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RSPCA,AA, whats the difference? They're not going to stand up in front of a conference of livestock producers and call for LE shutdown! But RSPCA have been calling for it for years. And Years. And Years. RSPCA is AA in another guise.
02/11/13 11:28 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

So when we go down the free trade path; lets do it properly!
Do away with award wages, social security, world parity oil pricing at the same time. Everyone in the domestic market gets the advantages then! Like that idea BS Bill?
16/10/13 11:11 AM
Hmm. An interesting article. How many farms does the author own? That have to compete against the subsidies of some of our trading partners, and the cheap labour of the others?
He's an expert businessman, and I'm a real good Prime Minister. Guess life has been a disappointment to us both!
14/10/13 10:44 AM
I really wish BS Bill would show the rest of us how it should be done, by buying a farm or station, paying his interest, running costs, rates and loan payments, turning a massive profit on his investment, demonstrating his superior intelligence isn't just loud mouth crud on the internet, and shutting the rest of us up!
All pigs fed and ready to fly.
16/09/13 09:54 AM


Dingoes ARE NOT native to Australia Jim! They were introduced with a migration wave from India about 3.5-4000 years ago, are directly responsible for the extinction of the Thylacine and Tasmanian Devil on the Australian mainland, and are prolific from Brewarrina to Broome!
Christy; I have 113,000 acres, not a hobby block, and will kill any predator that threatens my livestock. Anti-Kill attitudes like yours are part of the problem. You have no solutions to share.
07/08/14 09:59 AM
The Excise is SUPPOSED to fund road infrastructure, but 80% of that excise goes up against the wall, not into roads! The Govt. has no credibility here. If they want to pull down the deficit, simply stop giving the taxpayers dollars to other countries. It's not hard to work out. But it does require cojones. Something every politician lacks.
30/04/14 10:50 AM
Everone keeps telling us that we need foreign investment. Why? What do foreigners put in that we can't? The year is not 1813! It's 2013, and Australians are here for the long haul, not a quick profit. If we're paid for what we produce, the money will be pumped back into the ground for our children, and their children. Australia will keep producing instead of being strip-mined! What part of this do the suburban latte sipping Libs not get?
22/10/13 11:59 AM
Poor old BS Bill: ever opinionated, never actually informed, never an achiever, always a latte-sipping, dribbling, clueless idiot that doesn't own an acre, produce a sheep, a cow, or a bushel of wheat.
Why don't you buy a property and show us how it's done? You seem to think you have all the answers. An intellectual like you could achieve so much more than the bunch of red-neck, slack-jawed idiots that are producing now!
25/09/13 10:03 AM
I wouldn''t know, I don't go to bookies, BS Bill. My livelihoods a gamble because of the city-centric view. Too many people with nothing at stake are calling the shots. But I guess when you are eating veges sprayed with Christ knows what, eating chicken pumped full of anti-biotics and HGP's, and eating beef and mutton full of FMD you'll find a way to blame people like me. And Barnaby.
24/09/13 10:05 AM
Been to St. George, have you BS Bill?Major irrigation area. A dust field it's not.Why is BJ less qualified for the levers of power than Ludwig, or KRudd, or Gillard? Because he's actually had a job in the real world? Ludwig wrecked LE for a tv program, Krudd sprayed the biggest surplus in this country's history against the wall in less than 2 years. Gillard gave us the carbon tax that she wasn't going to give us. This is the hallmark of a good government? You think this is good? You voted for more of this?
I rest my case. Crawl back into your hole, Wombat.
21/09/13 11:23 AM
Once again we observe the BS Bill in it's natural habitat: Holding forth on a subject it knows nothing about, in an industry it knows nothing about, making a muddle-headed wombat look intelligent by comparison.
I know BJ. Played rugby with him at St. George. But I doubt BS Bill knows crud from clay, or where the milk for his corn flakes comes from. His continual gospel of hatred for rural Australia is sickening.
18/09/13 10:45 AM
Milk is cheaper than petrol.
What's wrong with this picture?
11/02/13 12:18 PM
Milk is dearer than petrol, yet we don't import it. What's wrong with this picture?
11/02/13 12:02 PM


It's 2014, not 1788! Selling off our country won't make us richer, it'll leave us strip-mined.
29/03/14 11:11 AM
BS Bill: you're pretty bloody smug on your award wage, employer funded superannuation and social security safety net, aren't you? Deregulate the labour market, work for what an employer is prepared to pay, or is the employee gander protected, while the employer goose does all the heavy lifting.
04/11/13 03:19 AM
This planet has been turning around for a few billion years. In that time the climate has continually changed, sometimes rapidly. Why should it stand still now? Because a few scientists on a gravy train say it should? It's an established fact that AGW scientists ignore data that doesn't further their cause. A columnist in the hard copy of The Land highlights this. I think her name is Jennifer Mahorasy. Her specialty is weather science. Not all the data is online!
11/03/14 11:43 AM
Why are all the man-made climate change proponents all screaming for their cause instead of screaming for water infrastructure to cope with it? Man isn't going to be weaned off fossil fuel in the next 30 years, so that CO is just going to keep on coming. IF man-made climate change is real, we need dams, pipelines. Not abuse and rhetoric. We can't eat and drink abuse and rhetoric, and it won't keep us cool in the summer.
Man-made climate change proponents should be aware of a simple fact that everyone on the land is aware of: drought years are hot! Lack of precipitation causes that.
05/03/14 10:53 AM
Prelf: Buy yourself a station, fence it to contain your precious wildlife that cannot possibly survive without your help, and the rest of us will sit back and watch you pay the interest, loan payments and running costs with much interest. Show us how it's done. You've opened your mouth, now demonstrate how much smarter and more capable than the rest of us you are! You've been working since you were 15. You are so unique. None of us gun totin' rednecks could possibly have done that! Or does animal rights only work when someone other than you wears the cost?
03/09/13 10:38 AM
If animal activists abhor animal population control, then animal activists should buy their own land, fence it to contain what they want to protect, and leave the rest of us alone! Or doesn't their dole money stretch that far?
02/09/13 10:56 AM
Last time the Coalition were in power John Cobb told me to bugger off and buy a Satt. phone. I'll vote for Katter. The Coalition can kiss my fundament.
13/08/13 11:22 AM
Start paying us for what we produce, and we'll produce it. Keep kicking us between the big toes, and the world can bloody well go hungry! We can't live on fresh air and sunshine, and we don't do the subsidised versus free market BS, hoping to win.
23/06/13 09:03 AM
Be very careful what you say, boys and girls. NSW Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson is a National Party MP and she shackled ag with the LLS. I've yet to see the Federal branch distance themselves from it....The Nats are too worried about staying in the Libs' good graces to worry about the people they're supposed to represent. If they were serious about representing rural Australia they could have done the deal with Juliar, we'd have no Carbon Tax, no Mining Tax, no live export suspension, no Murray-Darling irrigation rip-off, more local infrastructure spending. Think carefully.
11/02/13 11:52 AM


John; Bounties are in-effective. Bounties offer a short term cash gain, and make people less inclined to 1080 bait. When baiting participation falls, Wild Dog numbers rise.
Bounties: Penny wise, pound foolish.
13/07/14 11:04 AM


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