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Grain of Truth

Gregor, good to see you in reply. In Australia, we should have no need to accept any amount of GM contamination. We are an island continent. If our border security was at all inclined, we could be the control group for the world if science chose to do any population studies. As it is, GMOs have been released to the environment WITHOUT these health studies being done. Our kids are getting sicker sooner and our hospital waiting queues are getting longer. Strong positive correlations that are NOT followed up by epidemiological studies. Put the dollars to the health studies BEFORE more GMOs.
19/10/12 12:21 AM
Do not introduce more experimental GM crops when the GM crops already out there have not been properly safety tested. This means multi-generational long term animal feeding trials before controlled trials on people. This also means GM labelling so that we can know what we are eating, make informed choices and trace back to the cause if we become sick. It is fraudulenty irresponsible to foist more GM foods onto us when the health and environmental consequences of the GM foods already out there is unknown.
18/11/10 06:57 PM

Canberra Comment

Hang on a minute, you're talking about a banned substance here, banned in many parts of the world, banned with good reason. Shipments have been rejected due to GM contamination. Farmers have lost a lot of money from GM contamination. Suicides have been linked to the out of control debt from GM crops. It's shameful that Bettles & his old mate treat such a serious subject with cynicism & jocularity.
14/10/13 02:12 PM
Colin Bettles, rather than limit yourself to the fluff of one unnamed old mate in one location, how about using the bloody internet to cross-check the facts from the thousands of speakers in the estimated 52 countries and 400 cities. Or would you prefer not to know?
13/10/13 06:57 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

"Farmers who grow canola are unable to take advantage of the productivity benefits of GM varieties" because benefits are not there to be had. David, look a bit closer at that story and you'll see propaganda personified. The educated consumer can pick deceptive advertising a mile off. But certainly a lot of effort and resources are being thrown at it: riculture/cropping/general-news/p romoting-gm-debate/2639063.aspx
19/04/13 12:47 AM
While rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autism, cancer (to name but a few) continue to rise, then you better believe parents are damn serious about wanting to know where their food comes from. Moreso as chemical companies takeover food and farms and drive the agripolitical agenda.
15/04/13 05:24 AM
RSPCA on animal cloning: ?v=Wk6taQ-rt2g
Cloning the first human (BBC Documentary):
http://www.yout re=related
David, are you serious? Are you starting the debate on animal cloning to distract from GM crops or assist their passage?
23/07/12 11:40 AM

Get Muddy

Sam, your train's on the wrong track. Health, environment & climate change are big issues facing all of us. Education is key but no one has all the answers. First hand experience and sharing of ideas around food production & preparation is a good thing for awareness and choice. To ridicule people's efforts as chips on shoulders is nonsense.
22/11/13 09:12 AM
Sam Trethewey, what a disappointment! Why involve yourself in a staged Q&A with a PR import from the US who has flown downunder to secure a foothold for GMOs here because US consumers and farmers are realising they've been hoodwinked? It's a scam to talk trust and transparency here while opposing the very thing there. Go home Charlie Arnot and start showing some integrity with GMO labelling. Sam, instead of pretence from the upstart Center for Food Integrity, please report on the real work for truth in labelling by the longer established Center for Food Safety.
26/10/13 02:14 AM


Current product recalls on ACCC website:
http://www.recalls.g 952434
12/12/14 08:34 AM
Current food recalls listed on FSANZ website:
http://www.foodstand recalls/Pages/default.aspx
12/12/14 08:31 AM
Some might say that's not cricket, but they're wrong. It's Hockey, and he's right. At least this time!
29/11/13 02:46 AM
Is this one of their examples of scientific testing of the effect of GMOs on human health? ogs/thesalt/2013/09/17/223382375/ golden-rice-study-violated-ethica l-rules-tufts-says
21/10/13 10:13 AM
Amber, please can you also obtain the peer-reviewed reports on the scientific testing of GMOs on humans and summarise for us here.
20/10/13 01:27 PM
Meanwhile FSANZ approves food imports genetically engineered to tolerate 2,4-D
22/07/13 02:22 AM
Chicken is a favourite meal of ours. But which brands are from non-GM fed chickens? Is GM canola grown here finding its way into your chicken feed? Independent scientific research concludes that there ARE differences between GM-fed chickens and those on non-GM feed, opposite to industry claims of no difference. ting/1-news-items/11841-are-anima ls-fed-gm-feed-different
13/05/13 03:38 AM
Talk about City-Country divide - there'd be many in the city who would much rather give $100 million to keep farmers on the land to keep feeding them in the city than toss the millions into a Quay, a Stadium and Traffic Congestion.
24/04/13 11:45 PM
No mention of GM crops. Is this because GM is dead, buried, cremated, or because it's a secret?
11/04/13 03:33 AM
The majority of farmers are unrepresented and they do not support either of the two lobby groups. Membership of WAFarmers and PGA is less than 50pc of farmers. Worse, is the voice of the two groups representative of their membership or only that of their committees?
11/04/13 01:07 AM


