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Going by the irrational responses to Colin Bettle's factual claim that 'anti gm hysteria is hurting agriculture' I can only advise Colin to note this observation;'your role in life is not to be on the side of the majority but to avoid finding yourself in the ranks of the insane' As of est 8am today the 3billionth,580milionth,393thousan dth and 584th acre of gm crop has been harvested.(3,580,393,584).All of this production has been achieved without a single adverse environmental or health outcome. No wonder the 'Greens' don't want to accept responsibility for the harm they impose on Aussie ag
14/10/13 02:50 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

If the responses to David's article were a genuine reflection of farmer's views, then I despair.Its simple.The farmer owns his land.He should be able to sell to whomever he desires.That Barnaby Joyce and other grandstanding politicians want to prevent the farmer maximising his opportunities just reveals the thieving nature of the political classes.
05/04/15 12:02 PM
CBH's only business strategy is to hide behind statutory privileges,in this case exemption from Competition law that applies to every other legacy port terminal operator and thereby restrict competition for the purchase of grain in WA. CBH was forced to withdraw its latest shipping allocation plan as it was clearly designed to drive grain buyers from WA.THat WA federal politicians got their heads together with the Barnaby Joyce to grant CBH a privilege at the cost of lower prices for grain farmers,doesn't make it collectivism, its out right corruption and cronyism. The PGA have this one right
17/09/14 01:45 AM
TFO you are to be commended for your very astute observation that govt meddling in the economy invites more govt meddling to try and repair the unintended but damaging consequences of the previous meddling.This is why that in the end uninterrupted interventionism leads to full blown socialism. Such is the history of Germany between the wars or Argentina since the beginning of the 20 th century.If you are on a sinking boat bashing another hole in it is not the answer.Likewise more meddling is not the answer to the problems created by previous meddling.
09/07/14 03:47 AM
N.VIC,so you mean Mao,Hirohito and Hitler propelled their countries to wealth ,prosperity and happiness via careful govt 'meddling' or was it their immediate successors, such as Deng Xao Ping,who allowed their citizens the freedom to own private property and trade it? The more the government meddles in the economy the worse it becomes. There are no counter examples including yours.
08/07/14 07:22 AM
WTF, Mises had nothing to say about govt backed business investment? Only if you don't count thousands of insights in over 20 books and hundreds of papers and an entire lifetime dedicated to explaining it. Here it is in a nutshell; govt investment doesn't work. Every day experience demonstrates that it doesn't work. It is why QSL needs monopoly protection to compete. Mises greatest insight was that it can't even work in theory because the govt doesn't have the means, even with the best intentions, to allocate resources to their highest value use.The means are free market prices.
07/07/14 01:22 AM
This was an 11 day trial and no evidence was produced to show that organic foods are superior in any way.From the judgement p51 par 235 "I point out at this trial there was no empirical evidence presented to me about any such benefits in organically grown produce-other than possibly higher prices it might achieve when sold on a labelled basis".Further p68 par 326"…it has not been shown from any evidence led at this trial that GM canola per se is in any way physically dangerous or injurious to persons,animals or to property". Surely if any such evidence existed it would have been tabled?
03/06/14 04:26 AM
Whenever we visit the city we notice that the isles and tills at Coles and Woolies stores are always busy with customers.They all seem to be there voluntarily.If its true that no one is holding a gun to the heads of customers forcing them to shop there, then each of them must think that they are better off after their purchasers than beforehand .Resentful farmers could learn something from Coles and Woolies.The final purpose of all production is consumption.Its about pleasing the consumer not the producer.A producer of any good or service who forgets this is destined to be an ex producer.
05/05/14 04:10 AM
Stockman, David has no aspiration to run the country as he does not believe anyone person, committee, cabinet or any other group of masterminds can ever replace the knowledge that exists in the free market. David advocates devolving decision making back to those who are have the greatest incentive to get decisions right (profit) and the disincentive(losses) to get them wrong. Secure property rights are necessary for price signals to accurately direct individuals' plans and actions. Government plans fail 100% of the time. Its not a question of plan or no plan; its whose plan.
