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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Well there ya go , Nevs not needed is he bushie.
Ya forgot to mention the RARAs.
12/11/13 05:47 AM


We certainly are laughable. Have been for many years.
19/12/13 07:52 AM
Top of the dung heap eh Bushie.
02/12/13 02:32 AM
Bushie have you worked out there are no coal or iron ore mines in any of our cities yet ?
27/11/13 09:02 AM
Coming from someone who can't tell the difference between agriculture and mining Bushie we are fortunate its not you that was going eh ?
25/11/13 09:33 PM
Since when is coal and iron ore agriculture Bushie ? its mining ya twit.
24/11/13 03:24 AM
Created and generated in the cities ?
I don't see to many coal or iron ore mines in any of our cities Bushie. Perhaps you may want to rethink that one eh ?
21/11/13 12:50 AM
Where's Nev? We need him to write a post for Bushie Bill since he is so busy making tea an scones for the RFS.
10/11/13 11:42 PM
Oh I don't know Bushie , I think Nev and Dave have far more literacy and artistic skills than you.
You should let Nev comment for you all the time , he is far more intellectually stimulating , interesting and more informative than you are.
21/10/13 06:36 AM
And history will judge your views with sadness Pete at how a modern intelligent society can be convinced to believe such narrow minded views as that held by people who cant get their head around the fact that co2 is good not bad , and we need more not less.
18/10/13 01:01 AM
People like Bushie Bill are in total denial and live in a world of make believe delusion .
Fact , the labor party lost the last federal election in a stunning defeat.
Fact , the LNP do have a mandate from the voters to dump the useless toxic job and industry destroying carbon tax.
Fact , Milne is from Pluto.
17/10/13 10:08 PM


You still haven't told us what a RARA is Billy ?
10/11/13 06:25 AM


And loving it.
19/12/13 07:48 AM
An ETS is like a cancer on our economy and will suck the life out of the country and lower our standard of living . It will send our industry packing overseas and kill jobs and will not change the climate at all.
Anyone who thinks an ETS is a good idea belongs in a loony bin.
12/12/13 09:05 PM
I think you have summed up the ALP/Greens precisely laughable.
19/11/13 09:14 PM
This guy has been reading to many Jules Verne comic books.
Another prophet of climate doom pushing baseless garbage .
19/11/13 08:59 PM
Darn , he was the best double agent the LNP ever had.
13/11/13 10:01 PM
Even more intelligent than you Bushie ? Tell me it isn't so.
11/11/13 10:08 AM
Feel free to move there Micky , we wont miss another clueless climate clown.
11/11/13 07:54 AM
You forgot to mention yourself there Nico.
11/11/13 07:52 AM
Please try and understand Nico I am well aware of what a pollutant is and few people besides the clueless climate change nutters considers our present rate of co2 dangerously enhanced.
11/11/13 12:14 AM
BP please don't expect to much to soon from old Bushie.
The only thing he knows about co2 is it comes in his VB.
10/11/13 06:31 AM


Maybe they had to fire up the geny to get the computer working Truggs.
10/11/13 01:29 PM


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