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Where have you been living David? When vegans are invited into workplaces like the Giles abattoir recently they purposely stirred up animals then took footage that resulted in them losing their business. Farms have nothing to hide but you never let these people near your business. They want to shut down all animal production and it seem will go to any length to make it happen. Michael & Edwina Beveridge are not red necks they both went to Sydney University and are educated, professional, caring, best practice farmers of the highest calibre.
12/11/13 06:05 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The term Asian food bowl or similar has been used in articles on this site over 60 times in the last 12 months alone.
08/08/14 12:41 AM
The Govt is happy to squash free speak when it suits its own needs, eg Andrew Bolt. Problem is the activists don't mind breaking the law and fabricating footage and skewing the truth. They are doing this against the poorest working people in AU society. Farmers don't have deep pockets to take these people to court for defamation. Even the media is against telling the truth. Has anyone listened to the radio reports about these proposed laws? They have been misleading the public just like the activists do. Free speech is fine, defamation is not.
22/06/14 11:50 PM
Makka your question is a good one. The anti live export campaigners cannot answer it without showing the truth about themselves. That is, they don't care about animals here or overseas, they just want to stop Australian animals being used for food.
I have read no criticism of David's piece that makes any sense, has any valid points or has been written by anyone that isn't gullible or ignorant. You cannot argue with the facts and David's piece is full of the truthful facts about the live export industry. Well said Just Another Farmer.
18/06/14 11:30 PM
Well written David! I will only add that the countries where our live stock are going cannot afford to purchase meat processed in AU. They don't want to but cannot afford it anyway. We have the highest processing costs in the world. Not everyone in the rest of the world has an average income of $70,000. I don't and I cannot afford $12kg for beef mince let alone steak.
15/06/14 11:41 PM
Hear hear GFA. Every employed worker in AU is subsidised by business and protected from competing globally. Yet farmers have their protections broken down and removed. Farmers are competing with subsidised commodities every day, most of which aren't produced with the same restrictions and costs lumped on them like we have. How about the employed workers getting paid what the open market will offer just like our commodities? They won't but business will move to competitive labour overseas in droves because those workers compete globally AU workers don't.
11/06/14 10:39 PM
Not everything is black and white like you suggest David. There are times when Govt ownership of an asset is vital. Only a FOOL would put a monopoly asset in the hands of private business. There can be no competition in the poles and wires business. Selling them can only hurt regional AU. Are you for regional AU David? From this article I would say your not. I can guarantee the money from the sale would be used in the city to buy votes for the next election and wouldn't be spent on regional needs, the Nats are a walk over as you know.
09/06/14 01:10 AM
Well said cv. They make more profit from poor quality imported food and they will do anything they can to maximise their shareholder returns. The problem is they are misleading the gullible public with their underhanded tactics.
18/03/14 12:46 AM
I totally agree with you David on this issue. You cannot compromise with people that are not rational. The NFF etc need to take a leaf out of the NRA handbook too. The hypocritical RSPCA doesn't support any AU animal producers. How about the RSPCA advertising the good work AU pig producers are doing. Also the fact the Colesworth import the majority of its pig products directly from producers overseas that don't have our extremely high standards. Its also the Australian consumer that has the problem they demand one thing but their wallet says another.
17/03/14 04:14 AM
Well said Ben.
03/01/14 03:02 AM
My neighbour, a corporate farm with ten times my farming area, lost $500,000 last year. I didn't make much but I didn't loose 50 grand even without the benefit of scale. My smaller neighbours and I also employed more people over the same area as my larger neighbour and also contributed to our local towns economy to a greater extent than the corporate. I can also confidently say we produced just as much per acre as they did. Why don't we deserve as much respect and assistance as they do?? I would love to pay more tax but sadly everyone and everything is against it.
02/01/14 10:03 AM

Get Muddy

Why is it that some in society always want to "inform" the rest of us of our errors. Why are the vegans so insecure about your choice that you feel the need to justify it at every opportunity? I don't care what you eat, are you all so self obsessed that you believe people want to know you choices and beliefs? Why do you have to right to enforce your beliefs on others and destroy the food supply chain for your fellow man, your children and grandchildren. Most farmers grow grain and livestock but cannot survive on grain alone, have a think about that and the consequences.
05/08/14 07:18 AM
Well said Michael. Totally agree with everything you have written. Just about everyone is against farmers now, no wonder there are so many farmers taking their own lives. Its us against just about everyone. Problem is our city cousins know nothing about agriculture and are happy to hate based on lies and misinformation. Even when you try to educate them, when given the opportunity, sadly most don't want to listen.
17/12/13 11:03 PM
Farmers could make a good profit except for our own Government doing everything in its power to put us out of business. Most farmers are sick to death of farming, unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and haven't had to work for what they have. Unless you have a Four million dollar farm now you cannot make a living.
16/12/13 10:31 PM

