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Get Muddy

The Government has regulated the top end of the meat industry, and farmers operate in a regulated "free trade zone" at the bottom, getting paid the same real terms prices as the $50's. I just wish the government would mind their own business, its either full regulation with fixed livestock prices or complete deregulation , not the halfway house destroying farms and farmers.

A matter of opinion

Chick, Well said, politicians like to say the "industry" (our supposed lobby groups, more and more paid for by levies and government) agreed to whatever draconian legislation regulation etc they want sold to us. We must get back to democratic representation and fast if we want to survive!!

Burrs under my saddle

Geronimo, where did I suggest assistance should be provided to convert desert to farmland? I was making the point that the high cost environment in Australia plus the lack of water and nutrients will mean less and less land will be suitable for farming unless the profitability of farming increases to compensate, this is unlikely if we have to continue to sell produce on a level playing field, that isn't level at all.
Dugong is a dreamer, this continent is one of the driest in the world and it's soils are the oldest and the most depleted of nutrients like P. It costs substantial money to make prime farmland from desert without natural nutrients. It's far cheaper to go OS to find good soils with water that don't need all the expensive inputs required here in Australia! If we must operate on a level playing field,that field needs to consider the cost imposts here in Australia for agriculture to grow and prosper!
My goodness, so let's stop importing food, the result would be we don't have enough to feed Australia!! In reality if we couldn't import food many would soon wake up they farmers can no longer be ignored, mistreated and paid too little for their efforts!
Jock, You are kidding, the Nationals could hold the balance of power, but they don't, and they don't use their real power for ther supporters benefit. Why would we give more power to the Nationals who don 't use it! that is exactly why their support is declining and voters are drifting away
Peter, many who have read documents about northern development agree with you. Like you it would appear that any develment will be for foreign entities while the majority struggle on with land tenure (leases) that illuminates any chance of development because the development is on government land and eventually a loss to the leaseholder.
In many other things government do they gve the perception of help, but behind the scenes are the major brake on the well being of Australia and Australians

Bush Matters

Well said Angry, however levies prop up government departments and fund the government prescribed bodies that are supposed to represent farmers. Its called Communism!! Political parties in Australia need to get real with their names; I can suggest a few, the Country Communist party, the National Communist Party; all they need do is be truthful about their policies and beliefs so everyone can see what they are!!
What rubbish. This is leasehold land owned by the State under Socialist rules. Any private enterprise or overseas business, State or private had better remember this. The land and whatever you attach to it belongs to government in the long term, this is why development lacks in the north, not much else matters.

Out of the shadow

So Joel, Labor did not support the LDP And Liberal recommendations for the last Senate Inquiry because there was no political gain for Labor. So basically your party is not about governing and reforming past mistakes when the opportunity arises, but stopping reform because it is not in your parties interest, what a disgrace!! In case you hadn't noticed Joyce is doing bugger all irrespective of Senate recommendations anyway, what a joke we have for government in Australia!
I'm appalled at Labor's lack of support of the second senate inquiry into agricultural levies. because there was no political gain Labor dissented from the Libs and LDP. What an absolute disgrace for a party with aspirations to run the country. it's all about "me" not the good government of Australia. I repeat Labor is an absolute disgrace when they act like this!


Longview, Correct
Qlander, dead right these are not free trade agreements. They are biased trade agreements pushing Australia into selling its sovereignty
Red tape, regulation etc has strangled many things in Australia. Abbott promised to get rid of it, but instead introduced more. Why should mining be immune to what is killing the country!
Joyce seems to be trying to grab the limelight to counteract his absolutely abysmal performance in adopting the bipartisan Senate recommendations from the grass fed cattle inquiry. Can't believe he would commit all that money for a Senate Inquiry and then do a little as possible in adopting the recommendations.
OK John, Surprise me, which party stands up for agriculture in practice. The answer I have is not the Nationals!
It is fast approaching a time when the Nationals either vote against the Liberals in parliament, to protect agriculture, or they will be doomed to the dust bin by their "agreement" with the Liberals!!
No Angry, what should happen is that the ATO should collect the levies (on the BAS) if we have to have them. Instead I think we have an Agricultural Department scrambling to keep their hands on , and control billions of what are actually taxes!! Shouldn't be allowed!!
One vital question, if Minister Joyce does nothing will the Senate support disallowance motions to bring the whole unrepresentative lot down?
I suspect if the government continue to ignore these recommendations supported by literally thousands of grass fed cattle producers then it will be reflected in future elections in particular against the Nationals whom created the red meat industry farce in 1997 (John Anderson) and now have the power to fix it in Barnaby Joyce. I'd go even further, no action, means basically our Australian democracy is dead and Senate Inquiries are a waste of taxpayers money!!
It is difficult to understand Australian government, they want development in the north, however it is mostly leasehold land. As a result leaseholders can't develop or diversify because they will loose ownership of the development and any diversified business that is outside the grazing lease. So nothing happens and government can't unstandardised why development doesn't occur. If the land tenure was freehold or better then development would move ahead. the existing leasehold tenure just stifles development, maybe gov will wake up soon