29/04/14 03:14 AM
This case is not about contamination, a fact conceded by Slater and Gordon who have declined to provide a single piece of evidence backing the claim that gm canola is harmful to health or the environment.Instead this case revolves around the reasonableness of the organic standards and it appears that the standards are so unreasonable that not even the organic certifiers themselves understand them enough to explain them without getting caught in a tangle of contradictions.Indeed Mr Marsh appears to have been unjustly decertified and is unfortunately seeking damages from the wrong party.
17/02/14 08:30 AM
If all farmers thought in a business like way, as BF does ,and evaluated forced contributions to industry schemes according to results there would be a lot more common ground,opportunity and success in agriculture.However it appears we are condemned by the mob to looking to the likes of Barnaby Joyce for salvation instead of our own efforts. As long as we all go broke together most of the commenters that criticise David will be happy.BF understates the impact of a non performing levy of 0.5% because it is a tax on his gross which will have a savage impact on his net,in the order of 10-20 %.
20/01/14 12:11 PM

Get Muddy

Bravo Sam. Someone has to confront the nonsense that someone other than the willing borrower is responsible for the servicing of his debt. Unlike the asset price which can fluctuate,the debt is rock solid and if it can't be serviced it represents a loss which has to be taken by someone. Who better than the person who incurred the debt? Many farmers have been in perilous financial circumstances. Very few have got out of the hole by believing that someone else should take their losses. They begin by facing the cold, hard and distressing facts and taking the actions necessary to salvage what they can.
17/12/14 09:48 AM
Farmers are always shooting themselves in the feet by asking politicians to interfere in the market usually by restricting farmers choices to the politically approved ones.In the end it fails 100% of the time.Its not the consumers who need educating,after all consumers who prefer milk at $1 a litter to milk at $2 a litre are displaying excellent judgement.It's the farmer who thinks that he should still control the fate of a product long after he has relinquished ownership who needs the eduction.The sole purpose of production is consumption.Farmers have no difficulty with this when they buy.
19/11/13 07:03 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Individual farmers are not owed a living according to Peter Mailer, a concession that will bring great relief to those who would be obligated to pay.Then alas comes the kicker;The 'sector' as a whole is owed a living by society.Peter shines no light on how he proposes to subsidise the 'sector' without imposing on unwilling members of society to contribute to his master plan or how those funds won't end up in the hands of the individuals comprising the 'sector' and not owed a living.What he does shine a light on is his disdain for voluntary exchange in the free market.He advocates socialism.
04/05/14 04:25 AM


Mr Newman's figure that PGA members produce 3% of the grain is a revision of an earlier figure of 6%. It implies precision that CBH could not possibly have unless CBH was searching their data base for the production levels of shareholders that they have identified as PGA members. It would be hard to estimate the number of laws that they are breaking by this process let alone their own constitution. For these reasons many PGA members are careful not to make it known that they support the PGA with membership or in principle. Those that haven't and don't want the aggro should follow the example.
21/12/14 07:46 AM
True, the AFL has made enormous strides financially since it has eliminated the competition from state leagues by making them dependant on the AFL. But who is the AFL dependant on - Government, especially Big Government. The average Joe can't afford to go to the footy, even though his taxes underwrite a large component of AfL expenses like stadiums. The WA govt is spending nearly a billion on a stadium in Perth while essential services like hospitals are neglected. The players economic freedom is restrained by the draft.
18/11/14 09:48 AM
Sod Buster should get into the journalism game.In a few words he has covered the story that the professionals seem to have a missed.China's going to cap emissions, but not until 2030, perhaps.Its a meaningless agreement designed to deceive the wilfully blind.The one emission that China will not try to limit is co2. Its plant food. Free fertiliser for crops. Asian countries are already well advanced in developing crop varieties that will thrive on more co2 in the air. . They're going to have to help themselves. The ruling elite here want to banish co2 from the atmosphere.It causes bad weather
13/11/14 03:12 AM
Reality always prevails over illusion at the end of the day.Agriculture is a profit and loss business governed by the balance sheet. Yet Australian agricultural policy is determined by crude political criteria that assume there is no cost to defying the market.The AFI study is correct in its conclusion.Every year that goes by Australian agriculture is relatively contracting.Like a thief in the night the natural potential of agriculture in this country is being stolen by politicians and government.
