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Bio security is very high in an animal husbandry situation these days. That is why we don't let any and all in. It is to protect the health of the animals, something these midnight raders don't seem to have considered. No wonder the farmers are upset. A large percentage of the population these days has been brainwashed from school days, and become far removed from reality.
17/11/13 10:00 AM
If you are against live export you are against farmers. Australian exporters have helped and are helping the Indonesians improve their standards. If we shut down Australia's exports they will get their supplies elsewhere with no welfare standards at all. One of the reasons for live imports is to have meat killed when they want it. Supply from Nth Australia can only be seasonal.
05/10/13 10:58 AM
Not so much Rudd, but his chief of staff is the man to watch. If he goes back to Treasury where he came from, after Rudd loses and then starts advising Abbott, we will really be in big trouble.
18/08/13 12:20 PM
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In spite of unacceptable numbers of deaths and injuries from motor vehicles on the road, there is no talk of banning cars.
Police just target drink driving,speeding, and other law breaking to try and make life safer for the rest of us.
To blanket shut down the whole industry instead of just the offending works only made a small and horrifying matter into a national animal welfare issue where animals that should have left the country are competing for feed with those that are left to cope with what would have only a moderate drought otherwise The human welfare issue has become drastic now..
19/05/13 07:47 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

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What about Coles and Woolies selling as "fresh" when it has been imported? They actually hold suppliers to ransom to make them lower their prices to unsustainable levels.
13/07/13 11:41 AM
Note that most of this "assistance" is to help compensate for the effects of deregulation. Doesn't that tell you something?
First they take away your livelyhood, then they make a great show of "assistance" to help you cope. Or they appoint "councellors" so that you don't feel too bad about it.
When we finally import all our food, with no guarantee of safety, quality, or security of supply, some of these know-all economic rationalists may see that prevention is better than cure.
14/06/12 11:03 AM

Get Muddy

Europeans who suffered near starvation during the war have a different attitude to farmers to Australians who have never lacked. It is the the big multinationals who push the deregulation line (provided it is for their benefit). When farmers band together to market their produce they are called socialists, but if a trade unionist acts for a better deal it is good. All we want governments to do is provide the roads, railways and water and we will do the rest.
24/11/13 06:24 AM

A matter of opinion

The only way to make t6he BDB 'more sustainable' is to inject more water into it. That means more dams and diversions on the headwaters of those rivers in the north that presently run to waste in flood times.
No-one seems to want to address this with the urgency it deserves. Remember that the Snowy Hydro Scheme has paid a lot of the Governments bills over the years and will continue to do so if it is kept in public ownership and control
08/06/14 11:49 AM
About time! Taking water from further up the Murray and piping it to users around the lower lakes is the way to go. The those useless barrages can be opened to return the lakes to what they were before sea water was excluded.
02/07/13 10:07 AM


