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Canberra Comment

Oh please Colin. Colour analogies are fine up to a point, but this goes way beyond that.
25/04/12 11:23 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Bob Phelps - Australia's longest serving Luddite and the best reason for not raising the pension age.
24/04/14 03:29 AM
You've got to start somewhere, Qlander. Why not see if you can negotiate a free flight agreement with your neighbour and jump off your roof?
14/04/14 02:05 AM
How do you think we'll increase productivity without it, Mug? Bet you've got no clue.
23/03/14 10:35 PM
Mel - so the EU base their decisions on science and ethics? But their own scientific committee said there wasn't a problem, so it much be based on ethics. The obvious question then is, whose ethics?
03/02/14 12:18 AM
Ted - I don't think you'd be happy unless every non-farmer in Australia handed over half their income to you and your mates. Even then you might whinge.
02/02/14 11:08 PM
CV - David is a politician, not a journalist. Like you, he can select his own facts.
02/02/14 11:06 PM
JJ, your premise is incorrect. Markets with government intervention always fail. Remember the Soviet Union?
06/01/14 10:37 PM
So all those abusing and disagreeing with David think the government should prop up non-viable farms? Hmm, let me see - I think there's a word for that. It's call socialism.
31/12/13 02:57 AM
The key point in this artice is "Policies that prop up small, inefficient farms and prevent this from occurring, and there are a number of them, are holding the industry back."
All the comments above seem to be arguing against something that isn't there.
23/12/13 11:04 AM
It sure sent Singapore broke, didn't it Wheatman. Not!
12/11/13 12:17 AM

Get Muddy

Excellent article. A shame not enough whinging twits will read it.
18/11/13 11:22 PM
"I like the flavour of a strong economy seasoned with the right amount of capitalism. But when ... I’m paying for it, I lose my appetite."
So you like a bit of socialism along with your capitalism, Sam? That's what you're saying.
And how exactly are you paying for it? Consumer prices are falling, not rising. The ones rising are due to capitalism being elbowed out of the way to support things like renewable energy.
19/08/13 11:50 PM
Well said Sam. Some clear thinking for a change.
Message to Richard and Cocky - if you can't cut it, get out. It's nobody else's fault.
08/07/13 11:44 PM
Some of those Kiwis farmers are coming here and buying land, which the locals are whinging about. Good luck to them I say.
24/06/13 11:56 PM
If you think consumers will change what they're buying just because it's got a label saying its grown in Australia, I've got a bridge to sell you in Sydney.
You should never believe your own propaganda.
19/06/13 01:56 AM

A matter of opinion

For those who don't believe this is massive risk, look at what's happened in the timber industry. h?v=9qNhR-AVhGk
10/04/14 06:11 AM
Mathew, the beef industry is already sustainable. It doesn't need WWF.
This is a trojan horse. Stay away.
10/04/14 04:43 AM
Two thirds of farmers are profitable Serf. The rest need to reconsider their future.
12/03/14 11:46 PM
Growers have no skin in this game. Grain Growers sold their share in Graincorp years ago.
When you sell a house, you can't tell the new owners what they are allowed to do with it.
14/11/13 10:56 PM
Why is this your business, or that of anyone who does not own the company?
Doesn't private property mean anything?
16/08/13 12:05 AM
It's none of the government's business. In fact, it's nobody's business apart from shareholders, and they've voted in favour.
Meddling in private property transactions has got to stop.
02/08/13 01:52 AM

The Iceberg Letters

Freedom includes the right to publish rot.
Freedom is also universal, not different in other parts of the globe.
And it's "incite", not insight.
Ed's note: Well spotted. Typo now corrected.
28/01/14 10:38 PM

Bush Matters

Barry knows as much about markets, especially free markets, as he knows about the sexual habits of a barbers pole worm.
13/06/14 12:14 PM


Here we go again.
Sugar industry = Socialist International
25/06/14 12:16 AM
You can't fool us with statistics. We know there are foreigners under the bed. They are right beside the reds.
19/06/14 11:45 PM
Meanwhile shareholders own less and less.
20/05/14 03:43 AM
They will be putting armed guards on the borders to prevent eggs being imported into California. And if that doesn't work, they'll have to nuke them.
29/04/14 11:57 PM
The ASA should be grateful Ruralco failed to purchase Elders. They would have missed out big time then.
25/03/14 10:38 PM
Meanwhile, we told ADM to shove its $250 million. Geniuses.
24/03/14 10:32 PM
I wonder if Repeal Day will be a one hit wonder. There's a lot more that needs to go, but will they?
23/03/14 11:40 PM
The Chinese are far too smart to eat organic food. They know it's just a religious cult.
17/03/14 10:43 PM
The Americans are winding back support for ethanol. It's a racket and time we did too.
11/02/14 12:05 AM
Landmark is in better shape than Elders. But that's not a lot of comfort.
22/01/14 11:51 PM