Chemical pollution. Genetic pollution. GM is both. User pays. Polluter pays. ABCA, start talking from there. Go.
26/03/14 04:06 PM
GM industry fails to followup Seralini's findings with further studies, fails to follow up evidence of GM problems on farms, and fails to followup strong correlations of health problems in the community. Now that's junk science!
05/12/13 12:09 PM
James, you miss the point. GM crops are banned in many parts of the world. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states "GM foods have not been properly tested for human consumption, and [animal studies show] there is ample evidence of probable harm". As a proponent of GM crops, these are GM facts that the PGA needs to explain to us. .html
08/11/13 12:50 AM
John Snooke, as PGA chairman, be sure to share GM facts not only with city people but with farmers and agronomists. If you choose GM canola, you do so knowing that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GM crops and foods for human and animal health. public-information/no-scientific- consensus-on-gmo-safety/
07/11/13 05:16 AM
No brainer really. Why would Tasmania throw away its point of difference. Brett Hall sums it up pretty well when he writes about the importance to beef markets of being GMO-free. /opinion/saturday-soapbox-theres- no-room-for-gmos-in-the-food-bowl /story-fnj4f64i-1226743045155
24/10/13 07:07 AM
The forum was about GM in grain growing. What's insulin got to do with grain growing? Is Prof Peacock saying that GM grain is going to be tested like GM insulin i.e. multi-phase animal testing and controlled human trials?
10/10/13 02:30 PM
Nice to see public health involved with its release. That'll help consumer acceptance as long as those lupins don't touch the GMO breeders.
19/09/13 09:16 AM
Oh that's not a good look. APVMA doesn't know it's own process or is discouraging us from using it. In answer to their own FAQ "How do I report a problem about a chemical to the APVMA?" they say "call the APVMA compliance hotline on 1300 700 315 or email a report through to".
No mention of the Adverse Experience Report Program (AERP)? I wonder if AERPs are the only problems that are counted. So no problems, no remedial action required.
25/07/13 02:06 PM
How about GM lupins. Then you can add resistance to Group M herbicides to your wild radish problems.
29/11/13 03:25 AM
Mr Chown you said it, so please get your cronies in government to keep the railways operation in the wheatbelt: more heavy vehicle movements during harvest, which would undoubtedly lead to increased congestion, damage to roads and road safety issues in terms of driver fatigue."
14/10/13 06:01 PM


Will Ms Bishop be ensuring that the FTAs are Fair Trade agreements, especially when the other side of the trading partnership has high subsidies?
26/07/13 07:13 PM
Start by suspending 2,4-D GM food approvals. If the jury is out on 2,4-D, then it's definitely out on GM crops genetically engineered to tolerate (absorb) 2,4-D.
26/07/13 06:56 PM
"Change will add undue cost to our food" - I couldn't agree more so keep GM crops out of Australia. GM crops are the introduced change. They offer no benefit to consumers. They are simply a weed treatment option that ends up on the supermarket shelf as food. But increasing herbicide-resistant weeds means any perceived benefit to farmers is short-lived and costly.
01/06/13 11:24 AM
How about the impact on property rights and property values when Monsanto's patented GM transgenic seeds make their way onto your farm either by invitation or trespass? The contracts signed by GM canola growers assign rights to Monsanto for a couple of years beyond the growing season. How does this work if you want to sell your farm in the meantime? How does this affect neighbouring farms?
06/03/13 07:36 AM
.... and no GMOs.
02/01/13 01:32 AM
Terry Redman has done a woeful job. While he hands over millions of taxpayer dollars and public asset plant-breeding to partner overseas chemical corporations with their secret GMO pipedreams and patents, our food supply dwindles and our rural and regional youth are encouraged to abandon home for the city. Yet it is important to provide for them on their homeland as they are the lifeline that feeds the city. To become dependent on imported food is lunacy. Muresk is not the only thing unsavable with this current government. On March 9 we must vote for change.
30/12/12 05:24 AM
Thanks Damon. After this segment on "gastrolinguistic engineering", I look forward to reading your opinion on "genetic engineering".
01/01/13 07:51 AM
"Food safety spurs organic farm growth in China."
http://www.channelnewsasia.c om/stories/eastasia/view/1211576/ 1/.html
19/07/12 03:55 PM


And this time will mainstream print media cover the Ausveg GM Great Debate or continue to ignore? Let's not hear them say it's old news by Monday. A contemporary debate is new news.
30/05/13 08:07 AM


One voice for Agribusiness. There's your problem. False premise. Wrong language. When you start talking about Farmers, Consumers, Communities, Health & Environment, I'll start listening.
19/07/13 05:33 AM


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