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the olive branch is time to to get out before the welfare movement completely destroys the economics of animal farming. just grow more grain boys. the world cant afford 7 billion meateaters from a resource perspective.

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the animal activist movement is far better resourced now we serve to bring in the anti animal agenda. the supermarkets are the final instrument of change. that leg of the broader campaign began with $2/L milk. gotta love printing presses, discount pricing leads to record profits? brilliant
if exporting countries don't make money they dont export. the decision on whether to eat meat in beijing, jakarta or tokyo then becomes very hard doesn't it?
australian agriculture needs to find a sustainable model that DOESN'T involve livestock because our agenda is here to turn the economics of meat production into a severe loss making exercise. do not underestimate our conviction. we are resourced by govt.

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of course this whole 'debate' is all about one thing, destroying demand for meat both passively and through direct govt manipulation of the economic of meat production. meat farmers beware. your profitability is in our sights and we have a very good aim these days


it should be clear as the light of day to anyone involved in the animal production industry that our movement is strongly supported by govt! we are working behind the scenes with their support to encourage slow squeeze on profitability through increasing compliance costs. procluding pastoralists from the sandalwood trade is yet another avenue we have managed to get enforced. AGENDA 21. google it and read it
the guvmint might seem like it is willing to help but farmers need to understand that no matter who is in power, the directive has been given to find more acres for grain production, reduce feed grain use and reduce meat consumption at a global level. don't bet against these overwhelming economic forces set in stone!
the movement is forging deep ties with key retailers to further this war against meat. coles knows if you aren't buying meat you will be buying fake meat products. either way they get your dollar. coles and woolies will eventually move away from supplying cheap meat because there wont be any producers left supplying it for below the cost of production. dont underestimate the depth of our movements reach. we have the govt on our side
Yes, but that flood of cheap beef is now our biggest weapon to destroy the economics of producing meat in southern markets. This is a well thought out ambush. Southern meat producers cannot compete with brangus beef selling for $1.50/kg. 100% vegan is the goal and we will achieve it once the current glut is worked through.
Our movement is well resourced and we will not stop until our agenda is fully realised and that is 100% enforced vegan by expensive and scarce meat. We have govt support, resistance is futile. Grow more crops.
Joe is merely a pawn. What's important for our movement is we have govt backing us. Unlimited access to news programming and investigative journalist from the 4 Corners. Farmers would be unwise to presume govt is here to help. The goal is to bankrupt the economics of production. This will dry up supplies around the country and lead to shortages of meat moving through abattoirs who will be next to go bankrupt. It's an elaborate plan but it is to follow through on orders from the globalists who know food supplies are too tight to afford 7 billion meat eaters.
"Nothing wrong with a big rump steak!!!" yes there is if you are indonesian. you cant afford it thanks to our masterstroke of destroying the trade and confidence in it.
you dont get a surplus of a commodity in one country and its producers going bankrupt with shortages in key consuming markets, driving prices to unaffordable levels without some very careful planning. fortunately we have govt resources like the abc to expediate this process. ask yourself what will ever drive prices higher producing meat? then ask yourself if animal activists like me will give up ever. just plant wheat ok
Surely the MLA understands our movement wants to bankrupt producers and stop the supply of cheap meat going down consumers throats? The consumer doesn't understand that this is our way of enforcing in the longer term they cannot eat meat. Destroy supply and prices will eventually become unaffordable. Meat-free monday, meat-free week, research discounting meat's health benefits are all part of our war against meat. The goal is more grain for the world, not feed grain for feedlots.
Of course it is strangling the trade, it is a govt imposed solution that is NOT supposed to work. Can't believe anyone thinks the govt can be genuine when it was their own ABC that started this war on meat producers. So you should be in no doubt whose side your govt it on. Give up on producing meat and grow crops. The world can't afford 7 billion meat eaters and the govt's globalist masters have instructed more grain is needed, not meat.
indonesians will turn these areas into palm estate, sugar fields, rice paddies, dryland grains. Bigger picture than meat, lads. This land is unproductive just producing cattle.


who said pastures weren't negotiable for wheat or canola?
http://www.farmweekly /grains/wheat-gets-a-berth/265995 8.aspx
ah but you fail to undertsand that the very cheap nature of production in the rangelands has allowed the AA movement to send a flood of cheap beef into southern markets, destroying the economics of producing meat there and thereby moving southern pastures and feed grain crops across to wheat and canola. job done! still think we live in tin foil hats? we are smarter than most give us credit fo and we understand pressure points and seasonal weakness.
on the contrary will, the AA movement understands we needed the cheapest meat in the land, pastoral beef, to flood southern markets and take away the economics of anything related to animals and we have achieved that. no producer in the southern grain belt can compete with cheap brangus beef coming in from pastoral country. from albany to albury farmers are planting more wheat/canola and growing less pasture/hay/feedgrains. you would be surprised at just how well we understand the weaknesses of animal producers around the country.
And this is why we attack the animal protein industry. There simply is not enough land resources available for the 3rd world to gain an appetite for meat. Pastures, feed grain and hay fields are being pushed into oilseed and human consumptive cereal grain production. The AA movement is here to render the economics of livestock production loss making.
thats it boys! move your livestock operations to cropping. the world cant afford to have so many meateaters. we need more grain for human consumptive markets. the larder is nearly bare.


who said pastures weren't negotiable for wheat?
http://www.farmweekly. grains/wheat-gets-a-berth/2659958 .aspx
The pastoral production engine has been 'collateral' damage but most of future production will be Brangus blooded and hence firmly aimed at southern markets. This will lock down southern producers into grain production because they can't compete with $1.50/kg beef. The main goal has been moving arable land across to wheat and canola away from hay, pastures and even feed barley and locking it away.
Nev it is also why our movement has been mobilized to find more cropping land that was previously used for pastures and feed grains. the world cannot afford the 3rd world to continue developing its appetitie for meat!
Of course the movement is driven fundamentally to put a stop to meat production. Do you really think anyone would listen if we simply said 'stop eating meat ye evil people!'? No, they wouldn't, so the alternative strategy has been to make meat expensive by launching a global attack on the economics of producing meat under the guise of 'welfare'. Do not doubt how successful this campaign will be! Ask yourself, is my govt supporting the movement or not. Do you really think we could be so effective with few resources, few people & no govt co-operation? Think about it!
This was a masterful attack on the profitability of all meat producers and cleverly led by Gillard on behalf of her globalist mates. It now lays out a very simple formula. Just keep on rolling out the dodgy kill video at points where gluts exist in the supply chain.
Everyone will be investing in abattoirs again and down the track we will make sure we smash these investments too. Dwindling supply will do the job eventually
we cant stop people eating meat but we can attack the profitability of producing and processing and that is what we will continue to do unrelenting.


This is to provoke a response from farmers so that it looks like they have something to hide. The art of AA combat 101.


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