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Grain of Truth

In your dreams US money. Broaden your horizons.
05/12/13 05:17 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

up to your joking again, bushie.
06/01/14 04:16 AM
David just in case you did not notice, CBH WA is a grower owned Co-op which has just passed it biggest ever record of harvest receivals. They did that without any foreign ownership. So shows it was not the lack of an ADM as the problem for GrainCorp but the wrong structure along with the wrong management strategy. You are too one dimensional David.
22/12/13 10:46 PM

Get Muddy

Russ, you sound a bit like Groucho Marx. He said "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member".
17/03/14 11:06 PM
You get the laughable award for this month Sam. It is a total myth you are pedaling. Most farmers ask for nothing from the public. They seek no more and no less than other business's. What does pee them off though is being accused of seeking special treatment when all they seek is fair treatment in keeping with city communities. Urban folk do not like a raw deal and rural folk are the same. So stick with facts Sam and your cheer squad, and cut the crap stories and myths.
19/11/13 06:18 AM

A matter of opinion

nico, I think Ted O'Brien dealt with you yesterday. Go back and read his comment about empirical will you. That stops you in your tracks.
18/03/14 12:23 AM


Boris why do you raise the AWB. It no longer exists. Perhaps you are saying it needs to return.
11/06/14 08:10 AM
Michael B. What does the B stand for? Bull? The Federal Government provides $400,000 annually as a taxpayer subsidy to each new wind turbine for between 10 and 25 years. There is no way that is offset by a few shackles made on loan management. It is a straight out burden on all taxpayers.
05/06/14 07:31 AM
What propaganda is it you would have me read "(un)objectively speaking"?
20/05/14 06:49 AM
But who is standing up for humans' rights and need to be fed, Michael B?
20/05/14 12:34 AM
Cockies trying to blame CBH for their own farm or funds mismanagement, is like a taxpayer trying to blame the Federal Government when they lose all their money at the casino and get their house reclaimed for failing to make mortgage payments.
23/04/14 12:25 PM
How many of the people on this site bleating about allowing in Chinese labourers are already buying goods made in China (that used to be made here)? I will bet you all are. So wake up. You are already importing Chinese labour by default. You better sack yourselves before sacking our Government because you have been giving away our jobs for years.
16/04/14 03:43 AM
All the smarties who wanted deregulation must now agree to let GrainCorp be unshackled from all the port access regulations. Stop your bleating. This is what you get when you wish for it!
11/04/14 03:59 AM
Taxpayer, we will take your "rain" network any time, with no qualms.
25/03/14 08:07 AM
DID, no, we would rather see you go broke than destroy our best asset and Co-op in Australia, just to hand out a few dollars to a few farmers who could not manage their property and business anyway.
25/03/14 06:16 AM
Is that your best effort bushie. Shows you have no defense of your left wing socialist two face and fork tongue while you hypocritically call farmers socialists.
07/03/14 10:13 AM