There is no doubt that the other multi-national traders were doing all the things that AWB was accused of, but AWB was a thorn in their side because its duty under law was to get maximum returns to the growers whereas the traders duty was to maximise returns to their shareholders. That is why political pressure was applied via Bush and Howard to get rid of the Single Desk. The fact that it also suited a few individuals who were brainwashed by local traders added to the noise. Like banks, pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies, some traders were not beyond bribing politicians.
09/10/14 10:35 PM
Just join the dots. Who benefits is the question to ask when something like this happens. Certainly not the Malaysians, and not the Russians either, when they get such a bad press out of it all. For years Russian military staff have had to learn chess because it is a game of strategy and you have to think a few moves ahead. Putin is no fool and he would not order the downing of a civilian plane in circumstances that would discredit his leadership. Actually it is NATO that has continually pushed further east into formerly Russian territory. Imagine if Russia had supported rebels in Mexico.
11/08/14 02:47 AM
Imagine the row if Russia had supported and financed an overthrow of Mexico or Canada right on the U.S. border. That's basically what happened in Ukraine when the west supported the overthrow of a democraticlly elected government.. Putin has been very restrained so far but not for much longer it seems. Time to get rid of Obama and his war at all costs friends.
Australia's farmers had to bear the cost of our government supporting Bush in Iraq and elsewhere. Looks like the same again.
11/08/14 12:17 AM
Just join the dots. Who benefits is the question to ask when something like this happens. Certainly not the Malaysians, and not the Russians either, when they get such a bad press out of it all. For years Russian military staff have had to learn chess because it is a game of strategy and you have to think a few moves ahead. Putin is no fool and he would not order the downing of a civilian plane in circumstances that would discredit his leadership. Actually it is NATO that has continually pushed further east into formerly Russian territory. Imagine if Russia had supported rebels in Mexico.
10/08/14 11:39 PM
Hockey actually missed the greatest opportunity to fix the deficit. A 0.1% tax on all financial transactions, that is $1 in $1000, would have raised $235billion in its first year. It would be no burden most people- only $40 on the price of a car, but would have been heavy on these speed traders who rely on high volumns of frequently traded foreign money markets ,futures, derivitives etc with small margins which add nothing to the value of the general welfare of the country. Not so much the next year as it would put them out of business, but by then normal tax would be from the real econ.
15/05/14 11:44 AM
If a government owned bank were to issue the credit instead of the banks, think of the interest that the taxpayers would get instead of having to pay the banks and be under their control all the time. Retail banks could still onloan for a commission, but they would have to separate completely from their speculative and gambling division so that the government could guarantee depositors funds. The way it is now the banks want to be able to access depositors accounts to bail out their derivitives (gambling) debts. This would be criminal.
21/04/14 10:25 AM
Spot on L T F. Think of the saving to taxpayers if the Government issued the money and collected the interest, instead of being at the beck and call of userist banks. While they are about it separate the banks retail banking from their speculative investment and gambling (derivitves) activities. The Government should fully guarantee all depositors funds but let the banks wear their losses in speculation and not expect to access peoples savings to bail them out.
12/04/14 09:29 AM
Don Taylor can't talk because Grain Corp itself refused to upgrade sites or lobby on our behalf for rail upgrades or even to prevent closure. Instead they preferred to pay out huge dividends to shareholders. The largest of whom were directors. Growers who were also shareholders would have preferred the money spent on the system to safeguard the future.
05/04/14 10:15 AM
Nico, if they really believed in the need for non-polluting renewable energy why are they so opposed to nuclear and Hydro power? When it gets down to the nitty gritty we see just what hypocrites all these Global Warming- Climate Change zealots are.
It seems that Craniolgist has been reading The Sydney Morning Herald on slow news days, that is when they fill the space up with regurgetated scare stories about how "we'll all be runed" by global warming.
22/03/14 08:47 AM
It is commonly said that N.F.F. stands for No Family Farms. That about sums them up. All their free trade deals have doomed us. A lot of these so-called unviable farmers would be able to manage if they got a half decent price for their produce. Every other nation on earth looks after their farmers and industry so that they can have local food. security. Not in Australia. Just use the place as a quarry for the multinationals.
15/02/14 08:46 AM


Remember that when you deal in futures and swaps etc. etc. that most of the counterparties you deal with are proffessional gamblers.
11/08/14 05:08 AM
Hanrahan had it right. "We'll all be rooned" by the fires that follow a good season. Nothing to do with heat. It isn't anywhere near as hot as it gets in January-February any normal year.
27/10/13 09:37 AM
It may surprise you Deregul8 but swaps and and futures are just another form of gambling. The next stage called Derivitives are really toxic and are the prime cause of the world financial crisis. All the big banks owe unpayable debts in derivitives and have relied on Governments to bail out their losses. The next stage they want is to be able to access depositors funds to fund their gambling. A good rule is, don't sell what you don't have and don't buy what you can't see.
17/03/14 10:55 AM
Imagine the uproar if Russia supported and funded a change of government in Canada by hooligals yelling Nazi slogans making out they are for democracy . The US would send in the troops pretty quick, or else get on the hot line like Kennedy did to Kruschev in the Cuba crisis.
It's time the West stopped meddling in other countries. All we will get out of it is more refugees.
04/03/14 02:23 AM
What's new? Family farmers are always looking down the track to keep the farm goung.
It's mainly the corporates that have to have a good bottom line each year. One corporate manager planted peas to build soil fertillity. The bottom line that year wasn't so good so he got the sack. The next manager got the benefit though.
04/03/14 02:13 AM
Yes and the CO2 is three times the normal attmosphere levels and yet no hotter in there than those with normal levels. Fairfax doesn't tell you that part. There are more major effects on the weather than CO2 . No one likes to talk about the variation in the Sun over thousands of years.
03/01/14 11:26 AM
What I see of corporate farming is ,they destroy local communities.
They take all the profit they can get then move on. A family has an interest in the long term .
09/12/13 12:45 AM
The farmers who sold their shares were forced to by the banks in the drought in order to get cash flow.
Money that should have been spent to maintain and up grade the system was paid out as enormous dividends because the directors themselves stood to benefit. Keeping the share price up was part of their duty whereas with the Co-op model it is providing a service to the Co-op owners- the farmers.
08/12/13 09:24 PM
The problem I have with all this is not so much the GM or not as there are different kinds of modification, but the fact that big multinational corporations want to hold the patents and force us to buy seed from them.. Already they are pushing hybrids so that we can't keep our own seed. It is easy to see what they are aiming for.
28/10/13 01:58 AM
How much do you think the $112.18 which I have just received, will be worth in 2028?
It's an absolute joke. Who has this money in the meantime?
12/10/13 10:03 AM


