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"How do you change medieval practices when it is ingrained into people's psyche"
Just listen to her.
It was good enough in 60-70's in the Mareeba abattoir for pigs to be hung by their back legs alive and then spiked/stuck in the neck to be killed
Don't you think that is medieval?
Took 30 odd yrs for Au to change - apart from being a raciest snob, what makes you think Indo etc can't do the same?
There is absolutely no way I could compare Joe Ludwig to an experienced cricketer/crack athlete
Come on Colin ALP were just a bunch of losers - what experience did they have on running much other than an union party?
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wow Nicky you ought to get your facts right first before you start sprouting about 40,000 meatworkers getting sacked - suggest you investigate that to see when they were sacked and why as it certainly had nothing to do with LE. Suggest you also think about why Au has cost of kill/hd at $350 whereas US has $150, Asia is $35. Or doesn't that impinge on your thoughts. Then have a think on why meatworkers were so involved in attacking LE and why just when Egyptian markets were to reopen, suddenly 'new' videos turn up.
Smacks more of planned econ treason to me
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Congratulations on QCL for at last doing something too. As far as I am concerned farming papers have also been in the feeding frenzy.

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Someone should also realize with the price of beef soaring, our old age pensioners are going to need cheap protein which can be found in cheap caged eggs
Hohoho Bushie Bill, you have trouble with English too! The bit left over is minute part of the 2/3 as there is no extra when you add 1/3 and 2/3's - so glad you know that.
Pretty clear that this bit ie gifts to businesses - isn't much when compared to what goes to the multitudes of parasites in Australia who forever have their hands out begging for increase of their gifts aka welfare payment but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions or stand on their own two feet.
Bushie Bill
What is the difference between $s given to people for welfare or $s given to businesses.
They are both gifts.
Clearly when over 1/3 of all revenue raised is spent on welfare, 2/3 is spent on defense, running Au and bit left over is given to business subsidies.
!/3 is spent mostly on enabling people to not be responsible for their actions or situations.
Au roads, hospitals, power, water rail systems are collapsing around us or don't you read the papers.
Taxpayers $s should be producing not wasted teaching and letting people to be more irresponsible
I hope he lobbies hard to cut out perks and handouts to retired politicians. Australia cannot exist with over 1/3 of gov revenue going to social and welfare payouts.
Totally agree with Rob Moore.
David Leyonhjelm, the only chance Au farmers have got is not corporate farming. It is 'ma and pa' farmers who either/both as well as their children, work long productive hours either on/off their farms in order to survive.
Great that a member of parliament knows that escas is not going to work.
Too late for many of the specialty animals going LE like goats and buffalo
Are councils self funding - or is the bounty of Au used to
1. bitumen roads through out towns,
2. provide water +sewerage 3 dams to make them beautiful with useless green grass and imported trees
4. schools to keep children busy - if it is good enough for bush mothers to teach our children, good enough for town mothers
5. uni, parks, arenas
6. provide electricity/cheap electricity
7. first home grants
8. hospitals
9. police, ambos etc
10. DOLE
Now tell me about subsidizing farmers.
What the heck would anyone really want to invest in agriculture.
In nth au cattle industry we are losing money and equity - 9 of last 10years it has posted losses.
Just label food clearly. If eggs are produced by chooks in cages, then label them as such. If chooks run 1 to the km, label eggs as such,
Then consumers can buy what they want and we will have no more nonsense as the sales will dictate what the buyer wants.
There is absolutely no way I would invest in agriculture and I have been in agriculture all my life.
The only things which consistently seems to make money are sex, drugs, banks and politicians.
I will leave it to chose should you be lucky enough to have that thing called profit.

