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Never heard of the RSPCA following this one through. Maybe mates get treated differently when they punch and hit horses, in public, on film. u/victoria/police-builders-clash- on-cbd-picket-line-20120828-24x5z .html
11/11/13 04:43 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

That's right gabriel, a real problem in Greece right now is the dogs don't get a look in on the garbage scrounge, basic medicines are in short supply, pensions slashed.
"Some companies admitted they had been withholding medical supplies." in-the-news/chaos-in-greece-as-ph armaceutical-supplies-drop-by-90- percent.28-02.html
31% at risk of poverty:
http://blogs.reuters .com/photographers-blog/2013/06/0 6/homeless-in-greece/
The EUSSR, the socialist paradise of averages.
04/07/13 06:48 AM
Welcome to the EUSSR. Hope yet, a turkey voting for Xmas? You're either on the gravy train or in the gutter so the average is OK to the average Euro beurocrat (sic).
"Just the usual drivel about the fight against youth unemployment" at 62% in Greece & Spain's 56.5% becomes 25% Euro-wide & therefore only half the problem. om/watch?v=HhQVBj43hbA#at=51
The current Euro set-up is a temporary arrangement, it's collapsing from within, along with carbon trading, from excessive govt debt, subsidies & regulation & a currency that no-one owns. Not long to go.
04/07/13 01:53 AM
That's right, farmed, hence all the el cheapo canned tomatoes, etc. Thanks WoCo! Dumping by any other name.
28/06/13 01:08 AM
"Bruntlands" = burntlands = sustainability = starvation
“We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects. We must reclaim the roads and plowed land, halt dam constructions, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of acres of previously settled land.” —David Foreman
“I’ve never worked in such cold. I’m all for saving the planet, but this was barbaric.” —Teacher at Ansford Academy in England, after heat was turned off during December “eco-day,” The Blaze, Dec. 7, 2011
24/06/13 06:35 AM
  CSG: our saviour? 35 Comments 35
Unrealistic BeRealistic, get you head around these numbers, & these have since been eclipsed. See Table 1, compare the consumption column with the recoverable reserves column: alysis/studies/worldshalegas/
Your 20-30 years is a sad, sick joke. There are 100's of years of shale gas alone.
Instead of the merchants of doom bed-wetting over 1 or 2 degrees of possible good thing warming, time & trillion$ are being wasted worldwide on unreliable so-called renewable energy crap when efforts should be directed into proving thorium, or whatever, for reliable base load power.
21/03/13 11:04 PM
  CSG: our saviour? 35 Comments 35
Dickytiger, genteel poverty is only a short-term economic consequence. Grinding poverty is the ultimate aim of our duplicitious misanthopist Malthusian Marxist melonheads, (and I truly mean no offence to melons)
"1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."
There 9 more blah blah "ideals".
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones
Back to mud floored mud huts for youse lot and a steady diet of grubs and rotten rye! Hang on, isn't that North Korea, the people's paradise? com/watch?feature=player_embedded &v=nwmjHtyjjYU#!
21/03/13 02:30 AM
Euro horse meat scandal, apologies to our horsey friends.
"Findus lasagne contains horse meat. I'd check the spaghetti bologneighs as well."
http://www.telegraph.c orse-meat-scandal-Twitters-best-a nd-worst-jokes.html
13/02/13 02:48 AM
It's worse than we thought. Who passed up on snake & mushroom pie only to now gag on their lentils, tofu & sauerkraut?
"Background: Healthy diets are supposed to be more environmentally friendly because they rely mainly on plant-based foods, which have lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) per unit weight than do animal-based foods...
Conclusion: Despite containing large amounts of plant-based foods, self-selected diets of the highest nutritional quality are currently not those with the lowest diet-related GHGEs." ntent/early/2013/01/30/ajcn.112.0 35105
13/02/13 02:35 AM


So, what's all the climate change fuss really about? Well, couldn't have said it better myself.
