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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

We engage independent consultants but also treasure govt R&D programs. The two are complementary and do learn from each other.
As for why ag deserves research support: because it is not competing on a level playing field. While most other nations subsidise their farmers because they know the value of food and a good environment, Australia does not and cannot. That means we need to farm smarter.
Nor does a dress shop need to sell double the amount of dresses every 10 years to stand still.
And I haven't seen any figures on ROI of dress shop R&D but in ag, it's very high.

Get Muddy

Hi Sam,
Thanks for writing about this - I haven't seen the report but it sounds like a great news story triggered by some genuinely great news! Congrats to Dairy Connect.
Yes, I agree, Sam. "Thank a farmer" makes me cringe every time I hear it.
In my case at least, though, I don't farm purely for profit. There are other more lucrative professions, after all.
I chose to be a farmer because I love animals and the land.


Coles steadfastly refuses to rule out the cameras that Jackie Healing was promoting for Aussie farms. If they really want better information for consumers, they could instead support farmer bloggers!
John, the rationale for communicating with the wider community is that, first, everyone has a right to know their food is being produced ethically and, second, we farmers have a reputable voice during times of crisis.
Greater understanding surely equals better outcomes for all in the long term.
You can't please everyone, Bushie Bill!
Still have to do what you think is right. I've started a blog (http://milkmaidmarian.wordpress. com) about my daily life as a farmer with the aim of bridging the gap.
So far it's had a good reception but I'm prepared to cop flak rather than sit back and whinge that farmers are misunderstood.
I think David Crombie is right: farmers do need to adopt social media and start communicating better.
For the most part, farmers and urban Aussies want the same things - good food, environments and animal welfare - so let's start talking!


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