Get Muddy

Suggest Vegans do a scrutiny of what is actually killed to provide them with their food.
Apart from food like carrots, lettuce etc itself knowing it is getting eaten, many animals are killed - birds, lizards etc
So since we don't live on air, all diets kill.
Your choice is whether you kill lots of small animals or a big one.
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Just where do you get your figures from Graham+/Anna? Comparing mango farmers to beef producers is pretty idiotic and you are just making a fool of yourself.
Read Phil Holmes report and it clearly says we are making losses (like 10 out of last 11 years) and not sustainable.
That is the reality.
Just when we were hoping to turn that around Joe and AA got busy.
Funny that.
Almost a plan - Step1 How to kill an industry .
Sceptic you ask what they are trying to achieve.
If LE is banned most of the Nth Au Beef industry disappears. It has been posting loses for at least 10 of last 11 years.
Only LE looks like making it viable.
What would remain will then kill the Au market as meatworks will only offer what they have to and they will have plenty of choice.
You as a farmer must know the importance of another market - especially an outside one not doing deals with their mates to organize the prices.
Suggest you go overseas and see for yourself so you actually know what you are talking about.
Barker, get some brains. MLA, using producers' money, has been spending millions on overseas welfare for years. Sure, they didn't cover every place. There was no listing of them to find. They found 860 and worked with them but the ones aired were unknown nightshift operators using the boxes provided for the day business but not trained like the day business workers. That is of course, if the videos were real and not paid for by AA. 12 nighshift operators out out of 860 business sites pretty good record, I reckon.
Au doesn't have a good record on animal cruelty either - look at the rabbit kill.
Vivkay etc you are a bunch of hypocrites.
How dare you point finger at farmers when your own history is full of horrific treatment to pets. 70,000 pets are killed ever year by rspca alone - not counting councils! These are thrown out of your loungerooms to starve on the streets or to escape to the bush where they kill out our beautiful Au wildlife.
Your history is a very dirty bloody one. Clean it up before you attack someone else. Especially when you haven't a clue what you are talking about.
That is the problem rgovett the ones doing the yelling/consumer are often ignorant.
You obviously don't know much about hens but you commented on that article highlights exactly what farmers are putting up with.
That is why we are trying to get consumers to see why we do what we do.
Consumers seem to think they are entitled to cheap food and farmers have been forced to provide that.
Label products correctly.
Then pay extra for what you want - there will be a market for people with money to spend and a market for people who have to seriously budget - eg aged pensioners.
Do you really think a hit on the head kills a pig?
Stun it yes kill no.
I hope the NFF puts the fighting fun money behind this and sues the pants off the Vic gov.
They have to start being responsible for their actions and pay for the devastation they have caused.
Just because we have a loony fringe doesn't mean people in authority should be following them.
If there isn't safeguards to prevent that then get them fast.
I though most SB only rented their place of business and came with water electricity sewage connected and a bitumen road out front.
That being so when a tap leaks they call the landlord. It's his problem.
Doesn't quite work like that for us
We pay huge rents + rates on what our country could possibly produce but then have to spend 100K/water, 2K/km fence etc etc to get it into production.
Prett y big difference
Hi Sam
Can you please let us know how much debt you have and how you purchased your farm?
And how big it is and whether it is viable by itself
Did you buy the family farm and if so with what terms?
If you don't own a farm can you please tell us when you are going to do so and how you are going to finance it?
Your article struck me that you actually have little idea of debt so that is why I am interested. I also wondered if you were trying to get an off farm income while onfarm and while there are many openings for some, it is limited to those who can make time available.

A matter of opinion

Pray tell me how can the farm package give relief?
It is only available to farmers who are deemed viable.
We are already overburdened with debt so who would be deemed viable enough to be given MORE debt?
The interest rate is marginally lower than bank rates and only available for a 5 years and this is supposed to save farmers.
You have to believe in fairies!
Are you real?
What help is asking us to borrow an extra $650,000 and getting cheaper interest for 5 YEARS only.
If you read the guidelines it is only available to those deemed viable in the future - what farm when already overloaded with debt is going to be deemed viable?
Who wants more debt when already overloaded?
It would be cheaper to administer a grant.

Burrs under my saddle

Totally agree - it could only happen in Ireland or Australia and even the Irish are more smarter than that.