"United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model." m/2014/01/15/un-climate-chief-com munism-is-best-to-fight-global-wa rming/#ixzz3oako2G1Q
15/10/15 12:44 AM
nico insinuates Roy Spencer hasn't got a clue, yet his data sets are accepted scientific observations & used by the UN's IPCC along with RSS, Hadcrut & GISS-NASA.
http://www.drroysp res/
"Note that in the early part of the record, Version 6 has somewhat faster warming than in Version 5.6, but then the latter part of the record has reduced (or even eliminated) warming, producing results closer to the behavior of the RSS satellite dataset."
http://www.drroyspe he-uah-temperature-dataset-releas ed-new-lt-trend-0-11-cdecade/
13/10/15 05:08 AM
"Climate models runs for the IPCC's 4th Assessment Report suggest that, with an increase in greenhouse gases of 1% p.a., annual mean surface air temperatures in Antarctic sea-ice zone over the 21stC would increase by 0.2-0.3C /decade (WMO 2007). There would be a corresponding decrease in the extent of sea ice. Large parts of the high interior of the Antarctic would experience surface air temperature rises of more than 0.3C /decade"
Note 3rd & 4th graphs, Arctic & Antarctic temperatures since 1979. Both UAH & RSS show Antarctica cooling. 20temperatures.htm
13/10/15 02:05 AM
Further, for any AGW/climate changer's illumination, the satellite temperature data sets were established to present a global perspective that would also act as a check on land only based thermometer data.
"The term "upper air" refers to the part of the atmosphere well above Earth's surface. The temperature of the atmosphere in this region is a fundamental climate variable."
http://www.remss.c om/measurements/upper-air-tempera ture
In 2011 Ben Santer said a 17year period was needed, we are now 19 years on. parating-signal-and-noise-climate -warming
13/10/15 12:22 AM
nico doesn't hesitate to slip the boot into Roy Spencer's godliness. Yet Spencer is a custodian of the UAH satellite temperature data set which is accepted by the UN's IPCC and the Pope. If nico knew anything other than blather, he would know each of RSS & UAH satellite temperature data sets shows no & little warming this century, despite increased levels of atmospheric CO2. UAH & RSS concurrence.
http://www.woodf 2001/trend/offset/plot/uah/from:2 001/trend/plot/hadcrut4gl/from:20 01/plot/uah/from:2001/plot/rss/fr om:2001/trend/plot/rss/from:2001
12/10/15 11:09 AM
Apologists of the socialist/green agenda will always deny the stench of inconvenient data that proves them idiots. Simply put, over the last 60 years, atmospheric CO2 has risen over 50% higher than at any other time during the last 400,000 years. However, temperatures at Vostok during that time have been flat to down. The implication is that climate sensitivity is zero, & that past (lagging) changes in CO2 are due to outgassing & absorption of CO2 by the oceans. Ditto nico's New Scientist article. 007/06/29/human_cause-3/
12/10/15 10:13 AM
To believe & "accept climate change is a serious issue to be dealt with", is an good indicator of an intelligence test fail.
Here are three examples whereby data totally disproves the quoted assertion.
1. Vostok ice-core data showed that temperatures rises preceded CO2 increases.
2. Climate models predictions have grossly over-estimated the actual temperatures achieved.
(See Spencer, Climate models fail)
3. The logarithmic diminution of CO2 on temperatures as concentrations rise.
http://wattsupwiththat. com/2014/08/10/the-diminishing-in fluence-of-increasing-carbon-diox ide-on-temperature/
11/10/15 02:29 PM
If wind and solar are so viable then they should manage without gobbling subsidies. In effect, "renewables" are not industries as such, but a bunch of people sucking the life out of the rest of the real economy and like the whole belief in AGW thing it's a defacto intelligence test to see how dopey people really can be.
19/05/15 05:25 PM
Headline correction: China plays chess, US plays a-ring-a-ring-a rosie.
Short-term dead duck bumbler Obama clearly out smarted by long-term Xi. teractive/2014/11/12/world/asia/c limate-goals-pledged-by-us-and-ch ina-2.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0
However, immediate climate dividends as US/Canada gets hit by early record cold. honyFarnell/status/53274753896141 2096
14/11/14 03:08 AM
Hi Frank, the poor global warming/climate change/climate disruption/ecological bottleneck ahead things are increasingly finding their pet "feary" is based on outright lies & innuendo. RSS, one of the respected temperature data set shows an 18 year flat trend. This alone debunks the CO2/AGW line, as there can be no exceptions to a robust theory. Bad luck warmers & scamsters, back to the socialist manifesto & see if you can weasel up some other humanity hating dystopia. rss/from:1997.1/trend/plot/rss/fr om:1997.1
13/11/14 05:22 AM


Satellite temperature data shows current situation not in same league as 1997-98.
http://wattsupwithth roposphere-temperature-data-show- no-global-warming-for-more-than-1 8-years/
Bob Tisdale posts regularly on El Nino.