A matter of opinion

MLA is a govt run organisation, moving a few things around won't change anything. They will do what the govt wants, just like they have done in the past. We still cannot control MLA, sorry Matt this is a con and is a way to quieten us down while still maintaining control. Get rid of MLA they are keeping the processors and the duopoly fat at our expense.
23/08/14 09:24 PM
We have been in a warmer wetter time in the earths history but we are now heading for another colder dryer few decades. The "believers" of the global warming faith will have a hard time in a next decades convincing anyone that the earth is warming. Gregor the earth actually hasn't increased in temp at all in the last 7 years and is beginning to cool. Have a look at history , civilisations were wiped out in the cooler times not the warmer times in the earths history.
07/03/14 07:46 AM
The producers don't want it, it won't work, it will destroy traceability and producers will leave the industry. The Govt needs to back off. You would be forgiven in thinking we were living in a communist country not Au. There needs to be an investigation into corruption, as that's seems to be the only reason why anyone in Government would be pushing to destroy the sheep industry. Its all about money and who's going to cash in if tags are implemented. I will shoot my sheep before I purchase EID tags, I cannot afford to purchase them.
16/12/13 10:22 PM
MLA stated this week they still want to work with the RSPCA after what they have done. The MLA doesn't represent us and never has. Working with these fringe groups hasn't worked in the past and won't work in the future. Get rid of MLA now. If only cattle producers would work as one, we could refuse to pay the levies that were forced upon us just like LPA, NLIS etc etc. No one would mind paying if we were getting value but we definitely are not. MLA is Govt and works for Govt, not members. Remember Govt want to keep food cheap, that is their main goal for Agriculture.
08/11/13 04:37 AM
Spot on Gabriel! We could look after our own debt, except the Government regularly performs economic genocide upon us. I still haven't reduced any debt from the drought because of the actions of this Government in destroying our livestock markets and consequently mutton and beef prices. How am I going to fare in the next drought? It’s not just the large actions against us, it’s the death by small cuts as well. Look at this quad bike rubbish they want to implement, NLIS for cattle and now sheep. Everything they do is destroying our profitability.
28/06/13 05:55 AM

Bush Matters

Yes Rob most of us cannot go on much longer and don't want to if it is going to remain the same as it has for the last 20 years. A lot of us are either working for nothing or running our places into the ground to stay afloat. If the greens actually cared for the environment they would want farmers to be profitable. Most farmers want to improve and care for their land but you cannot if you don't have any money! The other biggest problem in AU are the massive wages along the supply chain, because we are price takers there is nothing left for us at the end.
05/09/14 10:26 PM
Stop increasing regulation and cost burdens, making jobs for the boys. I spend more time in the office now doing paperwork than outside looking after livestock.
24/07/14 10:11 PM


