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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

How true and well said David Leyonhjelm.
16/06/14 02:24 AM
David, you are seizing upon only the weaknesses of the collective bargaining model and using your deregulation ideologies to say the only way forward is as individuals, without rules or regulations. Much of your comments about farmers acting as individuals is accepted. However, you still overlook the problems of your system, which when left alone results in only the biggest surviving. That is fine for the biggest but not much good for the nation and majority of its people. Show us the Country which has flourished or even survived under your zero regulation philosophy. Deregulate MP's Pay????
26/05/14 10:39 PM
David got in on the donkey vote so looks like he wants to represent them?
Fine for a person in that position of privilege, courtesy of us tax payers, to be telling tax paying farmers they can walk off their farms regardless of conditions? He has shown no inclination to cut the payments he will receive which are not based on any commercial or performance based mechanism! Would he agree to his MP's salary moving down when our debts and deficits and borrowings are up? I think not? Our MP's are better paid than even those in the USA.
10/02/14 05:46 AM
Very well said JP.
02/01/14 06:40 AM
All I can say is, Elders obvious disappearance from the agricultural business service sector is a very sad day. It is hard to know if Malcolm was the reason or if it was inevitable anyway, and Malcolm was just the unlucky last?
Next question is, what is there now for graziers as a replacement system for marketing livestock.
10/12/13 01:28 AM
CQ of course you are right. Another major problem with the massive taxpayer funded payments and assistance measures to USA and EU farmers is that it divorces them from market signals and has led to over production, which is then dumped onto global markets resulting in sales below cost of production. Players like ADM et al, have flourished on access to this under priced stock either as processors or traders, or both. So not only have our producers been duped, but also our local processors. So suggestions that market corruption overseas is good for us is fantasy.
13/11/13 03:13 AM
David is just flying a kite bb, and if you think any one would seriously consider just swapping the multi billion Australian grain industry for that kite, you are out of your mind. The concept is totally without detail, research, justification, or planning.
11/11/13 10:50 AM

Bush Matters

Bushie bill is the Clive Palmer of this site. It never adds any value or rationality to anything. All it ever does is express its personal bile and hatred in pursuit of revenge of any person it thinks has ever questioned its selfish and unrealistic ideas.
13/06/14 03:34 AM


Or if you have a problem with people expressing their view bushie, why don't you list all the great good of Landcare and the green army? You should be able to do that in 500 characters!
14/05/14 11:19 PM
The runs on the board just keep piling up since the Abbott Government took power in September 2013. How did we ever allow that lot of rabble from the Labor/Greens to govern for 6 long destructive and wasteful years? May they pay for their sins by being left out of Govt for at least another 10 years.
01/04/14 03:37 AM
And can you give us your figures to back up your grossly exaggerated statements jingelic. Even with the current drought package, the $280m is not a hand out. It is a loan with interest at a rate higher than you can get on a term deposit at the bank. That is after the Labor Govt destroyed the local cattle industry costing it much more than that in income and now deaths of cattle that should have been exported for income instead of dying due to lack of feed.
26/02/14 09:11 PM
Our farmers are mostly families who own and operate their farming business's. Based on hours worked per person, I would challenge the average laborer or award based employee to match their rate of income per hour against that of a farm owner operator and family. What is more important to take into account is that whatever that farm owner/worker earns is based on a cut throat global market and unprotected in any way by the tax payer of Australia, unlike the worker on award wages and conditions. This Govt plan today will do little to alter those figures.
26/02/14 01:21 AM
Yes you make a good point at 19/2 8.54pm Geronimo. Still better to start late than never. So lets put on the pressure for Government, Industry and Unions to confront the issues that can be influenced now. That must include the input and beyond farm gate supply chain costs. We are being out gunned by too many other countries on both productivity and cost. A lost business to overseas competitors is permanent loss of jobs, while higher productivity and lower labor costs are much less of a loss to workers.
20/02/14 09:07 AM
So the sky has not fallen in after all without ADM. It is business as usual.
20/02/14 06:42 AM
Deregul8 says "the WA grower laments his equity being used to make farming in NSW more profitable". He obviously is more intent on seeing the NSW grower less profitable. Why? The fact that CBH may add value to "the WA grower" is something he would rather forgo! Clearly his business logic is clouded by his hatred of his fellow farmer in other places. How can he call himself part of Australia with such a selfish and deluded attitude?
18/02/14 10:05 PM
This farmer has taken a risk and has sailed into a storm of nature which was bigger than he counted on. It still highlights many other underlying inequities facing farming and many other product producers and processors. Those inequities relate to the burden forced upon these business's by our Government, on behalf of consumers generally. Apart from the fact that he should have known these burdens, it would be wrong of us not to address them now for the sake of our nation. I refer to all the Govt subsidies being paid for by business, starting with labor awards and their flow on impacts.
18/02/14 06:13 AM
Have you spent much time in China WTF? They are a seriously industrious and determined people. To date most of their production has come from subsistence farming. Over recent years, they have started to introduce modern machinery and broad acre methods. From this they have been expanding production to meet their own domestic growth demands. They are not far away from having export surpluses. They are already the worlds largest producer of cereal grains and close to if not the biggest oilseed producers (with some 400 mmt p/a). Compare that with Australia at around 40 mmt +- p/a.
14/02/14 04:05 AM
The game is not over yet. MG is still in the race even though its biggest hurdle is still Australian Government regulators. How dumb is that Mr Treasurer and Mr PM?
22/01/14 01:00 AM