Out of the shadow

I for one are heartily sick of the damage they are doing. However that could easily be changed by getting rid of the boss who is obviously not doing his job. Letting programs like 4Corners and QA run without any thought to national security or the good for Au is criminal


No worries Au underground water will soon be the same if they keep trying hard enough to kill it off too.
IF only we could move our farms o/s - be gone years ago.
One good thing Woolies do is to balance the cost of food in remote areas with the cost of food in large urban areas.
So Jetie if you are in the bush, your food transport costs may be getting subsidized by large towns. If Audi etc get going, this 'subsidy' will not exist and you will have to pay more for your food at the local Woolies.
Wow, what did it take to come to this realisation?
Has RSPCA not been getting much put in the till? Sounds like people have voted with their purses.
The sooner RSPCA is disbanded the better - just what have they achieved over 20yrs? Cats and dogs are still abandoned - RSPCA alone kills over 70,000 every year.
And they then have the hide to comment of LE without any understanding of the necessity of LE in Nth Au.
This is why caged egg production must be protected in Au.
We do not have handy neighbours to raid if Bird Flu kills out out hens.
Neither do our aged pensioners have the funds to pay for twice as expensive eggs.
Bushie didn't go far enough. No country including Australia can continue long term constant handout for the parasites of Au which are bleeding it dry by swallowing up over 1/3rd of the all revenue raised incl loans (so the gov can meet their payments!)
Welfare and social payments are pushing Au into a has been 3rd world country
The gov should be renewing developing assets. Instead $s go to this fat tick which take very little responsibility for their actions and positions but forever want more.
Business handouts are little compared to this enormous leech.
Yep none for one and none for all. Cut out all pensions other then the aged and really disabled. Get rid of the parasites of Au. They are bleeding Au dry. An while they are at it get rid of holidays for religious beliefs no longer upholded and the extra pay for Sundays etc.
Over 1/3rd of Au revenue including loans raised, is spent on welfare and social payouts enabling people to be irresponsible and not care about their situation or actions.
Au is going broke, we cannot afford this amt of welfare and social payouts.
With welfare and social payments taking more than 1/3 of all revenue raised, Australia is on a steep slope sliding into obscurity. If there is nothing being produced to make money, how long will roads, hospitals, etc last?
With welfare and social payments taking more than 1/3 of all revenue raised, Australia is on a steep slope sliding into obscurity. If there is nothing being produced to make money, how long will roads, hospitals, etc last?
How can any gov give much to any business when over 1/3 of all their revenue raised (inc loans) is spent on social and welfare payments.
What does Au get for all this money.
Do they get people being responsible for their position?
Do they get everyone trying to work?
Do they get people ripping this system off?
Compare how many single mothers were originally on welfare and compare how many now is on it. Why are taxpayers paying for consequences of someone's fun and irresponsibility. Why are taxpayers paying for people to get drug affected and use up medical aid and have to pay for own?


Eat meat and fat from pasture fed beef.
That way less likely to get any extras in your food. Far more likely to be being sickened/killed by the extras such as insecticides and herbicides than anything else
A peanut isn't a peanut anymore - especially if imported from China!
Dream on if you think our rangeland country can be planted to grain and get a crop.
Between the foraging birds+roos, the mineral deficient rocky virtually absent soil and only sufficient water for stock, you'd need miracles to get a grain crop harvested.
Natural for cattle, so eat meat.
Where are those AA's etc? Going to be interesting living on your diet in the future!
Eat a balanced diet - using organic meat raised with no poisons in a natural organic ecology with all it's trees, lizards and birds still alive.
Your diet all those original trees, birds and lizards were killed for you to eat grain!
This article shows you what the remaining surviving lot get!!
Still reckon your diet is so great? What do you reckon it is doing to YOU?


