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Barker, have you ever opened the door on a battery hen cage to see if they will run like crazy to get out? If not, how do you know they don't like living in there?
Someone born in a high rise unit in the city can like it, that's because they don't know any different.
By the way Bushie Bill, I'm not a caged chicken farmer but an ordinary citizen with common sense, who has had to do with local chicken farms. Battery hens are kept in air conditioned buildings and fed a balanced grain based and protein diet. When the hen lays an egg, it immediately rolls down onto a conveyor belt and is conveyed to the egg packing plant and is transported directly to food distribution points. I also have relatives who free range farmed laying hens. The hens are exposed to the elements of sun and rain and feral animals. The eggs are more often than not stale and filthy.
my wife bought free range eggs by mistake last week, and the quality was inconsistent. Some egg yolks were a filthy light brown colour and others just plain stale. Give me a fresh cage egg any day.
So, chickens are more important than humans? When as a result of laying eggs in filthy barn or free range environment, we get salmonella, and lie in agony for a week. But no, that's better than a chook who has been born in a cage and knows no difference having to "suffer" from crowded conditions?


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