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Get Muddy

Only a matter of time til people cant afford meat anyway despite farmers not being able to book a profit. You think this is a free market phenomena?? It is the hand of global government weaning you all off meat. The world cannot afford to have 7 billion meateaters. It back to porridge and rice folks.
31/12/13 01:20 AM


Why can't we just be upfront and acknowledge the world cannot afford to see the developing world have appetites for meat similar to the developed. 7 billion meat eaters simply aint possible. The sooner the govt regulates against meat consumption the better off the future world will be.
06/01/16 01:14 AM
We are forcing are vegan views on you. You just haven't seen the expensive meat yet like Jakarta has. The transition back to vegan is going very smoothly in Jakarta. No revolutions yet.
06/06/13 11:44 PM
I for one think that it is only a matter of time before everyone is forced to eat soybean sausages and the world will be a better place for it. It is totally wrong to be eating meat in 2013! We are not barbarians.
06/06/13 09:44 PM


I strongly encourage all activists to continue their blogging war against meat. The world does not have enough resources for 7 billion meat eaters.
16/04/14 02:10 AM


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