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Barker. That is quite simply wrong. You do not understand the industry, its practices, and its safeguards against low animal welfare standards. Do some research and find the refreshing truth.
Sceptic. It is comments like that from people like you that feed the untrustworthy monster that are animal rights groups. If you have farmed for many years and still truly believe that Australian livestock are intentionally sent into grievously horrid abattoirs habitually, then you need to take stock. Just have a serious think about it.
VivKay, Numerous times I have seen clear messages from Animals Australia promoting veganism. Therefore, in my opinion, they are simply another vegan group.
As far as a peak group, Animals Australia are far from it although of course they claim to be some sort of authority on animal welfare. Self proclamation does not designate any level of authority or "peak" status.
Animals Australia has a clear objective to shut down animal industries Australia wide. Many of their ill conceived campaigns can only have this as their primary focus.


I think it's a great thing that Australian Agricultural markets are not dictated by the likes of the RSPCA and their kin. Sue head has demonstrated a distinct lack of economic prowess in suggesting that production costs "don't matter". Try telling that to GMH, Ford, Toyota, and Chrysler Sue!


Good outcome. I do hope it represents just the first of many liturgical tools made available for the protection of Australia's agricultural industries against ignorance.
Also implicated in this debacle is Mark Pearson, recent employee of Animal Liberation NSW and now a NSW MP representing an animal extremist party. Mark admitted to The Land that he had received footage from Blantyre Farms in August 2012 but refused to identify the source. Surely he needs to be called to account also?
It is all well and good to decide to de-stock early. However, when the northern cattle industry has been decimated with the ongoing effects of the live export ban in 2011, there has not been an avenue to pursue in terms of drought management tactics. No agistment available and no market for the cattle. This is not the producers fault. This is the fault of a knee-jerk government reaction in 2011 that has had lasting effects. Compounded now with drought, that poor government of the time has brought the northern cattle industry to it knees just to appease the revolting animal rights crowd.


I am disgusted that groups such as Animals Australia continue to sensationalise isolated events and portray them to the Australian public as the norm. This is fraudulent and continues unchecked. Week spined activists need to be held to account.
I would disagree that the proposal by the Australian Farming Institute represents an attack on free speech. Blatantly irresponsible social media campaigns launched by the likes of Animals Australia and PETA have created a burning need for accountability for such non-factual attacks on our farming communities and then Australian economy in parallel.
We now see the once trusted RSPCA running an irresponsibly inaccurate media campaign at the potential cost of graziers and the Australian Economy.
And what truth is there behind any of it? Absolutely nil. Accountability is needed.
It's fantastic that this message is being delivered Colin. This needs to be known in far wider circles.


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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