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Your kidding of course Malcolm Turnbull couldn't run a chook raffle, and worse still couldn't find anyone to back him up, lets run with Abbott for the time being, remembering he is only a front man for others who run the game.
We need a change of goverment, if Abott is in the front man, good, but we all know he is not driving the bus.
08/08/13 08:06 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Of course they don't trust us, go ole Ludwig and Gillard made a mockery of them as did the ABC and AA. We have lied, insulted and made fools of them. And now you say they don't trust Australia.
Of course they don't Who Would !
03/10/13 06:46 AM
The answer to everyone's question if AA wear leather shoes made from exported live cattle......? The answer is NO, AA don't need shoes to walk on water.
11/06/13 09:25 AM
Coles who are they........?
It takes TWO to tango, Animals Australia just didn't appear on Coles doorstep that same day cap in hand asking to sell shopping bags.
Coles being Non Australian managed by Pommies, don't care about Australia, there here for the cash, and cash only...
Since this whole affair I like many people have been shopping at Woolies, at least they are supporting Australians.
09/06/13 06:53 PM

Get Muddy

My mother like yours John and many many Mums just like them worked with pride with little or no thanks or reward, but did the work with Dad and the family, and without sitting back howling about women in camp drafts and the like.
26/09/13 11:30 AM
I agree with qlander, stock agents are a dime a dozen, and the way Auction plus is heading plus producers sourcing their own markets, stock agents will be playing in the same game as Gillard, Ludwig & unmanned helecopters
26/09/13 11:21 AM


Shop local if you can, try and give the small business a go.
What happens if the big three Woolies, Coles, Aldi take control with Costco. Four domestic buyers at Roma Sale yards within 10 years. All but bugger all average butcher shops or meat wholesalers.
Just imagine if they were to set the domestic market for 6 months only. It would all but cripple the beef industry domestic supply. You think cattle were low in June 2013, wait until these four give you a touch up.
02/01/14 12:02 PM
And there will be dismal figures again in 2014 if a sale doen't go through.
15/11/13 06:38 AM
What would Tony Abbott possibly know about Grain Corp.
Zip to Zero. Stay out of it Tony, leave it alone. Leave it to the experienced people.
15/11/13 06:36 AM
Good god, what would Clive Palmer know about Grain Corp, Shame Good ole full of knowledge about everything Clive, can't avoid getting his dial on Current Affair about sacking his staff. Clean up your own mess first Clive, leave the Grain Corp sale to the blokes who know there job.
13/11/13 09:37 AM
Does the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board, ever say No.
When was the last time ANYTHING was rejected. Yes men for a weak Gov.
01/11/13 01:09 PM
Looks like this will destroy regional towns like Bathurst losing 230 jobs & Orange, Electrolux is closing in Orange, another 500 jobs. Where do people go for work in these area's. What's their local member doing out there, anything ?
25/10/13 10:18 PM
Lets re phrase that.
China thirsty for Australian CHEAP Milk.
If they would open the wallet a bit, they can buy as much as they want, same as any agriculture product. Its when they want these products for zip plus tax, is the concern.
23/10/13 08:29 AM
I agree with Bushie Bill, take foreign investment away, and who will buy the larger agriculture properties. Australian public companies can't, look at what happened to PrimeAg. Boof has tried all this before, look at the farce he made trying to stop the Cubbie station deal.
23/10/13 08:24 AM
Yes it all sounds fantastic.
Until Woolies TELLS the producer what it will pay.....!
18/10/13 10:38 AM
Dear Sing Sing, before having a crack at our one & only Bushie Bill, get it right to start. Its not Fiona Nash,....? Try Fiona Simson......
11/10/13 09:07 AM


Maybe call tenders, sell them to local farmer groups, or Co op's
Everyone in each district wins.
06/12/13 10:23 PM
Great stuff Moree council
Congrat's also to all the Land blog members, thankyou one & all for helping to push our point home.
23/10/13 08:35 AM
Funny that it's now a global glut. Always is at harvest, go back 3 months ago and they can't get enough.
They think we are fools, but we keep doing the same. WHY.
17/10/13 08:57 AM
Be a different story if we owed them money, they would be camped on the back step, bomb in hand.
10/10/13 11:08 AM
How does $230 a ton sound good, are you kidding of course, mate diesel just hit $1.64 Lt, wages are up, as is super, costs of all repairs are up, as is the price of equipment. Seed, Fert and freight, mate do your sums, at $230 a ton we will all be down the park feeding the birds soon. The price we are getting for all farmed grains is zip to what it's worth. This explains why all other countries want to buy from Australia, they can't grow it for the price they are getting it for. Don't you think its about time ozzie farmers got a quid for the best grain in the world.
10/09/13 08:28 AM
It would need to brighten up with the price, as at $230 ton on farm, there won't be to many ozzie growers feeding china at that rate.
06/09/13 09:56 AM
Be fantastic if we could get the moisture to get it in the ground.
25/10/13 10:20 PM
How many times do we hear the same thing around this time each year..? Only to find the cash price for grain on farm dropping more & more as we get closer to harvest.
Big crops less money, small crops no money.
27/09/13 01:25 PM
That's correct genie81. This is not something new, overseas companies have been slowly buying up Australian agriculture for years. They are the ones who can see a big future in agriculture to feed a growing world market. A few good Australian companies have tried over the years, but they want quick the lets get the cash quick as possible gains, without looking at the big picture. Overseas companies hire Australian staff, and pay tax into Australian coffers, so why not give them our support. We have been selling our country for years, why are we worrying about it now.
03/10/13 06:34 AM
Who else but the big overseas investors would touch it. They are the ones who will prosper from Australian agriculture in the future. These are the companies that will feed & grow the cotton for the world.
PrimeAg tried, as did many before them, but soon as the going gets tough, and the wind blows up their dress, they pull out. So bring in the big boys
30/09/13 12:07 PM


