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Its over. Move on and pray for good government. L less air time and photo shoots and more sound management to provide a platform for business to create jobs, particularly small business. Great to see it is recognised with a cabinet position. About time.
18/09/13 11:00 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

why is this joker still writing. He is a Senator elect. Let him take his money and run.
21/10/13 06:36 AM
why am I reading this rot from a Senator elect. Off you go and take your non earned money. Enjoy it while you can. I will stop reading this publication till this joker is removed.
08/10/13 10:06 PM
I do not trust the Indonesians. Their meat quota administration is mired in corruption and various government departments are contradicting each other. That is only for starters. They need to get their own house in order before criticising others.
29/09/13 11:22 PM


remember Superbutcher??
11/10/13 06:11 AM
Time to sack this joker from Fairfax. I would not be spending that money too quickly, it might not end up in your bank acct for too long.
02/10/13 02:05 AM
I will be saying a lot less and it would be good for many observers. Let the government govern and get on with the job they were elected to do. I am heartily sick of all media. Government cannot do everything. It should do less and do it well and make conditions favourable for business to flourish. Fairfax and ABC expose on Four Corners interesting but media is desperate to find their place.
30/09/13 11:58 PM
EU needs to get its hown house in order. It is broken in terms of the single currency and massive bailouts to over spending countries.
18/09/13 10:57 PM
Indonesia makes policy on the run and it is far from above criticism given their raging debate over corruption in issuing beef quotas. Business is business and forget bleeding hearts and get on with govt.
17/09/13 10:37 PM
John Cobb must settle and it is a sour look from him. I am no fan of his. Please accept the PM's offers in future and work for the good of the Coalition.
16/09/13 11:37 PM
I recall Andrew Robb was an good operator in the NFF so he will be ideal and hope he pushes ahead and energises the departments. Get the Fed govt out of state issues and get down to business.
16/09/13 11:27 PM
why are we talking about clowns, the circus should have left town months ago. Clean up day Sept 14, cannot wait.
28/06/13 01:42 AM
Big surprise and people denied opportunity to remove him at the election. Shown his true colours and his last TV appearance last night not memorable. Will not be missed. Good luck finding a job but do not expect favours Mr O.
26/06/13 12:01 AM
this is terrible news. PPB are well known but due to the sensitivity there is nothing on their website about this matter. I have stopped watching all TV in regard to politics. Cannot wait until "clean up" day on Sept 14. I will be glued to TV at that point and might even take a drop if the news is good.
23/06/13 11:29 PM


have had a break from the same old sad delusional comments on farmonline. note the usual negative suspects still lurk without finding anything meaningful and positive to do with their lives. Rural Realist is a breath of fresh air.
30/03/16 10:03 PM
I would not read anything into Senate results. I think some sort of optional preferential voting will be in place by next election. There are those that favour quotas of minimum 5% of the vote, which may be going too far. Will see. Meantime, heads down working and less navel gazing as we need to generate some business to pay for the mountain of politicians and public servants and employ some productive people generated real benefit and goods and services.
04/10/13 06:11 AM


One would assume this would go before the FIRB ontent/default.asp
but maybe not:
A foreign person needs approval to buy an interest in a primary production business where the total assets of the business exceed $248 million (or $1,078 million for United States investors).
02/10/13 07:52 AM


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