Barcoo, no wonder it was so big; its a wonder it didn't explode with all that poo inside resulting from being "unable to go to the toilet". Are these people serious with their comments?? No that's the problem it couldn't find a toilet and was "hanging on" until it found one!!
No doubt being able to say your married like a male/female marriage will cut the gay divorce rate in the bush?? I won't be voting National, so they'll be pleased about that! Few are thinking about the effect of these changes on humanity itself.
Jacky, shotguns are used by licensed hunters for game bird hunting and for feral animal control on farms with permission in most cases, many of these are not farmers and are the general public. Banning this single weapon will have no affect on trespass for hunting, this activity is not gun specific.
Wrong approach , dissolve all states and territories and achieve a beneficial reduction in the excessive government in
You have to question politicians motives. here we have a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. It appears Ludwig has no idea he is at a minimum worse than the incumbents!! We have to stop voting for both the majors if we want change, more of the same is not the answer!
Peter, You miss the point, there are minimal voters in the country where farmers are, as a result it won't matter whom is in power, as a farmer we wil always get second rate treatment from politicians. Voting for any major party will never improve a farmers lot!
Newbroom, we did and ASIC panicked referring it to the Minister whom did nothing. MLA is a public authority not a Corporation. Do a bit or research and see what you find, it is not a Corporation, tell me whom the individual shareholders are?
What a one sided article. Industry is government and the Ag Dept should relinquish the collection of these taxes to the ATO, via Bas statements that could create the register for levy payer voting on levy requirements , R&D etc. These levies have to be the biggest tax collection system without representation, that there is in the world and government knows it and wishes to maintain control of the millions collected for
Little or no benefit to the levy payer. In effect this is a socialist system collecting taxes and the tax payer cannot vote the lot out of existence if they even wished to.
Ah Larry, I see it now it's not about renewables , to control the climate (an impossibilty without return to the dark ages) it's about saving farm land from coal mining, two separate but linked subjects. In reality agricultural machinery has no option but to use fossil fuels, unless of course food manufacturing is diverted to fuel production.
Oh MY!! And what pray tell do non fossil fuel tractors look like, are they powered by little nuclear reactors or do they have a few solar panels on them??


Why would farmers at farmers' market gain anything from the wasteful expenditure of levies. They grow the crop and sell it to the end using doing their own marketing. What a furphy!!
There are very few getting a free ride from levies, except bureaucracies and recipients of R&D levy funds and government contributions. It's government which controls income and profitability by their policies, levy expenditure on R&D and marketing has not provided increased returns and profitability to grass fed livestock producers for decades. In fact it is a ride that costs dearly for no additional benefit! This is exactly why the bureaucracies and government shy away from a referendum of the levy payers to confirm the majority want to pay levies for negative return. Fear of democracy!


RSPCA has become the government enforcer in relation to animal welfare and they should never have this role. They are selective in their actions and just a money making machine destroying peoples lives. If they cared as much for people as they make out they care for animals they would be a better organisation.
More of the same from Joyce; no action on the bipartisan Senate recommendations to fold the socialist Red Meat Advisory Council. the government prescribed body under government control with the job of controlling the farmers via taxation without representation (levies)
Angry you are greedy, Nullabor Nymph control for $ 1.35m seems a bit over the top! however you are getting the hang of being a typical bureaucrat.


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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