22/10/15 04:00 AM
In 1935 CO2 was at 400ppm according to Smith's College Chemistry, third revised edition. m/smiths-college-Chemistry-third- revised/dp/B000EIVZRA
https:/ / 8141820757942273
13/05/15 03:31 PM
The biggest problem for AGWers is that they can't keep track of their lies. Example, Antarctic Ice Cores, repeated ad nauseum, why even by he of "An Inconvenient Truth", that CO2 precedes warming. See questions 73-76 Pg 31, ites/climatechange/files/document s/03_2013/prof-plimer-answers.pdf - Whereby the graphs are kept deceptively separated. Overlayed, we see CO2 follows warming, not the other way round. 1/30/co2-temperatures-and-ice-age s/
Myth busted, AGW feary damned, by its own data.
05/02/15 05:07 AM
D'oh! ".. the 14% increase in atmospheric CO2 (1982–2010) led to a 5 to 10% increase in green foliage cover in warm, arid environments."
http://onlinel 50563/abstract
Ditto, CSIRO:
"..Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years through a process called CO2 fertilisation.."
http://www.c ening-from-rising-CO2.aspx
Fu nny, really, when in recent years many countries are achieving record or near record harvests.
03/02/15 11:38 AM
Well, try again next year, as cold water extends into the central Pacific Ocean and the super El Nino goes walkies.
http://weather.unisy ssa&inv=0&t=cur
11/09/14 01:26 AM
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, "The Meat Fix" by John Nicholson shows the flip-side of veganism.
"I ditched ‘healthy’ vegan diet for meat and went from fatboy to slim" age/woman/health/health/4816554/d itching-vegan-diet-made-me-health ier.html#ixzz2ZutdxHC0
24/07/13 12:24 AM
Ophthalmologist radio regular said canola's erucic acid gets trapped in the eyes macula & contributes to degeneration. He said on a number of occasions that he has done many autopsies & found the acid in the macula.
So it's Aust'n olive oil for me thanks & maybe time for canola growers to start thinking of alternative crops before the class actions start.
23/07/13 05:59 PM
nico's mate gives a scientific explanation, “It’s not to say that it’s not happening,” Loeb said. “It’s just that you can’t easily make that conclusion from the data.”
Kevin (Missing Heat)Trenberth on Loeb et al:
>So the key point in their title is "within uncertainty". It should add: "but the uncertainty is too large."<
http://judithcurry.c om/2012/01/24/missing-heat-isnt-m issing-after-all/
Bad luck, back to the drawing board for you.
17/07/13 03:38 PM
Newbies still think CO2 causes dangerous GW. The 4 main temp data sets concur that there is a pause in GW thereby rendering obsolete the belief that increasing CO2 = increasing temps. Derr!
http://www.woodfortrees .org/graph/hadsst2gl/from:1997/sc ale:0.5/offset:-0.2/plot/hadsst2g l/from:1997.1/trend/scale:0.5/off set:-0.2/plot/esrl-co2/from:1997/ normalise/scale:0.5/offset:0.2/pl ot/hadcrut4gl/from:1997/scale:0.5 /offset:-0.2/plot/hadcrut4gl/from :2000.8/trend/scale:0.5/offset:-0 .2/plot/gistemp/from:1997/scale:0 .5/offset:-0.2/plot/gistemp/from: 2001.33/trend/scale:0.5/offset:-0 .2
11/07/13 08:54 AM
Whoa, Looks we have some slow learners in our midst. Once more for the pea trick: /watch?v=P2qVNK6zFgE
10/07/13 07:10 AM


Yawn, nico, "A reference to a wildly unreliable denialist website.."
The graph I quoted is from this guy, Christopher R. Scotese, & here's his CV: htm (and this the paper Scotese quotes for his graph).
"However, the new results exhibit considerably higher CO2 values during the Mesozoic, and their downward trend with time agrees with the independent estimates of Ekart and others (1999)." /Reference_Docs/Geocarb_III-Berne r.pdf
We remember, of course, that corals evolved in the Ordovician Period when CO2 was about 4,000ppm.
10/11/15 02:23 PM
At dinosaur school one would learn that Jurassic Park dinosaurs relished their CO2 1500ppm.
Similarities with our Present World.
"Global Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 over Geologic Time" - graph is found here. ssils/Carboniferous_climate.html
09/11/15 04:23 AM
"Major dust storms, such as the "red dawn" event of 2009 that blanketed a region from Sydney to Brisbane & reached as far as the snowfields of New Zealand, are examples of how vulnerable soils are to erosion."