13/11/14 02:30 AM
Ted O'Brien, and sympathisers, why would I need to refer to SMH reports or the Volker inquiry when Australia had its own Royal Commission known as the Cole Inquiry?It was an inquiry into Australia's biggest ever foreign bribery scandal.True it only looked at companies, giving the Howard Government a free pass, but the transcript and findings were damning.Alia had no trucks because its business was not trucking but channelling fraudulently obtained monies back to the Hussein regime.The Alia surcharge was 10-14% of the value of the wheat.Alia skimmed a small%, Hussein got the balance.Case closed
10/10/14 09:39 AM
I do fail, WTF,to see how robbing an aid programme and transferring the proceeds to Saddam Hussein could be construed as a humanitarian initiative.Now HYDEN is certain that that the prosecution of AWB was all a conspiracy by the multinational grain traders to get at AWB ,when it was the another government monopoly trader the Canadian Wheat Board that was first and loudest in the criticism of AWB's corrupt conduct. Evidence of AWB's conduct only emerged after the invasion of Iraq and documents were discovered in the Iraqi government archive. What next?AWB committed fraud for our own good.
10/10/14 04:21 AM
Jock,EJ,Percy,Wtf and other like minded revisionists can have their own theories but they can't have their own facts.For example, contrary to EJ's false claims, the other multinational traders couldn't have been doing the same things regarding wheat imports into Iraq, even if they wanted to ,because AWB was Saddam Hussein's preferred and exclusive business partner.Between them, this charming partnership defrauded the UN aid programme of about about $300 million .That is, aid money intended to relieve the suffering victims of Hussein's tyranny was instead diverted to their tormentor.
10/10/14 01:12 AM
Just finished checking today's bids Jock.There were more than 20 operators all prepared to pay cash for my export grain. Now if I decide to sell how, should I describe the counter-party, as you don't seem to think they are buyers? According to your observations they have got scarcer than hens teeth since deregulation wiped them out. May be they're 'unbuyers', but however you like to describe them I sure like all the lovely money they send me in exchange for my grain. Having lots of money and no wheat, I have found, is a lot better than loads of wheat and no money. Got to go, more selling to do.
16/09/14 07:31 AM
According to Gecko a compulsory levy on a farmer's gross income is a 'structured arrangement' which D.L. is white anting.But if the levy is delivering no net benefits and its consuming 20% + of a farmer's net income ,if he is making a net at all,then shouldn't the 'structured arrangement' be reviewed from time to time? Or do we have it wrong?Should the business of agriculture be to prop up 'structured arrangements' at the negligible cost of going broke if the farmer can't handle the burden?Give us break.Better still give us a choice.Its the only way to make the parasites honest.
04/09/14 08:53 AM
'An integrated holistic approach' as advocated by Ms Kyte is a euphemism for taking decision making power away from producers and businesses involved in the production and distribution of food and concentrating that power in the hands of the governing elite.A governing elite consisting of people just like…... Ms Kyte. Its not as though this hasn't been tried before, often with disastrous results such as the famines in China and the USSR. The source of the alleged food shortage, catastrophic climate change, is a convenient fiction designed to con politicians into adopting destructive policies.
01/09/14 06:43 AM


How wrong could you be' Ranger'. There is only one reason why the barriers to access to gm technology have been broken down in WA and thats the PGA of WA.They didn't wait for the approval of the collective or to negotiate a consensus with less than convinced equivocal nervous nellies.What they did was saw the right thing to do and did it and the devil take the hindmost.
24/03/15 03:12 AM
Its not farmers who need adopt new practices to deal with the horrifying predictions of the government soothsayers. Its the soothsayers who need to adopt the scientific method. They could start by abandoning their absurd climate models and base their findings on real world observations. There has been no statistically significant warming for 18 years, a warming standstill missed by every climate model including the 40 cited here. Not only were all the models wrong they were all wrong in the wrong direction, indicating that a warming bias is built into the models just like the infamous hockey stick.