Yes follow the money trail. Pollies are full of integrity and are an extremely trustworthy group aren't they? You can be a "believer" Nico but I think you should choose a little more wisely if you are going to blindly follow politicians. Nico, you proved my point about the terms used now to describe Global warming. Maybe you should tell the media the difference because they always call Global warming climate change. The term climate change has been corrupted and now is the new catch phrase for global warming, just as you described but because the warming isn't happening any more.
21/11/14 04:35 AM
Nico, I actually work with the climate every day to make a living, so did 4 generations before me in this country. I can tell you that my area is the driest it has been since white settlement. Which by the way was just after the last cooling period ended. We have experienced nothing but a warm wet period since white settlement. This has now ended. I don't have to prove anything to you Nico, if you don't want to open your eyes to see the truth, don't. You will see it soon enough. There is plenty of evidence out there and it will grow, just like the ice.
20/11/14 04:38 AM
Add one more to 93 and you get 94. Must be a shortage of jobs for board directors at the moment. Well said Archibald. We don't need more, we need the ones we already have to actually represent our views not those of Govt. These ladder climbers change jobs every couple of years and most don't care one bit about representing us. If NSW Farmers actually represented our views their membership would increase. The way it is set up you cannot get your views across or vote. It is a very undemocratic association hence the falling membership.
18/11/14 04:48 AM
“The gap between the most efficient farms – the ones that define the frontier – and the average, has been widening" Yes that is because of the economies of scale difference's made worse by our massively increasing costs and poor prices. If a small farm is only breaking even they aren't going to risk their farm for a very, very slim chance of increasing production. Around Inverell the area cropped for grain is a small fraction of what it was 40 years ago. No one can take the risk with the high costs unless you have the best land in the district.
12/11/14 07:39 AM
Wake up Peter, I cannot wait for the comments that all agree, that it costs too much to increase production for no profit gain. Yes R&D is a problem but the NSW Lib/Nats have just destroyed our DPI so they certainly don't care about the economy getting a 1200% return on investment in R&D. You cannot get any help to improve farming practices from any Govt department anymore. The new LLS is just a new name for the CMA. We are on our own from now on. Lets hope worldwide production reduces, increasing prices so we can survive with AU's massive costs in doing business.
12/11/14 07:16 AM
Of course productivity increases have slowed to 1%. Those of us that actually spend our own money farming know that we don't want to chase that last little bit of production. With the massive costs of everything know it isn't viable, too costly and risky to chase that last little bit of production. If everyone increase's production it will result in oversupply and decreased prices. Pay me more or reduce my costs and I will gladly try and produce more, till then, why bother. Stop talking production start talking about profit, that is the key most academics don't understand.
12/11/14 07:01 AM
Patrick's views are very popular and mainstream in the general population, not in the media though. The media likes to make money peddling propaganda. Patrick's views are the views of the people instead of those making money from the carbon con, including the paid for comment scientists and the media. The fact that those making money from this con now don't call it Global warming is proof enough it doesn't exist. There has been no warming in the last 10 years because the earth is going into a cooling phase. The gravy train will soon be over and the scientists know it.
11/11/14 10:42 PM
AA helped cause the starvation and suffering of thousands of cattle stranded after the LE shutdown. It didn't even lift a finger to help with the damage it caused. This is proof enough for those that are of sound mind that it only wants to stop the use of animals for food, it doesn't care one bit about the welfare of animals. If I was silly enough to go to Indonesia, I guarantee the boat ride over with the cattle would be much more humane than economy on one of our budget air lines. LE isn't cruel to stock, they are looked after very well on their journey.
10/11/14 12:47 AM
Frank, the only experience BB probably has with agriculture was when his daddy sent him to work on a station in his gap year. During this time he was actually made to work, the first and last time no doubt. This would have been decades ago when agriculture was profitable and farmers income was equal to or better than the average worker. The farmers of today are the poorest workers in the country. I am sorry Bill for your bad experience. You can be joyful your ignorant, protected, pandered city friends have destroyed rural AU in the last 50 years.
07/11/14 02:26 AM
Good points JT, that is why the owner of my farm in the sixty's built and paid for a 30 square home in 18 months, from profit. Now the farm cannot even make enough to paint the same house. I got a quote from an overpaid worker to paint it now and the quote was more than the house cost to build in the first place. Commodity prices are pathetic, costs are out of control with massive wages and regulations. There is no future for anyone that stays in Agriculture. Our effective returns are reducing every year and will continue to reduce.
05/11/14 06:08 AM


