President of the Northam liberal branch and the one who wrote the GM policy document for the liberals with Garry Snook, I am a little disappointed. We have been eating modified genes forever - they are a fact of life. We need frost tolerance in wheat ASAP, appeasing the greens who are anti-science is repulsive. I would vote for Terry if in your electorate, he is more a liberal on this issue.
03/03/13 01:53 PM
Well done Rick, looking forward to seeing you help agriculture and rural towns move forward with steady and sound Federal policies, as best you can.
16/09/13 10:46 AM


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