NSW Farmer, you overlook the fact that NSW has a much, much larger domestic market than WA and gains at least $25/tonne advantage from the fact that the domestic sales avoid the shipping charges involved in exporting the WA grain.
28/05/14 12:32 AM
D8, just like your mega merchants, Qantas were offering business class return seats to USA yesterday at $5999, a discount of 50% to the market to be taken in November 2014. If I booked my family but found I could not fly when the time came, I forfeit my payment. In other words I give them a guarantee of business totally at my risk. Only a small % of their seats are available at that price. For every farmer to get your $320/t, he has to guarantee a crop he has not even sewn. You are talking fancifully and clouding the supply demand reality.
17/03/14 08:46 PM
So CBH Shareholder, and Consolidated, it looks like you have been caught out making unsubstantiated claims and have gone away with your tails between your legs. CBH is better than you claim it to be and is not to blame for any woes of WA grain growers. It is also the lowest cost, highest service standard bulk handler in Australia. Pity all States did not adopt that model when WA did and stick with it instead of the dogs breakfast now on offer.
31/03/14 10:17 PM
Ok CBH Shareholder, tell us all just how many storages CBH operates in USA and how much their USA storage charges are?
Also answer the question about how much a grower has to spend in USA on storage and handling and freight after taking into account the cost of his on farm storage, (including capital, depreciation, interest, and in store management and handling), the elevator charges, and the freight and the shipping costs.
28/03/14 09:22 AM
Consolidated, compare apples and apples old chap. CBH operates in Australia not Canada or the USA. In USA, frankly, when their growers are guaranteed a minimum price it hardly matters to them anyway! I would still challenge you to show proper figures including all costs and services because CBH takes your grain straight from the header while in USA and Canada farmers do most of the storing for them selves. They basically only use Elevators to take their farm stored grain to a customer.
27/03/14 06:35 AM
It is no assumption CBH Shareholder. It is a fact, that when you demutualize a Co-op it becomes private shareholder owned and you can't then stop a shareholder from selling his shares. You cant be half pregnant.
27/03/14 06:30 AM
CBH Shareholder, everybody knows that. You missed the point. That is, nobody seems to complain about the big guys doing what they will, taking over your business's, and telling you nothing, but they complain about the CBH type Companies who work for you the farmer, are highly regulated and required to publish annual reports. And You want to open the door for them to own CBH. Hypocritical, wouldn't you say?
26/03/14 10:05 PM
Bill de Berg says Listed Companies give much more transparency than Co-ops in reporting. Pull the other one it plays jingle bells. Also lets take Cargill and look at their transparency. They are a very big Company in the global agricultural and food sector. They do not even report publicly to any shareholder group. I don't hear you complaining about them. They are not alone, there are plenty of others like them. At least CBH have locally elected growers controlling their Board and are subject to reporting regulations and scrutiny of Shareholders.
26/03/14 06:23 AM
D8 your double standards are a king size transparent joke. All the things you criticize CBH for are the very same things you always argue good business's should do to support their bottom line.
21/03/14 04:14 AM
I think D8 has your comment in the too hard basket for the moment jack T! You have just caught him on the hop biting his own tail.
20/03/14 04:46 AM


nico, picking a figure for one month, by one organisation, in one location, is typical of the nonsense and distracting information pedaled by the pro agw apologists. Albert Einstein has given us the true answer, which you are too sly to admit to. That is, there has been zero increase in global temperature over some 17 years.
20/06/14 04:24 AM
Don't stop there, argis. What about the way our taxes are making Chinese Factory owners billionaires on our subsidies to wind turbine operators; and so much so that our taxes are buying Rolls Royce motor cars for Chinese Factory workers. All this at a time when we are forced to pay much higher electricity prices just to make Chinese workers wealthy, while ours are unemployed. No wonder they laugh every time they think of us and what mugs we are. Thanks Greens, Gillard, Krudd, Windsor and Oakeshott.
15/05/14 12:38 AM
Hydatid, the only one point you have made of any use is your number 5. And it is because no amount of taxpayers money can stop the climate changing. Get it? got it? good. Put all your own money in if you want to but you cant waste ours.
01/04/14 06:55 AM
No less than yours billie boy. Lets start with your mob. They are the main reason the country is underperforming. Get those costs down to global market levels and then you can make all your beloved consumers stop running off overseas to buy all their goods because that automatically gives the sack to your workers. (If you want to talk weird, what about your plan to source all our grain needs from India!)
30/01/14 09:45 AM
nico, those facts have been posted on this site for you at least 4 weeks ago and you chose to do as you always do. Refuse them, because your mind is not open. You do your own homework and find them. I am not your servant and I am not prepared to offer my tax dollars for any further money wasting climate change scams. That was all made clear to your mob when the vast majority democratically voted your mob out at the last election! Get used to it.
30/01/14 06:17 AM
Only because you have a closed mind to facts that don't fit your position nico.
30/01/14 04:37 AM
NICO, I never noticed anyone put their hand up to say that you had an open mind on (AGW or) climate change.
And for the record, it has been scientifically proven that no amount of money or taxes will be enough to take control over global temperatures. Hence no more tax payers money should be wasted on that notion.
28/01/14 11:28 PM
And just what are your credentials on wind power or related health issues or profitability or anything else for that matter city slicker bill?
28/01/14 04:24 AM
Hands up all those who think nico has an open mind on global warming.
22/01/14 09:59 PM
bushie, (re your reply to Percy), your prejudice and ignorance is obvious enough without your weak attempts at humor.
27/01/14 03:03 AM

Rural Lifestyle

wtf, how can you have a tree change without trees, or a sea change without sea?
26/01/14 11:24 PM


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