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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Govt investment doesn't work sez 'seethelight', ha ha ha, go tell that to the Chinese, Japanese and Germans, all of whom build huge manufacturing industries via careful govt 'meddling'. Even the yanks aren't pushing the neoliberal deregulation line these days, now they've got over 40mil people on food stamps.
07/07/14 12:10 PM
Leyonhjelm shows the ignorance of all ideologues. Trade barriers built the economies of China, Japan, US & UK and continue to protect each in their own way.
Only Australia and a few other weak nations have implemented the free trade disarmament con and suffered accordingly.
17/04/14 06:31 AM
'Get big or get out' drove countless farms to the wall, only the bankers, consultants (like DL) & machinery salesman made money on that.
05/03/14 12:38 PM
Too funny, Leyonhjelm pans Monsanto critics as conspiracy theorists when he can't even get the basic facts of the case straight.right. I wonder how farmers might vote if they had competent unbiased media.
23/02/14 03:39 AM

Get Muddy

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You can tell the weather from the farmers' politics. In drought or flood, they're jesus-christian socialists, when the grass is green, they're tough-love tories.
Mr Trethewey takes half his lines straight from LNP press releases, there is no budget emergency and even if there was, how come the poor are hit ~ 5 times harder than the rich?
27/05/14 10:56 AM

A matter of opinion

@ Simon - you can hardly expect urban voters to care when rural voters themselves aren't bright enough to vote for ag science and research.
22/05/14 02:18 AM

Comments of the week

Abbott wanted a deal at any price, and boy did we paid a price. A slight win for beef exporters, a loss for everyone else.
13/04/14 07:15 AM


Funny comments from 'angry aussie' & bronwyn, how is one independant senator supposed to change Oz's trade deal with EU? Its the LNP & Lab neoliberals you should be cross at, both major parties are salesmen for the 'free' trade con that sold farmers down the river decades ago.
14/07/14 12:23 PM
Phony Tony blaming Labor for his confected budget emergency is funny, even funnier is reading the Nats explaining to rural voters how its all for the best. No wonder farmers always get dudded, they're too proud to admit they've been conned again again.
14/05/14 01:31 PM
@ TFGA CEO, you're right that farmers were screwed by 'free trade' deregulation, yet you want more of it? Remind me never to fight a fire at your place, you'll be at it with petrol.
23/02/14 03:29 AM
“The medium and long term plan and drought policy needs to be developed whilst the ship is in clear sailing.”
So we should just keep bailing them out until they have a good couple of years? What planet are they on?!
23/02/14 03:16 AM
Never give a sucker an even break: farmers keep voting for 'free' trade LNP, even tho 40 years & waiting for the promised level playing field. Now you've got 'what climate?' Tony, enjoy!
18/02/14 11:31 AM
Abbott says drought comes every 20 or 50 years .. but its not even 10 since the last one. Thats not exceptional, its nearly routine.
16/02/14 07:55 AM
Lets be grownup about this Sharman, the cash splash has nada to do with some twitter fad and everything to do with the crashing popularity of LNP MPs across the region.
15/02/14 12:34 PM
Heffernan consults Barnaby?! standby for a putrid stew of buzzwords fit to choke a goat. Keep voting LNP and we'll keep getting what we deserve.
13/02/14 12:04 PM


Thanks for the headsup Richard, but i can't see the Nats standing up to the Libs to defend the bush. That only happens about once a decade and over some pretty token issue. And Palmer will be sweet so long as his kids and nephews and mates all get a place at the trough.
12/08/14 08:42 AM
No point talking about CSG, not so long as the gas industry can outbid farmers for the 'loyalty' of the LNP.
28/03/14 11:15 AM
The Nats buckled again, thats what they're best at, that is their role in the coalition 'partnership'.
07/07/14 12:16 PM
The LNP will do as their major corporate donors demand and sell out farmers, just as every free trade deal has.
21/05/14 07:44 AM
Argis - you're ignorant to blame renewables for elec prices, they're ~5% of doubling in elec prices, carbon tax is another 5%, 90% is due to corp-friendly privatisation rules & subsequent goldplating.
14/05/14 11:28 PM
"Data collected and analysed by the Bureau of Meteorology show that 2013 was Australia's warmest year on record while rainfall was slightly below average nationally.
Summer 2012–13 was the warmest on record nationally, spring was also the warmest on record and winter the third warmest
Overall, 2013 was Australia's warmest year on record: annual national mean temperature was +1.20 °C above average
All States and the Northern Territory ranked in the four warmest years on record .." mate/current/annual/aus/2013/
28/03/14 11:30 AM
Frank, you seem to prefer insults to information. When you've calmed down maybe read up on trade winds & blocking patterns, livestock heat stress impacts, soil moisture evaporation rates, then come back and explain how good record heatwaves are. Here in northern Vic we had THREE heatwaves in Jan-Feb.
27/03/14 11:49 AM
Frank Blunt - surely you can admit that most climate change deniers are old white rightwing men? Theres plenty of rightwingers who can accept the science (eg. Thatcher, Turnbull, Fraser), but theres a definate of-a-type thing going on with deniers.
27/03/14 11:42 AM
Yeah right Chick Olsson, cos its not like grog & drugs kill more than a few thousand people a year.
Hopefully the Abbottoir will put the knife to Dept Ag & AWGA next, now theres some real ticks on the govt teat.
14/03/14 12:45 PM
Coulton is talking about investing in his job, the latest handout is cheap as its not his money.
No need to really support farmers, they're still too dim to notice they were betrayed by the Right decades ago.
12/03/14 12:55 AM


@ Matt12 - yeah you can blame Labor if you like, they surely forced the $16mil buy, pushed up diesel price, & made the drought too eh?
13/02/14 12:11 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Nice promo for the feedlot, but the unprecedented severity of the drought and disappearance of the snow pack is the real story for the tens of millions of people dependent upon it.
13/04/14 07:21 AM


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