By the review it is just their argument put into a book and made out to be a impartial investigation.
Impartiality doesn't seem to exist anywhere as the hotel blog where it was launched has a pretty poor guernsey animal looking pitifully into the camera while laying on bare ground.
Just shows the bigotry
What a stupid idea.
As a NT inhabitor our NT needs all the help it can get to survive and it sure wouldn't survive if it was a state.
This is just some pollies ego trying to make himself infamous for making a stupid mistake.
Since rscpa and councils every year kill over 100,000 pets which have been thrown out of Au homes to starve or perish on Au streets, RSCPA can hardly be called successful in any way.
Cruelty has increased and rspca are the enablers.
They should be disbanded. Instead councils should responsible for getting rid of these abandoned pets and then maybe laws might be initiated in order to reduce such cruelty
The cruelty isn't reducing. Rscpa is just enabling it to be half hidden.
Another result from Joe's LE ban, the LP and our great AA terrorists.
Hope after this Au people can think there just could be consequences to your actions and remember one just can't publicly slap another countries face.
Might better just to be happy that we didn't end up with F&M or Rabies although that still might be ahead of us if people keep going.
Suggest they also start limiting the access to single parents pensions too - suggest that from 12mths on, you have to be 30 to be able to get it.
Otherwise if they don't want to work, Au will be paying even more out to those who go this way instead.
Good luck on filling the position. Luke did a great job and I know we will all miss him greatly.
He certainly made history by the solid platform he created.
Yep if there is none for one, should be none for all. When Au wheat can't be shipped when it should be, we need better harbour facilities along with better roads, dams, bridges, rails etc
Get rid of all those parasites sucking up more than 1/3 of all Au gov revenue raised.
Stop single mothers, and Austudy and dole and make people take responsibility for their situations and actions instead of enabling them not to.
Tell me about it - we live it.
How can Au afford good roads when 1/3 of all Gov revenue is spent on welfare and social payments
If we gave away1/3 of our revenue on our farms we would be broke.
If it helps, we found the 1080 did not work several years in our first baiting in the year allowing the breeding up of these animals.
We came to the conclusion that the 1080 was either out of date (if that is possible) or had been interfered with so it would not work.
Given that we have been using 1080 ever since it was available and are very exact on how and where we bait and have always taken note of the outcome of baiting, we could not believe that dogs suddenly became more smart.
Is 60 weaners lost over 3months in just 1 paddock alone acceptable?
Is 36 stud calves out of 50 born in one paddock acceptable loss?
I would like to see someone trying to survive on that.
Another article written by someone who obviously has his mouth open and doesn't know much.
But hey he got his 5mins of fame.


Wonder how many deaths from the excessive cadmium levels in the peanuts there will be in the future?
It is a preliminary warning that it is better to eat a mixed diet of meat and veges rather than be vegan - poison resistance weeds are growing as are viruses etc and are posing a huge problem outside physical problems such as dirt, water, production costs etc
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Totally agree with Ian Mott. Other countries - Israel to name one - use cheap Asian labour.
Without some sort of help au farmers are going to go broke.
And yes we did live cheap. Infact we still live cheap. It is called economic necessity. And before someone points a finger at so called big car suggest you
1. drive over our dirt road with ruts, roos and flooded creeks
2. take a staff with a broken leg etc to hospital - ambos take too long to even get there
3. cart what I cart home. We rarely go to town - as too expensive/time consuming/noone else to do our jobs at home
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A level playing field sounds great especially when these foreign companies are buying big in Australia and bringing in their own staff.
If anyone thinks it is going to be different they are away with the pixies.
Plenty workers will be bought in - will they be working for award rates? On paper maybe that will even happen - no fingers can get pointed if the paperwork actually is done!
But will the said worker go back home with all that amount he is supposed to?
The innocent and the ignorant and of course Bushie Bill says yes.
Anyone with two brains in their head say Get Real!
Is this another form of payback for gov stupidity?
We are already paying - they aren't getting the people who caused it.