Most of these global warming alarmists are hypocrites because if they were fair dinkum they would support nuclear power and hydro power. Both are clean and efficient. Progress Nuclear to Thorium and there is enough thorium in Australia to power the world for thousands of years. Contrary to what we are told there is plenty of water in Australia for much more Hydro Power. The water may as well be running through a turbine on its way to the sea or irrigation as wasted. Being controlled it is better than silly wind and solar which often are not working when we need it most.
15/05/14 11:20 AM
No-one mentioned that November was the coldest. The rice crops are two weeks behind due to cold weather. There is a fair bit of cherry picking goes on with these weather forcasters.
03/01/14 11:30 AM
And while you're at get started on a few dams. We need the hydro power and the irrigation water urgently. Water can't be destroyed, it still ends up in the ocean. We should just use it on the way for the benefit of mankind.
14/12/13 10:00 AM
nico, you have it wrong. It is carbon Monoxide that is the deadly pollutant emitted by cars, not Carbon Dioxide.. It is always "supposed" or "likely" that these things will happen. How about listing a few pedictions and what really happened. We could start with some of Tim Flannery's dire predictions, and what actually happened, or is that too hard or inconvenient?
26/11/13 10:26 AM
The first thing she has to do is make sure the"bean counters" don't cut off the funds like they have elsewhere.
17/11/13 07:57 AM
Posting that photo at the top of the power station chimneys emitting Water vapor and infering that it is C02 is misleading and should be corrected. By the way, according to some scientists there was a time in Earth's history when C02 was very high and it was an Ice Age.
02/11/13 10:46 AM
Water vapour is by far the biggest greenhouse gas. C02 is very minute percentage of the atmosphere. If it gets too low plants shut down and therefore all life as we know it stops. As for all those societies and academies, they just scratch each others backs. They have their future funding to think of. When you have minus 8 in late October, it doesn't look to be as hot as they said it would be by 2013.
Some people have short memories. One of the climate gurus who won some prize was born in 1990, for goodness sake! Been brainwashed at school no doubt.
02/11/13 10:38 AM
The Greens policy of shutting down the renewable forestry industry and renewable Hydro potential meant that Tasmania's biggest export was people looking for work. No wonder people have finally woken up.
19/03/14 11:06 AM
All that water running out to sea should be generating electricity on the way. The most renewable source we have. Then there is nuclear for base load power. Just gramms of fuel can power a city. The 'waste' can then be reprocesed to produce a higher density of fuel again. Just common sense. Only Greens and their friends would even think of opposing.
04/03/14 07:33 AM
Corporation law was written by and for the benefit of those involved in share trading. That's why the average Joe Blow gets taken for a ride. The co-op model keeping the traders out works best for those in it for the long term.
The enormous dividends paid by Grain Corp so that directors could make heaps would have funded a lot of modern improvements that are badly needed today. When it was still GHA there was a lot of new storage sheds built due to political pressure. Nothing has been done since apart from open bunkers which are not very practical in threatening weather.
17/11/13 09:13 AM


They really have a hide. Why don,t they fund their own promotion like any other retailer? Their terms of payment are about the longest in the business. Tough luck if you need the money for your inputs. But you wouldn't get far past the checkout without paying, then they have your money in the bank earning interest.
07/06/14 12:13 PM


Thousands of people get slaughtered in civil wars in Africa and elsewhere , but no one cares at all. These people who say they support kindness to animals wouldn't know what it even means.
13/06/13 12:10 PM
Security cameras have caught petrol thieves, so they should be used to convict these people. After all they are trespassing on private property. No matter what my motives, they wouldn't stand for someone to do the same in their house in town.
13/06/13 11:49 AM
I would suggest that every farmer now invests in movement activated surveillance cameras to catch these people in the act and bring them to court for break and enter and animal cruelty.
13/06/13 11:18 AM
"Who cares if they broke the law"!!! Certainly not Amy.
I'm sure she would call the police if I broke into her house and installed cameras to spy what she was up to If she was fair dinkum she could have requested a visit. Provided she accepted biosecurity protocol, it would be granted. .
The pigs in the picture on the front page of The Land don't look too distressed or ill treated to me.
Amy would be one of the first to make a fuss if disease from unhealthy environment caused someone to be ill. Yet she supports people who don;t care if they spread disease.
08/06/13 11:29 AM


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