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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Let it be
08/05/13 11:33 AM
Hmmm, very short term thinking by governments again. We need vision and a clear pathway to get our grain producers to globally efficient producers
01/05/13 05:30 AM
Go for efficiency.
11/04/13 11:00 PM

A matter of opinion

Governments are subject to politics and are not able to make logical long term choices.
19/06/13 12:50 PM
Hmmmm I guess all you need is a lot of cash and capacity to manage the businesses better than existing management
18/06/13 10:12 AM
There is a way to prevent the ADM take over; make a higher bid say $4 billion. Then run it the best way you think.
17/06/13 12:57 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Food production must be commercial.
03/05/14 12:47 PM


We see a farmer selling his farm and the discussion is all around the fairness of CBH membership/ownership.
16/01/15 10:53 AM
Boof ag needs vision. Not support. We need a vision to compete. Stop fluffing around and get our ag businesses productivity up.
27/10/14 12:21 AM
About time graincorp came to grips with the efficient future of grain movements. Well done, should have happened 10 years ago
08/06/14 10:46 AM
Lets stop tracking confidence and start tracking booked profits.
08/06/14 10:09 AM
Graincorp profit drops, what was the government thinking. The Australian government must carry responsibility for its lack of vision.
19/05/14 12:37 PM
Elders bankers are extremely generous. All of us farmers need to make a profit to gain bank support.
19/05/14 12:27 PM
About time we had some rational decisions
12/05/14 02:46 AM
Hmmmmm even the government is a capitalist. Those farmers that have been propped up RFC with unstainable lending over the life of RFC will now be exposed to the real commercial world.
05/05/14 12:20 PM
The finance package fails to drive farmers to efficiency. Failed policy
03/05/14 12:57 PM
Full agree. Get rid of subsides as they distort the market
03/05/14 12:50 PM


Silo closures are about 10 years overdue. As farmers we drive our cropping productivity higher each year. Businesses we deal with must keep up or they become obsolete.
17/07/14 10:05 AM
Co-op that try to make commercial decisions ie invest in NSW, become commercial enterprises in time
16/01/14 07:56 AM
Efficient co-op's are fine but they rarely are.
16/01/14 02:20 AM
GNC is not even close to being efficient. Get on with the future or it is curtains for us all
06/12/13 12:37 PM
I for one think Emerald should be accountable to their word.
15/08/13 02:34 PM
I think levy payers should vote. That would deliver another WA grower like Terry Enright.
12/08/13 01:48 PM
Go for it Chris. I fully support you.
12/08/13 01:45 PM
Should be a WA grower. NSW is only a part of the industry.
09/08/13 12:03 PM
Take a long term approach. My old friend always says "it is never as bad as you think" But also " it is never as good as you think". It is always somewhere on the average.
18/07/13 04:44 AM
Terry is a good bloke. Best of luck.
19/10/13 06:57 AM


Here we go again. What a ride.
11/03/14 11:31 AM
Joyce is moving the national party to irrelevance in Australian politics
06/02/14 06:18 AM
Hmmmmm we may get the rain but will we get commodity prices we need?
19/06/13 12:47 PM
CBH is one big charity giving my equity to future unknown mostly offshore corporate farms.
04/06/13 12:31 AM
Money will not solve every problem
03/06/13 02:43 PM
Politicians make poor decisions. Therefore the ADM deal for graincorp must be good.
25/05/13 10:52 PM
The Graincorp board has determined that a sale to ADM is in the best interests of the company. How is it a politician can override a company board.
25/05/13 10:49 PM
Happy birthday
28/04/13 01:08 AM
Farmers a just like anyother business and should be treated as such. I know as I farm and have seen government support programs prop up lazy producers.
20/01/14 12:22 PM
We are a global food super power. But when will we get paid for it?
08/05/12 01:37 PM


You would not attract very high bids for the government, Andy old son.
17/01/14 06:10 AM
PAG has no strategy. If they think they do it has to be discribed as very erratic
02/06/12 07:47 AM
Go Clarkey, We now operate our farms in a global commodity market place. Why should our assets be restricted to australian buyers only. Farmers use logic to run commercial businesses, lets hope governments use some logic to move Australian rural sector forward.
30/08/11 01:33 PM
Farm land is in a market place with buyers and sellers setting the price. Maybe some have been encouraged by enthusiastic bankers to borrow big bucks when things are looking great. My grandfather ( died 1985 ) said bankers will lend you an umbrella, only to want it back when it starts to rain. Little has changed.
12/04/11 10:47 AM


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