This is only the start of things to come. If you are not preparing for the next big drought, you will go down the tubes, as anyone who thinks drought and dry seasonal conditions are over after the last big drought across the eastern seaboard is a fool.
In my opinion starting late 2014 to at least 2016 will be a horror story.
08/11/13 08:54 AM
  Joyce in freefall 15 Comments 15
Being a God he wouldn't need a chute !
25/10/13 09:57 PM
12 day feild trips, cat collars, research, were does all this money come from...? They would be far better off just giving the job to pro shooters, putting a bounty on them, the shooter gets paid on proof of kill. All that money that is being currently spent on research, can be given to drought stricken producers, they might keep cattle alive up until the wet.
Easy, I can't see what problems there would be.
17/10/13 06:38 AM
Good Stuff, hope you are back on two legs real quick.
04/10/13 11:35 AM
That's why he is there, it's the free rides, free lunches. When are we going to see some ACTION on all the election promises boof has made.
Good god, what will Bushie bill have to say about this...?
30/09/13 11:50 AM
Dead roo delivered to the box is .65 cents a kg, being $650.00 a ton.
Wheat sold on farm, your lucky to get $290.00 a ton, 29 cents a kg.
The sad part is we are growing wheat to feed the roos.
Don't figure, but who cares, get stuck in boys, keep shootin um.
06/09/13 09:31 AM
Maybe once Boof's ( block ) property gets a bit drier, he might do something for all of us producers.
03/10/13 06:36 AM
Would anyone in agriculture within this country let Rudd & the Ludwig show have another crack at the job again.
Leave with grace Kevin, its over move on.
06/09/13 09:53 AM
I doubt very much that ordinary farmers would give two hoots about how we looked in the World scene. WHY would everyday Australians vote for a party that can change its prime minister like they did with the Rudd - Gillard fiasco. WHY would the Australian beef producer put another Ludwig in power, to stuff the export market again, and the list goes on and on about stuff ups ion agriculture. How can anyone justify why they would vote for labor, to put up with all those stuff ups for another 4 years. We must change this current gov, as soon as possible.
25/08/13 09:47 AM
Wombats, now there is a job that Gillard could do after getting the boot.
Maybe Ludwig, Gillard & Rudd might be able to share the job. There all wombats
25/08/13 09:26 AM


Good stuff $42k to a great cause. But thinking about it diabetics very seldom eat Mango as a result of way too much sugar, but who cares where the bucks come from.
17/10/13 06:51 AM
And if the Australian growers don't jump straight in and buy them, what then.....?
Sold in their thousands to NZ, to get the bucks most likely.
16/09/13 12:24 PM
With $85 million to farmers for their vote, just before an election, gee great timing, nice move, shame about the outcome
25/08/13 09:29 AM
Get rid of anything imported, regardless of brand name.
Australian growers need to get a quid, why can't Lion buy juice from Australia....?
15/07/13 06:36 AM


Face FACT. If Australia can't fix the livestock live export industry, not just here at home but overseas as well, it will be doomed. There are more out there hell bent of destroying the Live Ex than saving it. If it means sending our people overseas to supervise slaughter, so be it. We can't win this battle having a whinge on blogs such as this one. We need help to get this fixed.
02/01/14 12:11 PM
Gee wouldn't you just love to catch them in the act......?
14/06/13 09:53 AM
If you invite animal welfare inside to take a look, or even try to attempt some civil meeting, they are not interested. They can only survive on shock & awe. If they did it correctly no one would donate to their cause.
They make money from pictures and video of animals in distress.
04/06/13 08:26 AM


Not stubborness, FACT of life, you can dream all you want, about state of the art equipment, but the vast majority of farmers will sit on the fence and wait until its fully accepted like GPS.
Maybe instead of having a crack at readers who voice their own opinion, you try and come up with an original screen name. Beefy is taken,
11/10/13 09:26 AM
It would be like trying to ride the top rail of the cattle yards. how would anyone muster with that thing. How do you turn a duel set of wheels on the front while chasing cattle.
06/09/13 09:33 AM
I can't see too many Australian farmers lining up to go into the helicopter business, with beef & grain prices, seasonal conditions and a host of other nightmares we all face each day, the last thing we would all need in more debt, from this rubbish
25/08/13 09:19 AM
They really need to get their act together, and sooner than later, as there is nothing much on this site. For all the Hoo Ha, there is not much to the website, boring and basic. There is better around than this.
28/07/13 05:21 AM
Good for hobby farmers, great for weekend warriors. Get a proper quad for the cattle job.
04/06/13 08:28 AM


I have found out the hard way. There are good people out there looking for work.
I recently advertised for a stationhand, with a well written advert, but with only saying send email resume, to a email address at the bottom, and received 3 replies. However my 2nd advert I posted my phone number as well, as the email address getting 36 replies.
People won't send all their personal details to a email address without knowing who or where they are applying too.....? Hint, be fair dinkum with people and be surprised on who and how many replies you get.
31/01/14 02:23 PM
Where would our industry be without these big investors. Australian corporate companies haven't the foresight to invest in Australian agriculture.
04/12/13 09:02 PM
Tell me a property or agriculture business that has been rejected by the FIRB of late.....?
08/11/13 08:24 AM
Sold for $13m, they chip in $4m, and hit the wall, amazing stuff.
Another good station that will end up in overseas hands no doubt, sad but true.
03/10/13 06:42 AM


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