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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Oz sundown, what a good point. Bet the meat haters will hate you for high lighting that.
16/06/14 04:47 AM
Taxpayer, I did not say Aussie farmers get zero benefits from Government. I said they are not in the same league as USA or most other nations for that fact.
If you really want to focus on Government handouts, have a look at our Industrial Awards system. Based on global free markets it is an horrendous burden on the taxpayer via artificially inflated costs for everything we buy from products to services. If it was globally freely traded, like our wheat, our products and services costs would drop by hundreds of billions. Compare that with a few million to Aussie farmers.
26/05/14 11:43 PM
David, if your total deregulation model is so perfect for farmers, please tell us why the world's bastion of Free Trade and deregulation needs to pay over billions and billions in subsidies and support payments to its farmers annually. I speak of the USA of course. Australia of course has never been in that league.
26/05/14 11:10 PM
Dickytiger, who said anything about the Govt propping up farmers. The vast majority of farmers never get any free money from the Government regardless of their size or profitability. Occasionally a few might get a low interest loan in drought circumstances. That is nothing compared with the free handouts handed to Holden, and Ford. What about the millions of dollars of handouts urban workers get under the artificially propped up wage system. What about the health subsidies, the education subsidies, the handouts to Unions? The urban list is endless, with relatively nothing to farmers.
31/12/13 10:32 AM

Get Muddy

VivKay, when are you animal activists going to grow out of your childhood state? Then you might come to realise animals were put on earth for food and fibre. Cattle, sheep and many other animals are bred to be slaughtered for human consumption. Get used to it and spare the majority of humanity the pointlessness and immaturity of your opposition to what is natural and meant to be. Discover the real purpose of existence.
31/12/13 09:57 AM


Angry Australian makes a very good point. Farm levies have been propping up Universities bills for post grad students for years, rather than being allocated to fully fledged research scientists.
23/06/14 09:43 AM
Phil Downie, steady on. I am quite capable of seeing fault in any Party in either Govt or opposition. All I am saying at present is that we have to be pragmatic. We can't have any Govt's running up our credit card bill beyond our repayment ability. Labor/Greens/Windsor/Oakeshott did that. We now have to wear the stiff medicine regardless of it being "unfair". No time to get too picky about that. Anyway, I am aged/poor/unemployed and I am not complaining. I am losing benefits. However they were too generous and unaffordable. Tough titty. Better than being bankrupt.
14/05/14 11:48 PM
Fair comment "RasorWA". I look forward to the day when the public wakes up to the fact that all governments have puffed out their chest over all their deregulating achievements for business, while allowing the Union movement to get increased protectionist regulation for all labor awards and conditions. That alone has caused more damage to our economy and business and employment than any other single factor. We see it every day as business and jobs go offshore. Wake up Australia.
14/05/14 06:34 AM
Dogsbody, we had 6 years of your chaotic wasteful mob and they ran up debt on the Nations credit card leaving all taxpayers with an annual interest bill of $1,500 each before we start paying down any of the principle. What about the deaths of the insulation sham and deceit of the Carbon Tax, and the destruction of our live export business? They started a fire and walked away to let it rip and it is them that should be blamed for our pain today and not the Government who has been left to extinguish the fire.
14/05/14 06:21 AM
Your dreams must go back more than my life time dogsbody.
12/05/14 10:39 PM
Yes Jock, sad isn't it. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
Not only is Australia refusing to organize its agricultural industries so as they can flourish like the Kiwis; we continue to burden them with regulated input and supply chain costs until there is no more blood to be sucked out of us.
12/05/14 10:37 PM
The headline says it all. ADM have no one but themselves to blame. On the basis of their failure to negotiate the purchase of a Company begging them to buy, I judge their ability to run GrainCorp as similar. They would have been no better at running it than negotiating to get it, and certainly no better for the farm sector.
17/03/14 07:21 AM
In the case of Qantas (and most failing Corporations) jc carter, the Board should get the sack too. CEO's don't make big policy decisions without the Board approval and support first.
27/02/14 10:18 PM
jc carter, I have no sympathy for the highly paid CEO's and similar types who get tossed out when their Companies go down hill as I said because usually they have received more in a few years than the average worker in a life time. However they are gladly taken on by Directors in a fiercely competitive market. Although he walked and was not apparently sacked, Malcom Jackman of Elders recently lost his job. The David Jones boss was sacked. There are definitely many of them but I don't store their names in my memory.
26/02/14 09:19 PM
Yes Geronimo, it is well reported what other Country's do to maintain farming in their regions. They pay out billions of taxpayer dollars in a range of arrangements from guaranteed minimum prices, all risk crop insurance, international market promotion packages and food aid, to social security payments for staying on the land and so on. USA and Europe have done so for many decades. Is that what you want for Australia? In past years, it has been shown that none of that is needed but that a range of cooperative marketing arrangements backed by legislation did a great job at no cost to Govt.
26/02/14 08:53 AM


