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good article Col, and some excellent points. The very fact that the RSPCA is willing to engage is a good start. In WA the board went out and met with growers at Don Thomsons in Tincurrin, as a grower i felt there was some goodwill with some real understanding that growers actually want the best welfare for their animals. What is impossible to believe is that the Animal rights groups think we can be the worlds policeman on these isssues. we simply cannot afford to do this especially when there is a far more insidious trade in humans.
06/11/13 11:18 PM


You could actually ask about this rather than be critical. You are acting with the "ethical superiority of the uninvolved". a great quote form Sir Alec Cadbury.
06/08/13 02:32 AM


well boris perhaps if you actually look at the terms vaguely defined property rights, ameliorate, capital participation and competition and level playing fields you may understand what the above are talking about. The neo classical response to these things is demutualisation and that has clearly not worked in the eastern states. There is a myth that CBH is gouging but we are up to $20 tonne less for storage and handling, less for freight and up to $20 more for grain on the export market because of our storage and handling system competing the prfits back into the growers pockets. wake up Boris
06/11/13 11:04 PM
The real reason that copps have failed is that vaguely defined property rights have not been ameliorated. Coops that succeed have growers participate in the capital. it has nothing to do with socialism it is about retaining the capital on the balance sheet of the grower rather than transferring it to the shareholders of corporates. Gavillon just pulled out of WA having lost $50 which means that the other companies competed well for the growers grain and effectively $50m more in their pockets. CBH survived this. Blokes like Boris are driven by personal greed rather than the common good.
05/11/13 11:21 PM


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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