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Get Muddy

Great advice.... get help as soon as you can... there is nothing wrong with taking a little medication to sort out an overstressed brain....
28/10/13 11:12 PM

A matter of opinion

Archibold is correct. I have seen all sides of the state farming bodies , have fought them in the wool industry for the last ten years. They represent virtually no one, and always jump on any perch offered and squark the party line from who ever pays them, usually via levies via some hidden back door scheme…
14/03/14 09:00 AM
This is what politicians are supposed to do, represent their constituents. Farming lobby groups seem more interested in their own financial preservation more than anything else.
13/03/14 01:24 AM
The NFF wouldnt have a clue what year it is, let alone any statistical fact.
18/02/14 10:24 AM
Agree with slander.. are we serious about farming or do are we taken for granted. There is no doubt that a new political party purely supporting all farming would be successful.
28/10/13 11:14 PM


Excellent to see this… well done Andrew
25/03/14 06:07 AM
Great new and well done Tony and Barnaby… keep going and keep trimming down these mountains of ridiculous legislation..
21/03/14 05:55 PM
well put p farmer. Successive Aussie governments had saddled all productive sectors with huge costs that can not be passed on... what is the answer?
10/02/14 04:56 AM
Hey "Logic", why not come out of the closet and tell us your real name or are you ashamed that you are a NFF supporter?
11/12/13 10:38 AM
Duncan, are you saying that you are no longer a member of NFF?
11/12/13 01:31 AM
Brilliant moves by Barnaby. Very welcome news indeed.
10/12/13 10:07 PM
Duncan Fraser, I haven't met you nor do I know who you are, so I am going to make this clear. You do not represent me nor the majority of farmers. Your current president even supported the 2010 proposed ban on mulesing just to put in perspective how really hopeless the NFF really is.
10/12/13 07:37 AM
Brilliant initiative proposed by Barnaby. Farming's only hope is tax reform, as no one can make it rain nor influence world commodity prices.
09/12/13 02:16 AM
MEDIA RELEASE 23 June, 2009
Mulesing phase-out on track, but market must back industry
Following recent conflicting statements about when mulesing will cease in Australia, AgForce Sheep & Wool president Brent Finlay has confirmed Queensland producers are on track to phase-out the practice by the end of 2010.
18/11/13 06:18 AM
Well done Angus. Much more scrutiny needed here with ADM.
10/11/13 11:10 PM


And really, how is this a "news item". Some guy has resigned is clearly upset that his comfort zone has been upset, so he has a go at the minister. So what? She is not under fire from anyone except a man who whose snout is out of joint.
14/03/14 09:04 AM
Fiona Nash has done the right thing getting rid of this nonsense department. My suggestion is to sack more and close more Labor born departments, as they are virtually useless and provide no positive benefit except to themselves.
13/03/14 01:21 AM
N. Vic, why not be brave and tell us who you are ? The planet climate has been changing for millions of years, from heat to ice on a regular cycle, well before homo sapiens arrived.
12/03/14 01:15 AM
Sorry Matthew, most of the "experts" so far have really no idea what is happening to the planet, now realising its even too hard to predict the weather next week.
01/03/14 01:58 PM
How small brained are Labor for making this an issue. If people are concerned about the food they eat, just eat fresh fruit and vegies, with free range beef, lamb or chicken. How simple is that.
27/02/14 11:19 PM
What is wrong with Aussie journalists? Do they just love tearing down anyone and everything?Fiona Nash and her chief of staff have been doing a great job, yet thats not reported for some reason.
14/02/14 09:55 PM
Qlander is right. It is refreshing to hear someone admit that there are wonderous things happening on this planet, that many fail to understand, but can still marvel at its complexity...
03/02/14 12:03 PM
GFA, thanks for your kind comments. Over the past 5 years, I have dealt with the SFO's and NFF on several key industry issues... virtually all of them are trying to use their position as a political stepping stone into parliament... rarely do they step outside their comfort zone and never have they achieved anything tangible except try and convince their members they r doing a good job. The exception was Jock Laurie, who was outstanding and genuine. The rest are just a product of poorly educated "group think" sadly... I wish it was better, but the reality is that droves have left the NFF..
31/01/14 04:34 AM
Hard to argue with Ted. NFF is an irrelevance, its "leadership" so out of touch with on farm reality...
30/01/14 11:36 AM
A great choice by the PM. Fiona is the right person for this.
15/11/13 10:20 PM


Well done Barnaby. Less red tape, less interference from these people who have nothing better to do except cause farmers stress...
10/11/13 01:51 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Very proud of my daughter and all those who are helping with this issue. Many thanks to Sally White and Fairfax team.
11/12/13 11:37 PM


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