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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Chick Olssen seems to be the only one here who seems to know whats going on in the market place.
20/11/14 04:39 AM
Now if someone wants to grow organic food and someone else wants to purchase organic how is that anti capitalistic? Also I have never heard of any one getting food poisoning from eating an organic spud.
02/06/14 12:34 AM
As farmers are diversifying into diferent things maybe this needs to get sorted out now,other wise it will end up as a sue me sue you situation.
17/02/14 12:09 AM
I dont supose AA would have a.human rights policy as they are an animal rights organization.
03/11/13 11:03 PM

Get Muddy

  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
OK Sam if the motor industry workers who have had their jobs pulled from under them should get nothing then next time a cyclone wipes out far nth Qld then they should pay to rebuild the roads and bridges ect.Why should my taxes go to help them get back on their feet.I think its time they hardened up.
28/05/14 03:28 AM
  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
How about we harden up on some of these corporations that pay no tax or minimum tax,the pollies no who they are but dont seem to concerned.Why?
27/05/14 03:39 AM
Who cares what Cory Bernardi thinks or says.
16/01/14 04:21 AM
If Aust farmers dont supply the consumer with what they want then some one else will,its all very simple realy.
10/10/13 12:09 AM
I see women in all fields these days, but there seems to be a shortage in the LNP,but maybe in 10 years they might see the light.But then again they might not.
24/09/13 03:30 AM
I have never read such uninformed load of BS in my life. I thought you were a bit more switched on, Sam.
17/09/13 01:43 AM

A matter of opinion

Frank Bunk I am one of the brain dead unlike yourself, but if you love exceffive amounts of carbon in your air then why dont you go to china where the air in the cities will suit you just fine,and iam sure your tomatoes will grow 10 ft high with all that beautiful carbon.Take your highly intelligent mates with you and stay there.
07/03/14 02:57 AM
Well chick why dont you start this new party and I bet it wouldnt last 5 minutes.
29/10/13 01:39 AM

Out of the shadow

Just another farmer,could you explain where you got the 90% figure from?It just seems odd that I have been alot of places and never had any problem on the whole.
01/12/14 02:19 AM


itz Me,I dont know if you noticed that your wise mate Tony is blowing billions of tax money on Direct Action.may be you could try keeping up with curent affairs.
13/11/14 03:43 AM
argis my boy, every car made in the world is subsidised including aust, my point being if abbott and co collected the 8 billion unpaid corp tax then keeping an industry of that magnitude would be a snip.
05/11/14 04:34 AM
argis, I dont know if you noticed but it was Abbott who has just doubled our national debt,and has wiped out car industry,and also wont go after the billions in corp tax.Just thought Id mention it.
05/11/14 02:27 AM
John Newton, FTAs have been incredibly beneficial to all the countries that have signed up with Aust. I still havent figured out what the "F" stands for.
24/10/14 01:53 AM
  Remembering Gough 10 Comments 10
I remember Gough telling a bunch of farmers at some meeting how the smart kid goes off and becomes a lawer and the dumb one stays on the farm. Here I am 40 years later still laughing, those were good times.
22/10/14 02:38 AM
GFA. The Minister must always take responsability for their departments actions,as for the political leanings of DAFF, how would you know?
13/10/14 01:57 AM
Jock M all the Nats you have mentioned are complete duds, the only reason they blocked ADM was for their own political survival.It will get sold off so my suggestion is start collecting grain corp shares.
22/07/14 03:39 AM
Angry Aust. If your so unhappy living here then move to a country that dosn"t have any of this stuff, then write a post telling us all how its going,Im looking forward to hearing from you.
04/07/14 03:03 AM
Well Barney if your not pining for the job then your not the person for the job.Maybe the NP could pick some other dynamo,they have so many.
03/02/14 04:41 AM
So the NAB says we need to focus on quality food for export,sounds fair enough . so lets all blame the ABC for all our problems,sounds fair enough to me.
03/01/14 04:57 AM


I wonder what Boof Barnaby thinks about all this. Has any one heard anything? come on Barnaby tell us what you think, I am sure it will be profound.
06/12/13 02:31 AM


Well Frank B why dont you sell up and put the lot into coal shares and sit on them for 20 years, come on put your money where your mouth is.
07/11/14 02:20 AM
Rob M we wouldnt want any of our young farmers being exposed to any new idears and having their minds polluted by some scientist now would we.The biggest problem for Aust ag are people with attitudes like yours.
05/03/14 12:53 AM
Cocky. My place once kept a family well now its a hobby farm,I now have to work off farm .I am one of the Ma and Pa farmers that PH is talking about.I just fail to see why every one is attacking him when he is only stating the obvious.Over the years the unions have lifted the living standard for their members from poverty to middle class.Meanwhile rual aust has been going the other way,we have lost alot of our services, we have high obesity rates depression and alcohol problems not to mention suicide.Now what is your local member and the NFF doing about this? Nothing.
04/12/13 02:31 AM
If we had Paul Howes running the show instead of these dead heads from the Nats and NFF we would all be a lot better off.
03/12/13 02:58 AM
Paul Howes is right on the money.
02/12/13 04:03 AM
Sobduster, If TA is such an expert on fire fighting may be he could take it up full time and stop borrowing billions of dollars that our grand kids will be paying off. Actually qlander could join him, also, being such an expert on fire control.
25/10/13 02:37 AM
Bushie Bill you obviously dont remember Gough whitlam saying The smart kid goes off to uni and the dumb one stays at home on the farm.
08/10/13 02:28 AM
One gets the impression that Mr Turnbull has no idea, after all the talk.
25/09/13 12:55 AM
Its odd how the comments started out whether Barney was any good or not and all I read is every one laying the boot into Mr Bushie Bill. Well done BB
16/09/14 03:05 AM
Great to see Gina has got her man into the Reps,I thought the Nats were meant to represent ag.It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
09/09/13 12:14 AM


Just for interest take a look at" Sundrop Farms in south aust.
19/08/14 02:27 AM


Wealthy Aust businessman buyes retirement property,its enough to make my blood boil..
16/03/14 11:56 PM


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