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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

DL - you do digress quite a bit. But more importantly you have a lot to learn - especially for somebody of your age and forthcoming position.
20/01/14 02:15 AM
Nico, spot on. Keep the good fight going. I read your posts with admiration.
22/12/13 02:57 AM
"There is nothing rational about irrational obsessives." right you are David - an axiomatic statement if there ever was one. Makes me think of libertarians who believe the market should be left alone to its one devices -
16/12/13 09:11 PM
Oh my God, the sky is falling in David! What about my right to walk down the street and not inhale tobacco smoke?
Typical Libertarian rubbish again. You take things to the extreme David, without considering what's in the public interest. Yeah sure, sometimes government does encroach too far on personal freedoms and individual property rights - by all means make the case in those situations. But to make the case that all property rights - even intangible ones such as a brand packaging - be immune to government regulation, is just plain unreasonable.
21/10/13 09:39 PM
Economics by a veterinarian. All nice in theory David, in theory...
14/10/13 01:43 AM

Get Muddy

Well said.
18/11/13 09:41 PM

The Iceberg Letters

"Firstly, it’s not about giving the cold shoulder to the world or sending icicles in every direction- that’s called talkback radio."
- made me laugh. Good luck!
29/10/13 11:44 PM


Again, I agree with Jock Munro.
How can any farmer group be representative of farmers if a downstream supply chain partner (and a massive one at that) is a member?
15/11/13 04:42 AM
'bout time that ten gallon hat wearing Texan upgraded his Jeep to a Hummer
17/10/13 02:28 AM
cutting the fat out at the retail end can only be good for consumers. most of us poor producers live in a commodity market - we live and die by the volatility at the farm gate. the smart producers are always looking to value add and extend along the value chain - I commend them and Tasman for shaking-up a conservative market populated by unimaginative participants stuck in the mindset of a 1950's mentality.
09/10/13 02:12 AM
Flip Barnaby Flop - hope you stay the course on this one Joyce and don't change your position because your senior partner dictates is so.
05/10/13 02:32 AM
I prefer caged bird eggs
03/10/13 11:10 PM
The Hon J Cobb - a man who surpassed the expectations others but never his own.
17/09/13 12:36 AM


Demand outstrips supply is okay with me - prices will go up and I make more money.
24/04/14 11:52 PM


Thanks Jan - for expounding the widely held and often communicated views of many in the rural community. I look forward to hearing your solutions in this post commodity regulation era.
02/11/14 06:18 AM
Never seen Wombats on our property until a few years ago. Perhaps the nearby windfarm dunnit..?..
24/09/13 01:12 AM
@Nico - Bill had a fire on his property some years ago.
@ Bill Heffernan - please retire, you are an embarrassment.
29/10/13 01:34 AM
Yep - we'll all be roo-end.
14/10/13 11:37 PM
Good luck to this fellow
03/10/13 11:12 PM
Public servants have been sacked for less.
30/09/13 02:08 AM
“I’m a free trader, so I don’t think the government should mess with markets at all and should get out of the way and let people do business,” - whenever I hear somebody espouse such a simplistic proposition, I worry about their ability to operate in the 'real world'.
15/09/13 01:41 AM


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