02/02/15 03:44 AM
Genazzano has slipped up here. DDT is one of the safest chemicals ever created. A professor of biochemistry in the UK was so distraught at the senseless ban of DDT, which he knew would cost hundreds of millions of lives (it is still doing so to this day), that before every lecture for twenty years he consumed a teaspoon of DDT in front of the class. That's putting your money where your mouth is. Now if only genazzano could put the facts ahead of his prejudices, that really would be something.
01/12/14 07:33 AM
How do Jock and the other agrarian grudge economists reconcile their claims that a Port Adelaide price of $60 /ton over Chicago is somehow bad value in the absence of a drought? Numbers mean things that matter to profit and loss businesses such as farming.This particular number is telling farmers that the trade wants their grain now. If producers wait until some distant utopian future where the rules of supply and demand have been extinguished and that only exists in the dreams of farmers like Jock then you shall not be long in the ranks of the grain producers. Stuff J.M, sell and be damned.
25/09/14 03:31 AM
Barnaby Joyce has just granted CBH a license to run a quasi monopoly with advance dispensation from the Trade Practises Act for monopolistic behaviour and pricing.CBH should be well satisfied with the millions they have spent buying off politicians.This isn't going to end as well as some farmers think.
24/09/14 05:24 AM
The Nats in the east have rolled the weak Liberals .If their is no division between the East and W.A. Liberals ,then it means that the WA Liberals have betrayed their constituents once again.Even St Peter only got three chances.The compromise of giving CBH an exemption from the law that every other participant is bound by, is the solution from hell.CBH really does have a close to a monopoly position in W.A.. Even after Bunge establishes its position CBH will still control 95% of the exports.CBH lost a 3 year case(April2013 ) before the Competition Tribunal for anticompetitive conduct.
08/09/14 01:48 AM
Its a risky business following John from Tamworth and Deregul8 down the rabbit hole of agrarian grudge economics, but how can anyone claim that additional investment is exploitation of the poor downtrodden grain cocky?If Bunge gets it wrong and loses their money and continues to lose money ,they go broke.The business gets closed.There is less competition in the provision of services and less competition for the accumulation of grain.These are all bad outcomes for growers, socialist dreamers included.If Bunge have correctly guessed that their investment is profitable then everyone benefits.
24/08/14 03:47 AM
It will come as a surprise to nearly all growers/levy payers that they have been 'calling for a review'.Instead, the GRDC has selected a bought and paid for consultancy to produce a recommendation that the tight group of controlling cronies within the the GRDC has already decided upon.Not very useful at producing out- comes that contributors would voluntarily pay for ,the cronies are sensational at avoiding accountability and feathering their own nests.Here they are at their worst.Name any field where a structural change like this would be undertaken without a full forensic audit as a start?
11/08/14 06:32 AM
"We're looking for something thats low cost and industry driven" and ….compulsory.Thats so the VFF can shift the losses onto everyone even onto those who might bypass a higher offer because they think its too good to be true .If its such a good idea why doesn't the VFF have the insurance underwritten voluntarily by its supporters? That way it would be easier to organise a round robin taking chances with dodgy payers.The VFF's resentment of commerce is on display again.Someone else has to pay for their bad decisions.Farmers not prepared to be responsible for their own decisions deserve to lose
06/08/14 09:07 AM
Boris is onto this kite flying exercise. GIWA is testing the waters to see how much grower resistance there will be to these plans to introduce more controls regulation and costs into the production of grain in WA. Of course they don't put it that way. Instead they create a problem where none exists, paint scary scenarios about its consequences and then offer up solutions. Without exception to the extent that these issues exist they can all be resolved by standard commercial processes.There is no shortage of regulation or levies.
25/07/14 01:33 AM


Genazzono, VitaminA fortified rice is not a Monsanto product.Furthermore the European developers of the technology have donated it to plant breeders who wish to incorporate the Vitamin A trait into their breeding programmes.Its all very well for you to pontificate about obtaining Vitamin A from other sources but it won't stop millions suffering and 500,000 children going blind every year because of Vitamin A deficiency.The blind will not be able to read about your noble contribution to their welfare,but they sure will appreciate hearing about your heads up concerning Monsanto .