We had a better rail system 80 years ago than we do now. What will it take for our ignorant politicians to look around and see what has become of this country. Rural AU continues to decline because of; See GFA's comment. I may be wrong but didn't the US remove or water down Workcover. This is another area where we are at a disadvantage. I think they understood it was holding their country back as it is here. Wages are too high, all of our rail was built in a time when our pop and wages were low. Now they cannot even maintain the small portion they still use. Wake up!
10/11/14 12:33 AM
Because of their complete failures since they changed the way they forecast, does anyone listen to them anymore? I certainly don't! Well said John
09/09/14 02:38 AM
GM foods are not the answer to feeding the world. Farmers profits are the deciding factor in whether we grow more or less food, not GM. GM and hybrid lines more often than not just make more profit for the seed and chemical companies not the grower. Its a sad day when it's ok for your neighbour to pollute your land with weeds and not be responsible for their actions or even care.
28/05/14 10:35 PM
Selective breeding of plants is nothing like GM. We have a constant oversupply of food which the pollies want to continue at all costs to rural AU. Growing more food isn't the answer, we are doing that now. How is everyone's relative profits compared to the 60's and 70's. Farming is stuffed and no amount of GM is going to fix it. Wages and costs are too high and commodities are virtually the same as they were decades ago. Look at Hybrid seed, you pay more and make less, or loose more depending upon the season. You cannot afford to spend $100 acre on corn seed and have a failure.
26/05/14 11:51 PM
You try and purchase either OP corn or sorghum seed, it's nearly impossible now. Give me OP if I could get it. Sure it doesn't yield as well but paying only ten dollars per HA instead of hundreds for seed would make OP more profitable. A failed crop would be easier to take if you hadn't spent tens of thousands on hybrid seed. If anyone has OP corn or Sorghum, let us know what it's like. Hybrid corn seed is nearly $20 grand per tonne, OP would be grain price, plus grading and seed treatment. Maybe $500 per tonne.
14/01/14 04:44 AM
Well said Pete and Jock!
06/12/13 02:18 AM
This is similar to a lot of other "news" they run. It’s a lot easier to be given a story already written by a group or business than actually produce a balanced story from scratch. This is why there are 10 to 1 stories on wind power produced by the proponents own paid for spin organisation. The opposition are individual farmers and such don't have a paid lobby group there just to write the stories pushing their views. Result is a great imbalance in reporting on some issues.
07/11/13 12:32 AM
I also think its great news, but more details are needed. I suppose they will only insure the bigger growers, in the more favourable areas. This type of insurance is needed to help us compete with the rest of the world. The US has a similar insurance but it’s subsidised by 60% by the US Govt. I would plant more crop if I could insure my costs in case of crop failure. Can we cover both summer and winter crops?
30/06/13 01:22 AM
Spot on Ken. Gross tonnages produced have stalled, not because of drought but because there is no profit in growing grain in most areas. The return doesn't warrant the risk. Around here it used to be wall to wall sorghum when I was a kid, now hardly anyone grows it. Everyone has gone back to running stock. No farmer is going to grow more to receive less. Those days are gone, we have woken up to that con. Unless prices increase or costs reduce there will be a lot of starving people in the future I predict. It will be our current politician’s fault they starve.
25/06/13 09:06 AM
I the US its subsidised by the Government to the tune of 60% of the premium. Someone can correct me, but I believe they pay about $25 an acre premium after the subsidy. Sign me up for that price. Your costs are paid if your crop fails so you can continue the following year.
25/04/13 11:30 PM


They actually tightened up the off farm income test by getting rid of the means to offset it against on farm losses. I cannot get any assistance because my wife works off farm, while I employ the odd worker to help me because she isn't here. So she pays tax, the staff I employ pay tax but I cannot get any assistance. If my wife worked on farm with me, she wouldn't pay tax, I wouldn't employ outside workers who wouldn't be paying as much tax but we could get assistance. This is completely WRONG and makes you wonder what sort of Govt DOESN"T want people to work off farm.
21/11/14 12:16 AM
Blah, Blah, Blah, more global warming rubbish. There hasn't been any warming for a decade and there never will be from carbon dioxide. If people want to go solar then purchase your own, only problem the sun only shines 12 hours a day, the wind doesn't always blow either. You have to have the full capacity in coal etc to back up wind and solar. They can never replace other forms of energy generation. I have a large solar system, I use most of my power at night. Except that I am receiving the 60c solar bonus, it wouldn't be viable for me.
06/11/14 05:53 AM
You own the airspace above your land that you can reasonably use. I think it would be my airspace for at least the distance a couple of 4 shot shells would travel. I am using the airspace for skeet shooting which is a Olympic sport and a drone would easily be interfering with this pastime.
02/11/14 10:44 PM
Those in Govt must change these labelling laws, we already know that most in parliament don't give too hoots about Australians or Aussie jobs otherwise this would have been fixed up years ago.
27/10/14 11:34 PM
More propaganda by those being propped up by every tax payer in AU. If renewables are viable then a RET won't have any bearing on the industry's future will it. Either they produce competitive power or they don't, facts are they don't and only survive because of Govt help, hence the propaganda train pushing for it to continue.
02/09/14 01:27 AM
Wind power stations are subsidised by Govt, they don't get built otherwise, hence their complaints. They are extreemely inefficient and will not replace coal because sometimes the wind doesn't blow. Sorry Michaelb you need to re read my post I didn't mention other forms of power generation and I didn't compare them either.
01/09/14 06:01 AM
I agree totally LTF with what you are saying. I know that high wages are killing this country, add massive costs to my inputs and reduce my profit. Wages will never be reduced or curtailed, this costs votes. My point is if we received "30" times as much as we did 50 years ago a loaf of bread would be $25, everyone else will still be getting their wage inflated portion. The Govt wants food cheap, they keep increasing wages for votes, they cannot allow farm gate returns to increase or food becomes too expensive.
04/11/14 09:22 PM
Barnaby is a nice bloke but it has been Lib/Nat policy to keep food cheap for decades. They will never do anything major that would result in us getting a bigger slice of the pie. The middle men will always maintain their share so prices would increase. All forms and levels of Govt in this country go out of their way to keep us poor and food cheap. The policies and propaganda they have for the environment are just that. Farmers manage the majority of land in this country, allow us the make a decent living and the land will be better managed than it is now.
04/11/14 01:31 AM
At present our firearm rules are that you cannot purchase a rimfire rifle like a 22lr if it looks like a military firearm. So if you have a perfectly legal cat A or B firearm but it looks like a military semi automatic centrefire then it is banned. This is how ridiculous our rules are. There are firearms available that are better suited to feral animal control in a low cat A and B banned because they look like a cat D arm. Why? This is plainly ridiculous and needs to be changed.
29/10/14 09:35 PM
Of course the amount of firearms that licence holders own increases. They wear out just like any other machine or clothing. You cannot just throw them in the bin, so they are usually just kept in the safe, even though they are no longer used. Firearm crimes have fallen and those doing it aren't licensed. The laws are too strict and need to be loosened. Why should the law abiding be restricted when we aren't the ones doing anything wrong. Those illegally holding arms are the ones doing all the crime but the rest of us get all the flack.
27/10/14 11:26 PM