Given than rscpa alone kills over 70,000 pets EVERY YEAR which have been abandoned by urbanites, there is an amazing amount of cruelty in our towns.
These animals have been family pets yet they are thrown out to survive in our land by decimating our wildlife or be found and killed by rscpa.
So all pointing fingers at farmers should look at your hand - there are 3 fingers pointers back to you.
Anyone else heartily bored by most of these comments? Fanatics never bother learning facts.
My best advise to Wilkie etc is get used to LE - nearly all of Au cattle are going to end up being LE unless Au foreign owned abattoirs decide to make less than their $5-800 profit/head. When cattle cost $350+ to kill in Au and $35 in Asia, you will be eating meat imported back to Au woolies/coles - that is if you are lucky and not get their local meat.
Well Chick one pig farmer was having open visits but they are already shut down because these people caused trouble then filmed the outcome when damage control had to be implemented.
So who is fair and who isn't?
Make sure you tell the 'want to know the truth' public that not only do free range sows kill their piglets by rolling and standing on their piglets, they also will eat them one or all.
And that any of the above will increase their costs of pork and watch them race into woolies and buy cheap overseas products with no health standards of Australian farmers.
Hey but they don't care about animals, just like the LE banners, they just want to kill the industry in Australia.
When the RSPCA can manage to stop dumping of unwanted cats and dogs in Au, I will listen to them.
They encourage cruelty as people know they will look after their pets.
Pay councils who make the laws for pets, to clean up this mess.
Disband RSPCA who are ignorantly interfering with business or RSPCA should work in the countries concerned to fix their perceived concerns at the place of happening.
Yep shame on this nation when rscpa can't even cope any more with number of abandoned pets thrown out of their own lounge room. This was an accident, a result of a climate heat wave which no doubt will kill many Aus people and animals.
Abandoned pets are deliberate act by people living in towns..
You have to be joking, farmers' friend! Just what does urbanites do with unwanted pets?
When rspca kill 70,000 every year and rehome many others, clearly there is a really big issue of Australian urbanites being cruel to their animals when they chose to dump them outside their homes.
The survivors of these dumped animals which go bush are killing our natural wildlife out.
Doesn't this mean anything to you? That Au is losing their wonderful wildlife.
Suggest you mind your own business as it isn't pretty is it?
There is no welfare issue in Au. We sell our cattle and if they chose not to kill them in a humane way then the welfare issue is not here in Au, it is clearly somewhere else. Go there and fix the problem.
If you are going to make us not sell to them because your feelings, then you have to pay for your feelings, not us.
However Wilkie is just wind blowing in the air and I will not be surprised if he doesn't also have a change of heart like other pollies when they actually learn some facts!
Holiday to the north paid by taxpayers!!
If WA is not already processing the sheep exported, then it is simply uneconomical for them to do so.
The question Mr Wilkie must then answer is who is going to pay the farmer enough money so we can exist or does he intend for most of the cattle/sheep stations disappear as they no longer can exist on the returns Au meatworks will be paying them?
Au meatworks will only pay farmers what they are force to do so.
That is the trading rule so they will not pay enough.
If he doesn't intend to kill off most of the sheep/cattle stations, what is his plan for giving us enough money to survive?


Where is the percentage with alcohol involved?
If a drunk adult takes a child on it and has a fatal accident, it has little to do with the bike
I'd like a one with the wheel on the right side so I can spray with my dominant right hand so it has NOT everything a farmer wants.
As most people are right handed, I think which ever company brings out one with the wheel on the right side will be the dominant seller in the market
Hope Lyn White and other AA's start reading about weed resistance.
Might make them realise that a balanced diet is safer for all concerned.
Think if they just reduced made one which does not travel fast, it would get rid of so many accident.
An employee etc gets out of sight and they just travel fast and faster and these bikes have engines which can drive them very fast.
If they put roll bars etc on them, that just makes the idiots go to higher levels.
However the fact remains that with income being stretched over ever increasing costs, quads are getting far more use as farmers try to reduce costs.
We supply helmets however picture how this works. Working at yards 30kms from station and plans change and bike needs to be used by 1 staff. Is his helmet there - no he has a big head.
Or bike needs to go on a job for 2 hours but then the staff of the bike needs to do job other than bike. Where is his sunhat?
Another staff turns up there and needs to do a job on the bike - where is his helmet?
End up having to drag along a trailer with every different size helmet on board or all staff don their helmets in the morning to wear all day whether they get to ride a bike or not.
Yep they - please note it is an overseas company - have just purchased 2 places in Central Queensland - Gowan and Cooinda. So that is 2 more places leaving Australian farmer hands.


Geez, Johnny, we haven't enough bullets!
Don't think we haven't tried! You see we thought we should keep bringing youth into the industry but eventually you get ideology bashed out of you.
Backpackers come with a desire to earn with a standard their money and stay the 3mths+.
4 types of employees - ones which look for jobs, does them, reports back; ones which asks for jobs; ones which stand waiting for jobs and ones which U have to find -physically, mentally, emotionally, to do a job. The last being the Au youth. No desire to produce for pay but they can drink, smoke and play.


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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