Go the ATO.
09/03/14 11:33 PM
Thank heavens not everyone in SA is a Luddite. I'm sick of my taxes propping up the place.
22/12/13 09:35 PM
Pools are just a form of socialism. Don't touch them.
12/11/13 12:19 AM
Bowed to consumer pressure?
Bob Phelps is a professional lobbyist who has spent his entire life trying to scare Australian consumers into rejecting GM food. He's a failure, but his counterparts in Europe have been more successful.
22/07/13 12:01 AM
Where to we find the research proving non-GM food is safe, Denis? In the absence of such proof, I hope you don't eat it.
18/07/13 11:39 PM
The Europeans are using non-GM canola to produce biodiesel, including what they buy from Australia. No wonder they're going broke.
No need for us to be that stupid.
26/06/13 11:58 PM
The law is a lot more sensible than some of the people here.
The organic industry tries to take over, but private property wins.
19/06/13 11:32 PM
And if there has to be a choice between coal and irrigated cotton, like to guess which one loses?
You can't eat cotton any more than coal.
07/05/13 03:21 AM
GPA should be defending the industry, not negotiating the terms of a surrender.
And I bet WWF has its fingerprints on this somewhere.
16/04/13 12:32 AM
Nice to see a bloke having a go. No doubt government bureaucrats will come and stuff it up.
24/02/13 10:36 PM


Socialists are often good at baffling the masses with verbal gymnastics while finding ways to spend their money.
31/12/14 03:33 AM
The agrarian socialists' days are numbered.
The Nationals are almost as economically dumb as the Greens.
26/08/13 12:40 AM
Go Ron. Excellent stuff.
10/05/14 01:07 AM
This is no different from what Coles is doing with cattle HGPs and sow stalls. Confusing the public with non-scientific drivel.
I hope Coles now realise others can play that game, not necessarily to their advantage.
09/08/12 11:58 PM
The only thing that's certain is rising CO2 levels. Temperature changes are too small, with too much statistical error, to be confident of a trend.
Rising CO2 is not necessarily a problem. Only the computer models, which contain a lot of human assumptions, are saying it is.
15/03/12 01:22 AM
Patrick Francis doesn't know what he's talking about. And the Indonesians don't think we have any right to wag our finger at them. It's a big country and we're not, and they can buy cattle from other countries.
Keeping our cattle home will send the pastoral industry broke and it won't help reduce cruelty in Indonesia. Francis' proposal is no better than the sand approach he accuses MLA of.
02/06/11 01:54 AM
Primesafe sounds like a rogue agency. They are the ones who capriciously closed down that piggery due to one or two employees. They lost that one too, but it was too late for the piggery.
29/07/13 01:04 AM
What a crock. Coles and Woolworths the consumers friend? Pull the other one.
02/05/13 02:50 AM
Don't give up your independence Jock. Being a National Party MP means you can't say boo to a goose without permission. And there are a lot of geese who'll try to tell you what you can say.
22/04/13 12:49 AM
Those people in NSW who stopped CSG won't be laughing when the price goes through the roof due to lack of supply.
23/01/13 03:14 AM


If it's cheaper or better quality, I'll buy it wherever it comes from.
27/08/13 12:11 AM
I wouldn't mind the organic industry if it wasn't for the fact that they tell a few fibs. It's a belief system with no science to back it up, so quit pretending.
24/02/13 11:43 PM
Ausveg is just using disease risks to promote protectionism. They aren't good enough to compete with the Kiwis so they want to hide behind the government's skirts and call it biosecurity. Weak as.
18/04/11 11:23 PM
If scary stories about fire blight can't keep out the filthy foreigners, I'm sure someone will think of something else that's equally scary. The last thing we want is cheap apples coming in.
16/06/10 12:02 AM


Ah, spending other people's money. Stopping that is like pushing it uphill with a broom.
07/10/12 10:39 PM
The nanny state looms large. Your choices are irrelevant - the government knows what's best.
06/07/11 01:03 AM
Get out now, Pedro, before you go broke. There's plenty who can afford to buy these machines and they'd also like to buy your farm.
23/03/10 10:46 PM


Oh dear, now American teachers will be growing food on our land.
What right have they got to eat?
30/05/12 02:04 AM
Next these foreign buyers will be taking the farms back to their own countries. It's appalling.
28/09/10 11:45 PM


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