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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I just want to be able to choose non-GM because I don't trust our "scientific" spokes-people. Any senior manager or politician statement is automatically interpreted as a lie until proven otherwise. Commercial interests in our society over-ride public interest and common sense.
15/12/13 09:38 PM
I can educate an incomptetent person, but nothing overcomes stupidity. I guess we just have to wait for the next election.
21/06/12 11:07 PM


GST increases are stupidity. Tax needs to be paid at the point of wealth creation not consumption. Tax wage earners and companies. The issue is that we are selling and giving our assets away and then not collecting tax from those overseas owners. Increasing GST is like chasing the bottom of a whirlpool.
18/09/15 12:18 AM
Consumers have been screaming at our governments for years for this. No matter their political persuasions, politicians are hell bent on selling us out to foreign interests. There is an old saying, "follow the money honey". Someone must be winning somewhere, just not us!
18/02/15 01:21 AM
I applaud the class action. Government needs to be responsible and Joe Ludwig's actions were not responsive to the majority of people. We now have the Liberals doing a similar thing with fuel excise. Joe Hockey must have had a mental breakdown. I hope the senate blocks supply so we can get rid of this new mongrel lot in Canberra. Tony Abbott refuses to join "team Australia" and work for the nation, choosing to sell out to overseas interests at every opportunity.
28/10/14 10:44 PM
ACCC is totally useless, why anyone would expect anything positive from them is beyond me. All my dealings with them have been frustrating with their avoidance mechanisms and almost non-existent freedom to act in this global world.
06/10/14 10:39 PM
Hugh Wurth associated himself with his mate Levy years ago and the RSPCA has since associated with Animals Australia and their like, so don't whinge now when people recognise your spots and say, there goes another leopard.
24/07/14 12:30 AM
my local IGA has fresher veges than woollies or coles. Even better, just go to the local green grocer.
16/06/14 02:09 AM
The sooner the Greens are gone from our society the better.
20/05/14 02:43 AM
Of course, the only thing that matters to the modern executive is this year's bonus. They all copy the American model of "the winner takes it all".
07/11/13 12:46 AM
Well a big hurrah for this magnificent upholder of community standards. We applaud the biggest and worst poker machine company in the land; the company with huge interests in home brands from off shore suppliers. Is this yet another price rise to fuel the insatiable demands of a bloated executive set for new salary packaging demands beyond the beliefs of mere mortals.
04/10/13 01:23 AM
FTA's are designed to rob a country of their sovereignty. The only ones who benefit from FTA are the big global companies who have no domicile, and they then ride rough shod over governments. Forget FTA's completely.
03/09/13 11:01 PM


It never seems to occur to scientists and lawyers that we live in a democracy. These arrogant people think they can use their "expert" knowledge (usually proved wrong in the long term) or privileged position to trample on the rights of the majority.
03/11/14 12:28 AM
When will the governments of this world make the real culprits accountable. The big agribusinesses can release products with insufficient testing and never be held accountable for the consequences. These 2 farmers should not be fighting. The government should just declare the company producing the seed responsible to clean up the contamination.
27/05/14 01:33 AM
The issue for Barnaby is that the GM companies have been indemnified against fault arising from their "science", which has not been proved, only "approved" by a government ham-strung by its political ties to the USA. I normally like Barnaby's commentary but he is way off on this one and needs to put his glasses on so he can see clearly.
23/05/14 12:33 AM
So the architect does not like what he has created!
05/12/13 10:01 PM
Where do we find the research that proves it is safe for human consumption? Or do we have that "scientific" argument that in the absence of proof it is not safe then they can approve it.
18/07/13 10:35 PM
So what. Can all those people afford to buy what is available, or does the farmer have to take a further reduction in prices so that they can? This is the issue that should be addressed.
24/06/13 01:49 AM
It amazes me that the regulators require the counter argument to prove their case rather than the perpetrators of this gene rubbish, who are free to push whatever they like without proof that satisfies the community at large. If only we could establish a democracy, then the people might have some say in its running.
17/06/13 11:51 PM
I keep hearing and reading this rubbish about feeding the world's poor with increased production, but it is rubbish. Every productivity increase is accompanied by lower returns to farmers and increased returns to multinational companies and city based executives advising about how necessary this philosophy is to the planet. What scientists and politicians refuse to accept is that we are supposed to live in a democracy, where the majority opinion is supposed to count. These arrogant scientists want to impose their personal career goals on society against the principles of democracy.
17/12/12 10:38 PM
"Limited and controlled conditions" and "scientific supervision", is euphemistic code for let's contaminate the existing channels so there is no option but to accept this GM product. Governments also use the terminology of the science must determine the outcome to circumvent democratic processes.
12/03/12 02:47 AM
Hoorah! We deplore GE in any form, but for Monsanto to have no responsibility for contamination and future health issues and yet be able to command control of residues is absolute stupidity,
07/07/10 11:48 PM


Bob Carr has made so many serious gaffs since he was appointed (not elected) that nothing would surprise me about this yesterday's man.
02/04/12 11:46 PM
Another biased and commercial self interest article to promote feedlots. Whose payroll is this moron on.
27/02/12 10:26 PM
Publishing Labour party spin doctor aeticles without editing now are we? Barnaby is the only decent person in the parliament. The people like him, but obviously the Labour journalists don't, we alredy know that, so stop publishing crap articles like this one.
05/04/10 06:53 PM


I would buy more bulk at roadside stalls, except growers try to sell at supermarket prices or sometimes even higher prices.
14/12/09 02:31 AM


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