Jack you are twisting the issue and you know it. Let us know where you live and I can install some cameras at your place, just in case you are harming animals or children. I don't have any evidence you are but you won't mind though will you? I will leave them there for years and if I see any animal or children abuse or something I can edit to look that way, I will post just that short vision on the internet to defame you. You won't mind me invading your privacy and watching every thing you do without your permission will you Jack?
07/10/14 04:41 AM
Yes Makka, there are very few problems with animal cruelty just people trying to shut down our industries either legally or not. It is very childish to say "if you have nothing to hide you won't mind me breaking into your property and leaving spy cameras". Those condoning these spy cameras won't have a problem being spy on would you?
10/09/14 10:11 PM
The Greens are no friend of the farmer. They are defending the right to break and enter and align themselves with criminals. You can only wonder about the type of people in the Greens party that would defend the rights of people to break and enter and trespass on private property. There is no cruelty going on in AU. Most of the footage they release has been doctored. They just want to shut down all animal production and so do the Greens. Keep up the good work Barnaby. If the laws don't protect property owners, they will do it themselves and we don't want that.
19/06/14 12:29 AM
Well said Jo! There main agenda is to stop the use of animals for food. They don't have any regard for the welfare of animals, nor do they have any understanding about how to care for animals.
26/05/14 11:56 PM
"ESCAS was put in place" because of lies and paid mistreatment to gain video footage of cruelty of foreign owned stock. It was also implemented by a Government that has no regard for rural Australia or farmers and wants to see us all go to the wall. It's up to Mr Joyce to decide if the Lib/Nats are any better than Labour. If ESCAS is not removed and trade resumed the Nats are finished in the bush for good.
14/04/14 10:07 AM
Andrew cannot be this stupid, can he? He just wants to shut down the industry because he believes it's a popular move. Anyone with an IQ above 10 knows that it's a necessary industry and killing stock in AU is uneconomic because of the high wages etc. The customers couldn't afford to buy it and they don't have the electricity or fridges to keep it in. If Andrew doesn't understand these simple facts, he should step down from his position as its beyond his capabilities. The half a dozen cattle that were treated cruelly aren't Australian anyway. Wake up Andrew.
27/12/13 05:26 AM
Steve most of that cost would be on livestock producers and rural areas (we don't count). All sides of Govt have shown they don't care at all about Ag in this country. What you describe is more proof that they don't care about protecting our industry. Actions speak louder than words and the Govt have proven that they want to destroy Ag in this country.
14/10/13 04:15 AM