People, people, this Court case was not about getting accreditation for GM Crops. It was about whether a person had been negligent in allowing any product from their property to spread to another property, and in so doing, contaminate another persons goods or products, to the extent that commercial loss has occurred.
18/06/14 03:14 AM
Philip Downie is right. This should not have been about GM V Organics. It should have been about any farmer's right to farm without negative or damaging contamination of his crop or herd, from an outside source.
So all the pro and anti GM or Organics is just a distraction. They are separate matters that need to be dealt with on their ongoing merits or fears.
The Court Case judgment was not a vote for GM. It was a vote about contamination, and clearly the judge felt there was no negligence of a commercial nature. Simple as that. So all the hot heads and GM cheer squad need a cold shower.
17/06/14 06:33 AM
Boozer, you can use any small anecdote you like if you want to torpedo a person or an organisation and that is all you have done with regard the AWB. It would not suit your argument to accept that there were many in positions of power in Government who knew all about the AWB's actions and did nothing about it, and yet ran away when the you-know-what hit the fan. They sacrificed hard working, gutsy, Australians for their own protection.
05/06/14 01:00 AM
Boozer, you can use any small anecdote you like if you want to torpedo a person or an organization and that is all you have done with regard the AWB. It would not suit your argument to accept that there were many in positions of power in Government who knew all about the AWB's actions and did nothing about it, and yet ran away like gutless animals when the s**t hit the fan. They sacrificed hard working, gutsy, Australians for their own protection.
05/06/14 12:59 AM
NSW Farmer, I and many others, totally support the stand taken by Jock Munro in Grain Industry matters. However even Jock has corrected you (on this site), regarding some of your misleading descriptions of the Single Desk system of the past. You are not doing the SD system the favors you think by incorrectly describing it.
29/05/14 03:57 AM
NSW Farmer, there was always different returns for each load delivered based on quality variations, within each Pool/grade. WA Pool growers received a freight advantage arising out of savings accrued in WA shipping costs. WA Noodle Pools also received a premium based on pool sales returns. And of course every silo transport and storage charge out rate was varied and was deducted according to the rates collected by State Handling and Transport charges. There was also different Pool Grades in a lot of regions with differing Pool Returns. Don't believe all D8 tells us about price premiums today.
27/05/14 01:22 PM
NSW Farmer, you miss the point, and I am beginning to think you are up to no good.
Single Desk was not an equalization scheme. It was an organized bargaining tool, enabling all producers, regardless of size, to match it with the "big guys" in the grain trade, in cutting out middle men and winning contracts with all major global customers. Its size also enabled it to win many other benefits for Aussie growers like lower cost finances for payment advances, quality control for customers, shipping and logistics efficiencies, seasonal smoothing of sales and deliveries to customers and so on.
26/05/14 11:36 PM
There is no free market versus socialist ideology in the Jock Munro approach D8. It is purely a strategic approach that best suits each grower's lack of size, compared with our real customers. As an individual, you are not able to satisfy the needs of any one customer. In our industry there are many middle men who try to do that task and play you off against me in the process. At a much lower cost, according to a key (real) customer, Dr Soon Bin, farmers once banded together to fill many customers needs and he paid more for that service. Now under your ideology he pays us less. Say no more.
17/03/14 07:04 AM
If you worked that Clarke shovel XAS, you are a legend. Did you know another legend in CBH, called Tony Maronich? Actually that is the culture that set CBH aside from the rest. A great work ethic.
03/03/14 09:04 AM
Glad you mentioned Mick Gayfer, XAS. He certainly was a genius for CBH. Better throw in previous Board Secretary Norm Tidy. He too was a big part of the CBH culture that set up their world class foundations for today. Even if the current leaders are not of the same legend status, they still head up the best culture of all Bulk Handlers in Australia. Of course they are not perfect but maybe that is good as it allows incentive for them to be constantly on their toes.
03/03/14 12:42 AM


Vivienne might just win and might just have a voice, but what chance will her one vote have in a Caucus loaded heavily against her, when matters like destruction of the cattle industry via LE bans have?
18/06/14 03:29 AM
David Harrison, (at 7.56 13 Jan), Christian beliefs about our existence worry nico because his mind is closed. And as they say, our minds are like parachutes. They only work when they are open.
20/01/14 11:12 AM
City slicker B Bill, you would be aware that a lot of statements while correct are of no value to a debate. In other words they have nothing to do with the issue.
03/01/14 04:46 AM
City slicker, bushie bill, that is about the best we can expect from you isn't it? - childish patronizing nonsense.
02/01/14 06:52 AM
By the way bushie, it wasn't the (Labor) Government giving us anything. What a foolish thing to say. If the NBN under Labor ever did get up and running, it was us taxpayers footing the bill so forget the old Govt giving nonsense. That mob couldn't organise a chook raffle at a profit. Their expertise was spending all the taxes from current taxpayers and then mortgaging the next 3 generations with scandalous debts. No matter how long they stayed in Govt, they would have built nothing but debt.
31/12/13 09:47 AM


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