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The worst decision ever was for Australian farmers to get involved in a cruel unethical trade in the first place. Down the track nothing good comes from cruelty, it's the law of the universe and it's about time farmers took note of it.
29/10/14 01:27 AM
So the Australian meat industry cares more about the people in Bahrain having the right to choose freshly slaughtered meat instead of chilled. It's about time they started caring about the stress and anxiety they are causing to their fellow Australians who detest this cruel live export trade. For goodness sake feed the world but slaughter animals here humanely and send it overseas boxed frozen, you are not caring for people in your own country. Cruel trades have a negative effect on society.
04/04/14 11:49 PM
Say what you like, live export is a very cruel trade and you'll never make it look humane or respected. Well done Lee Rhiannon.
02/04/14 12:12 AM
If Aussie farmers did not get involved in cruel animal practices like live export and factory farming then organizations like Animals Australia could be concentrating on other animal abuse that's rife out there.
19/12/13 12:36 AM


Sorry, the live export industry can waffle on all they like about best world practices but they can't be trusted, ever. Live export will never be humane.
21/01/15 08:19 AM
Jen from the Bush says it all and many live exporters have the same appalling attitude towards livestock once sold. It's heartbreaking to know that these animals are in the care of such people. If you have to export meat it should be chilled, canned or dried, it's the only acceptable way.
15/01/14 05:33 AM
Animal cruelty and abuse can drive one or two people over the top, but really, people who are against the cruel live export trade and factory farming are not violent people. It's not right that you should try to make all those who care about cruel practices to animals, look like the baddies. Just go away for goodness sake.
04/01/14 01:12 AM


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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