Fred Haskins, I know your figures are honest. I could say similar. This is what our new kids on the block do not see. In 1988 that $300/t for our wheat had purchasing power in todays $'s of about $400/t. Anyway with 60% of people saying in The Land Survey a month ago that Single Desk was still better than what we now have, it is clear it is only a minority of wheat farmers still don't see the folly of handing our marketing over to the multi national traders. They robbed us blind last time around and they are now doing it again. Why wouldn't they? We are easy pickings on our own.
11/11/14 05:39 AM
I'll give you deregulation turkeys a maximum of 5 years before the banks foreclose on you.
10/11/14 06:08 AM
Bob Phelps has brought more sense to this debate than most.
23/06/14 04:49 AM
WA grain farmer, and average family homes are clearing over $1.25m today too in Sydney's suburbs. They didn't get that much 25 years ago either. But then, the $300,000 they were bringing could buy a lot more then than todays $1.25m can buy.
You have to look at supply demand and the money available in the world, before
you can apply logic to prices today compared with times gone by.
10/04/14 12:02 AM
Who says we are not profitable D8. You continue to use unproven assumptions to blindly support your zealous ideology. The point you are missing is that even buyers are telling you your line is wrong, in that without single desk, we are being paid less than is available in the market.
17/03/14 09:40 PM
D8, if you really want to understand the difference between CBH and GarinCorp, it comes down to their origins. CBH started out as a grower co-op with the hard nosed scrutiny that growers give their own organisations and the culture of the directors, always wanting the best in service and infrastructure for their fellow farmers, but most importantly at the lowest possible cost. Vic/NSW/Qld started out with Govt owned and controlled BHA systems. That immediately meant Union Award and Union cultures. GrainCorp is still infected by that culture and its infrastructure despite privatization.
03/03/14 03:18 AM
Free Trader, well spotted. I too, thought the whole notion of deregulation was to increase efficiency and lower costs via competition. Why are the free traders not screaming from the roof tops about the failure of GrainCorp to comply with their philosophy? Why are they not seeking to break up GrainCorp or something to bring about more competition between service providers? Clearly they are no better off under deregulation in the storage sector now than pre deregulation. On the other hand, CBH in WA is delivering much lower costs and more efficiency than the listed corporations. Why is that?
20/02/14 09:23 AM
Thanks D8 for again giving us the chance to debate the benefits of the once great Wheat Single Desk.
It was so good that our major competitors like USA, who poured tax payer billions into marketing and promotion, found it too hard to win markets away from the AWB based on quality, supply reliability and delivery efficiency, that they have to regularly dump free wheat into customers silos via the traders. Even that was failing. So they put all of their efforts into politically removing AWB which they did via the Iraq war. Many other traders were guilty but only AWB suffered. Go figure.
04/04/14 08:47 PM
The headline and the story contradict each other. The headline says "Deregulation a win for WA" while the story shows clearly, that the buyer is paying less for our wheat today relative to the market, than he was under AWB Single Desk regulation. Why has this not been reflected in the headline?
18/03/14 11:35 AM
Geronimo, Peter is talking about the Export Single Desk. They did not sell that, it was taken from them against their wishes by an unholy alliance between the K Rudd Labor Government and the Liberal Party in Opposition.
17/02/14 02:32 AM