09/10/14 07:48 AM
What a weird metric the WDC aspires to. Measuring their vision of the future by gross product is like trying to build a five storey office block without foundations. If its just a question of visions, why not just double the GRP every 6 months? And why is the WDC vision superior to any else's vision? Because they have used group manipulation tactics to get a consensus maybe? An enterprising farmer who minds his own business and concentrates on improving it by attending to sound business and farming practices will do more for the wheat belt than 100's of these world improvers and their visions.
13/09/14 07:55 AM
  El Nino 'on hold' 12 Comments 12
Another failed forecast by the BOM gets the kid gloves treatment. The strong El Nino isn't on 'hold', it just isn't there. The truth is the BOM can only skilfully forecast an El Nino in hindsight which defeats the purpose of a forecast. But they get a lot of good publicity for their global warming cause by offering up, the by now, routine scary scenarios arising from all the bad weather the presence of trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes. When the abnormal bad weather fails to materialise the BOM tortures the historical and current weather records into compliance.
16/07/14 03:06 AM
Senator Dean Smith's insight that last year's controversy over the campaign by the National Party and S.F.O's, and opposition to the ADM takeover now, is a continuing campaign to restore political control of the wheat industry to the National Party and it's favourite cronies in the S.F.O's, is perceptive. With the WEA gone,stopping the ADM takeover is the last roll of the dice for the agrarian socialists.That the Liberals are finding this a difficult decision shows that too many Liberal politicians are there for the wrong reasons.Unlike Dean Smith who recognises what free enterprise means.
16/11/13 05:19 AM
Thats right MikeHaseler .The co2 catastrophic global warming theory based entirely on climate models that have no skill beyond 10 days has been shredded by observational evidence and the crooks from the climate change mafia including the CSIRO,doubledown. They are even more certain now.Certainty that implies worse droughts and floods for Australia ,where as before they they could only see the anthropogenic fingerprint in everlasting droughts. Rain inconveniently breaks the dry so floods are thrown in the mix to cover all contingencies . 95% certain of floods and droughts in Australia?Sure!
27/09/13 12:57 AM
On the last day of the trial concerning the G.M. case the plaintiff, through his lawyer, accepted that 'the overwhelming evidence is that gm canola is harmless'.It's in the transcript. It therefore cannot be a contaminant and accordingly should not affect anyone's organic or any other status.It's the decertification that has caused the loss.So Mr Snook has not missed the point but indeed seems to understand the issue far better than his precious critics who appear to have difficulty coming to terms with the processes of technological advance,the necessity of which Mr Baxter has defended.
18/03/14 06:24 AM
Dave, farmers in my experience are honest ,hardworking and admirable people which is why they deserve to know the truth. The truth is that we cannot all live at the expense of each other.That the unions have too much power and indeed live at the expense of everyone not in a union, including the vast majority of workers not in a union, is no reason to join them.If you're caught in a leaky boat the answer is not to kick another hole in it.
19/02/14 06:33 AM
Fair go for farming's battlers? What about a fair go for battling taxpayers?For this is where the money will come from to prop up the battling farmers and it won't be by way of donation but by way of forced transfer with the government acting as intermediary.David Leyonhjelm is the conveyer of confronting truths that the entitlement class of farmer wishes to evade. They think that others should be forced to subsidise their failing businesses because the world owes them a living.
17/02/14 09:12 AM
Every word true,but unfortunately Alison's eloquent argument will fail to impress the those who are filled with resentment over the failure of the AWB's wheat buying monopoly and the great advances the industry has made under choice and competition.They resent the fact that it is has been successful. They resent their fellow farmers who are making the most of the new opportunities and they absolutely hate the idea that enterprising farmers can act independently of the mob .You cannot reason these fools out of that which they have never been reasoned into in the first place,but bravo Alison.
09/11/13 01:54 PM
The race doesn't always go to the fastest,or the fight to the strongest but that's the way to bet .Or in his case vote.Prices this morning;Wilson( Lib.) $1.10, i.e.a 90% chance-Witham(Nat)$5, i.e. a 20% chance.For those who have observed Rick Wilson's dedication and work rate in the electorate over the last three years this is going to be a handsome payday indeed.
02/09/13 03:38 AM


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