What about the fact that a lot of paddocks are not suitable for CT. Slope, size and banks and make it hard to implement and use, especially east of the Newell highway.
08/09/14 12:31 AM
Mr Lower obviously isn't qualified to talk on this issue if he believes the new bike from Polaris is a farm style quad. It isn't an active rider bike, i.e. you cannot move your weight and change the centre of gravity on the machine. This new bike has a seat like a car and steering wheel and is a fun, trail type of bike not a work bike. It's a single seat razor rzr sports bike. I cannot see many farmers purchasing this type of machine. It's not suitable for our needs.
30/01/14 03:42 AM
These people are just trying to justify their jobs, jobs that no one would miss. You can spin data anyway you want. About half of all deaths didn't even occur on farms!! 42% hit a stationary object. This demonstrates that quads aren't very dangerous on farms and if you take out children, old people are running into trees or rocks presumably? Main message from this is, if you have an accident on a quad and you have to answer questions about it to a doctor or hospital, say you fell off your 2 wheel motorbike instead of a quad!!
07/10/13 03:52 AM
Farm suicide is far more important issue and kills many more people than quads. It’s the constant interference and increasing regulations and consequently lower returns that push people to suicide. This quad issue is all about people trying to justify their jobs at farmer’s expense and it needs to stop.
15/07/13 01:28 AM
This is a non issue! This is about the self glory of those pushing it and money. The Government and those involved in education and regulation want to cash in at our expense. These people are loonies, have a look at what they are pushing for. Tony asked how we can stop children from riding adult bikes. They have a key don't they? But these absolute fools want to add seat sensor and other fancy attachments that will add to the cost and hurt safety for adults. Where are NFF on this, they are weak and gutless, stand up for our rights for once, we cannot afford more regulation.
09/01/13 12:49 AM
How many farmers die at their own hands each year?? More than 15, but the land doesn't keep bashing those stats do you? Why not? That’s right there is no money to be made by extra regulation and costs for farmers. That’s what this is all about and that is a big part of the reason some farmers decide it all too hard to continue. SHAME ON THE LAND for pushing this non issue when many more people are dying because of this type of interference and bias against us!! This is a beat up for money by lecherous people. How about writing a non biased story and discussing the other side for once
04/01/13 10:02 AM
"reduce the capacity of children to start and/or operate quad bikes" This is madness, parents should tell their kids not to ride the bike and thats the end of it. What about some responsible parenting? Why should my new bike be made harder to start because some stupid parent cannot control their children? This whole topic is all about these groups trying to justify their existence at the expense of hard working farmers.
I for one have had enough of people interfearing into my business and trying to make my life harder because some people cannot look after themselve and be responsible.
05/09/12 10:27 PM
No wonder the farming groups are loosing members. Stand up for our rights for once. This isn't an issue, more people get killed every day doing everyday things than die in a year riding quads.
Get the facts Jock then go back and tell the Government Farmers don't want any more rules and we are not all slow dim witted fools. We don't need to be saved from ourselves. This is the message I get from this story and the NFF'S comments. We are all stupid and cannot look after ourselves. Accidents happen. You are not speaking for your members, I can assure you of that.
19/07/12 02:45 AM
You should be fighting the Government on this issue, if they believe there are too many accidents. I believe and most other farmers, you are meant to be representing believe otherwise. As I have already stated many more people are killed doing everyday things than are killed on quads. This isn't an issue to be regulated. I have been riding quads since 1982 in steep country and have never fallen or rolled a bike yet. Here is another example where the minority destroys the freedoms of the majority. Stand up for our freedom Jock, we have enough imposts on our farming business already.
19/07/12 01:38 AM
More people are killed crossing the road in Australia every month than are killed from Quad accidents. More people are hurt in the bath tub than people on quads. Are we going to mandate wearing of helmets for all pedestrians in case you are hit by a car?
The NFF needs to but out and let us run our own farming operations. All that will come from this is more litigation and loss of freedom for us all.
Accidents happen even with the best training and safety devises, people need to realise that some things in life come with risks.
18/07/12 03:58 AM


I hope people paying Neil get better information than this. Farming is stuffed, 300 farmers leaving the land every month are not wrong. Cocky if only I made $7 an hour that would be nice, Maybe Neil you should buy your own farm to really understand first hand the problems with agriculture in this country, because you don't at present. There won't be a rebound any time soon.
15/09/14 02:47 AM


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