You seem to forget Paul that the Howard Government was weighed down by the stupidity and intransigence of State Governments of a different colour.
10/11/14 12:21 AM
To all of you complaining about a change in road funding and saying we cant afford to pay any more - well where do you think the $8.5 billion shortfall is coming from now? It is coming from our taxes. That is, we are already paying it. It is just coming out of General Revenue rather than the licenses and fuel excise taxes. So we are kidding ourselves by arguing against any scheme which targets increased taxes from road use. At least if it comes from road usage taxes we all know then how much roads cost. It just might show us we need to go back to rail sooner for cargo traffic? That'd be good.
26/03/14 02:27 AM
So like their success with stopping people smugglers, the Abbott Govt has achieved in 6 months what the previous Gillard/Rudd regime failed to do in two whole terms in Govt with the Murray Darling water plan. And with out any fanfare, just genuine grown up Govt. What a wonderful change for the better.
27/02/14 09:51 AM
figures may not lie but liars do figure.
09/01/14 02:44 AM
Why would anyone take any notice of Howes lecturing anyone on protectionism? He heads the biggest protection business in the world. It is protected, insulated, artificial wages and conditions and Unionism out of control. Long gone are the days when it was about FAIR PAY for a FAIR DAYS WORK. Now it is about gouging ridiculous and unaffordable conditions out of business with no regard for the massive loss of competitiveness and manufacturing and processing jobs to overseas. And what about the crime and corruption amongst Union hierarchy in AWU and HSU particularly? Give us a break.
02/12/13 05:34 AM
Yes Michael Pascoe, it is all a bit like our big rush to make sales of our natural gas. We were too quick to give it away and not good enough at extracting its true value. Just shows how small we are as a nation in the big global picture. There are no easy dollars out there for our farmers or our consumers. Everything has a hidden price tag.
10/04/14 12:21 AM
Ex Farmer, you make a valid point. It seems that controlling produce prices is impossible, as like it or not we live in a global market now where prices paid for most goods will always be linked to global markets and, if what we sell is available anywhere all we can get is global price plus freight difference. That is why so many local goods are now bypassed and replaced with imports. What locals do not realize is they are causing their own loss of jobs by demanding artificially set rates of pay, because like goods, services and job prices are set globally too now. Unions don't get it!!!!
19/02/14 10:26 PM
Linda Botterill, thank you for a well written precise of our present drought policy (= "zero"), and recent historical policies. Clearly the Government has some urgent work to do because there is currently a virtual vacuum as far as drought policy is concerned.
05/02/14 06:47 AM
If you are going to highlight agriculture then put the ABC on the table too. It is not as though we are short of radio and TV news organisations and we certainly do not need ABC for entertainment. They are all well covered commercially. Sell ABC and earn capital to cut debt while saving a billion a year of taxpayers expenditure. What about health? It is in the same category as education. The Feds do not run hospitals or employ doctors and nurses. Bet there are billions wasted there. Keep looking, and keep reporting and piling on the pressure.
09/01/14 03:04 AM
All this hype about farmers getting handouts is unfounded, when compared to our regulated and subsidized labor system. Farmers are not in fact lobbying for our artificial and inflated wages and conditions system to be abolished. They are simply reminding the Union and Labor supporters to stop being so critical and untruthful about farmers getting handouts. It is a matter of putting the ledger straight about the real big handouts going to the non farming and urban population. Farmers have to sell their produce on an open market. Workers produce, (their labor), is sold at subsidised rates.
09/01/14 02:12 AM


Well said wtf.
31/01/14 09:18 AM


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