Yeah right, from the Woomera food bowl. That dust storm event is on the record as starting west of Moomba: 9/dust-storm-hits-moomba.html
Australian Museum Mineralogist Ross Pogson said, "it is believed to come from the general central Australia region" ogpost/science/sydney-dust-storm- analysed-by-museum-mineralogist
06/11/15 02:17 PM
Carbon sequestration is natural and free, increased atmospheric CO2 increases all plants biomass. Here's two cow peas over 42 days:- qVNK6zFgE
Even the CSIRO says, "Deserts 'greening' from rising CO2." News-releases/2013/Deserts-greeni ng-from-rising-CO2
05/11/15 01:56 PM
nico, "please provide references .. that climate is insensitive to increasing amounts of atmospheric CO2". Well, how about atmospheric CO2 increasing & temperatures not, as per the logarithmic diminution effect. 010/03/08/the-logarithmic-effect- of-carbon-dioxide/
http://www rom:1982.25/offset:-343/plot/esrl -co2/from:1982.25/to:1997.25/tren d/offset:-343/plot/rss/from:1997. 25/scale:75/plot/rss/from:1997.25 /trend/scale:75/plot/esrl-co2/fro m:1997.25/trend/offset:-343
31/08/15 07:39 AM
World wide, coal fired power stations with a total capacity of 1206.74GW are planned. ions/energy/turkey-double-coal-ca pacity-four-years-314706
For example, current UK coal fired capacity stands at about 20GW Vs a daily need of 36GW to serve a 63 million population.
It's extreme to think global coal fired power is going away anytime soon.
13/06/15 04:02 PM
Notice all the NGOs are trying to kill off the developing world, when it has been the very increase in atmospheric CO2 that has greened the Earff and taken untold millions out of hunger. releases/2013/Deserts-greening-fr om-rising-CO2
This all must fit with the narrative that there are too many people & 90% are surplus to requirements. Someone better run that past China & India.
Some heavy reading:-
http://www.freedoma enda21/Agenda21-Earth%20Summit-Th e%20United%20Nations%20Programme% 20of%20Action%20From%20Rio.pdf
09/06/15 03:12 PM
As per article, download speeds of 25 megabits per second. Upload speeds 5Mbps over the 7.7sq km of Australia.
This compares to both Telstra & Optus current satellite speeds of about 6Mbps down & 1Mbps up.
Dial up peaks at 54Kbps. au/sell-nbn-services/new-connecti ons-newsletter/sky-muster.html
29/09/15 04:49 AM
Susan, over the last 20,000 years sea level has risen 120metres, which is 6mm/year. The current trend is much less. level_rise#/media/File:Post-Glaci al_Sea_Level.png
03/06/15 03:37 PM
Settled science bites the dust, again! gs/wonkblog/wp/2015/02/10/feds-po ised-to-withdraw-longstanding-war nings-about-dietary-cholesterol/
Prof Judith Curry, former Chair of School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, on nutrition & climate science:- "When there’s no evidence to falsify what is merely a supposition,we are left with “magical theories that explains absolutely everything – including diametrically contradictory phenomena, lack of logic and absence of evidence.”
http://judithcurry .com/2014/02/13/magical-theories/
31/05/15 02:49 PM


Funny how parts of Uganda can grow bananas, yet other fruit & veges, that should be part of a rounded diet, & can easily fill any nutritional deficiencies seem not to be considered part of the solution in this article
Like, how quick is it to get spinach, parsley, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, papaya & melons up.
Good luck growing bananas on the savannah though. I guess, Gatesy must have opened the wrong Windows search engine.
'No country has ever prospered through handouts' eb/25/andrew-rugasira-africa-aid- development-video
03/06/13 02:14 PM


No jimbo, you missed the point. It's a good motor made betterer, or improved, updated or whatever. IT"S A GOOD THING!
Your response is all mixed up. Are you on a program or have you muddled your medication again.
08/04/11 02:22 PM
They sound great too! atch?v=x2U475ab3f8&feature=relate d
04/04/11 11:05 PM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
THE Macquarie Group has confirmed it has wrapped up a deal with the Qatari-owned Hassad Food Group to buy more than 100,000 hectares of farmland Australia-wide.24 Sep 18 THE Macquarie Group has confirmed it has wrapped up a deal with the Qatari-owned Hassad Food Group to buy more than...
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