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Not a labour voter but if I was I would definitely support the likes of Ursula..
Key point is Kelly and other apparatchiks have had their chance, achieved nothing and been voted out. Don't recycle them back through the senate....Please!
25/10/13 11:55 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Apt name, "Hydatid", for such an inane comment about AWB corruption. Please inform yourself of the facts and don't make unfounded comments about things you know nothing about.
28/10/13 03:34 AM
That's better David, a few more facts to back it up this time
24/06/13 01:09 AM
"...should be encouraged to sell farms....' Just what exactly do you mean by that? What are your concrete suggestions? Put some real meat on the bone here David and you might get a few more readers.
13/06/13 01:18 AM


Thanks Jock and Ted. It's a relief for it to be over. If one goes back and reads the opening remarks of the Cole Inquiry, it is evident that the Commission had already made its mind up. Inquiry. Or Star Chamber?
23/12/13 10:51 PM
Wake up Warren. You can't spruce bilateral trade agreements on one hand and close your borders to others.
06/11/13 05:38 AM
Bill and Fiona...wasting tax payers money with this charade.
Of course it will go through. Look at your own Reserve Bank scandal before worrying about commercial matters that politicians have no say over
21/06/13 12:08 AM
Note to Editor: These growers are not "querying ADM Motives"...they have a perfect understanding of why ADM invested and what the consequences for their businesses are.
Also, as per Scoot's advice, long gone are the days where millers buy 100% Aussie wheat. They have various blends to meet their local market conditions.
20/06/13 11:51 PM
Australian wheat exports account for about 15 - 20 pct of world trade. It has freight advantages to Asia, Middle East and East Africa over US wheat. It has to be exported and will find homes at international parities.. The deregulated industry doesn't extract the premiums Australian farmers should get for freight and quality advantages, hence the farmers net return is one will ever tell him because it's not in the trader"s interest to do so. It makes no difference whether ADM or Graincorp own it. They are both beholden to maximising respective shareholder....returns not growers!!!!
07/06/13 05:24 AM


Jock is correct and long may he continue to be such a strong advocate for what was a system that truly did deliver excellent returns. To say the wheat was sold by 'undercutting' demonstrates an ignorance of how the wheat was marketed.
08/10/13 02:13 AM
Keith, congratulations on seeing out two terms. What have been your specific achievements as chair of GRDC?
22/06/13 11:52 PM


Barnaby, please just tell us exactly what you stand for and why we should vote for you. Leave Abbott and Windsor aside for the moment. Thanks.
12/06/13 12:30 AM


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