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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

jensen Australian farmers are subsidized through FMDs, diesel rebates, landcare/fencing grants, drought relief, generous tax benefits, research (GRDC co-contribution)! You are naive if you think you aren't subsidized. You are a cost to me the taxpayer.
26/05/14 11:18 PM

Get Muddy

Its time to nationalise the farms and put the previous owners on as managers. No matter how you look at it, the family farmer is costing taxpayers millions in tax breaks, drought payments, FMDs, landcare grants etc etc. Only one way for govt to stop the hand out mentality and that is to stop giving and start taking back.
07/04/14 11:34 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Farming is no different to any other business. It must make a profit to be viable. That there are highly profitable farmers and highly unprofitable ones sometimes as nieghbours highlights the fact that management is a core ingredient for success.
Farmers therefore do not deserve special treatment and if they continue to push this 'special case' argument then perhaps the taxpayer should encourage the govt to nationalise the nations farms and afford those farmers social payments so they can still enjoy their lifestyle.
So pucker up like the rest of the economy. Farmers are not special.
05/04/14 01:19 AM


the solution is don't buy the neighbours farm unless you have enough capital to do so and that is after you factor in the risk of drought.
if the whinging continues youll find me and my mates (the rest of Australia) will demand you all hand the land back to the people. who's gunna farm it you say? someone who won't rack up unserviceable debts id say
16/06/14 10:30 PM
of course Labor would back a bunch of whinging agrarian socialists. the only reason this mob of whinging farmers are on the bones of their butts is because they paid too much for the neighbours farm. that is poor business acumen and the taxpayer should not be liable for failure to make the correct decisions in business! sell up and let the strong farmers with good business sense take control of the reins. this country is full of bloody socialists and we are well on the path to ruin because of it!!!!
15/06/14 12:12 AM
eh Mark? What constitutes a real farmer in your eyes?
Agrarian socialist? Bailout happy individual? Capitalist until it fails and then put the hand out like a true socialist would?
Sorry mate but that don't qualify you for anything other than a place in the goolag
30/05/14 11:44 PM
Farmers are unreal. Most don't pay any tax because they spend it all on machinery and fully exploit the tax benefits available to them. How Australian is that?
Nationalise the farms and be gone with the culture of whinge and privilege!
23/04/14 11:12 PM
given the immense wealth, a few thousand farmers will stand to gain from rising food prices, and australia's growing debt problems it seems like we should be looking to nationalise the farms and re-employ those farmers as tenants. that way the wealth can be equally distributed amongst all australians when the food boom arrives.
12/12/13 11:39 PM
I don't doubt higher food prices are ahead. That's why I advocate nationalising farmland and putting farmers on wages. Its not fair that a small number of farmers sit back and make millions while people in the cities have to cop high food prices. That why I vote for socialist Greens. Equality for all.
30/11/13 10:52 PM
Personally I think farmland should be nationalised and farmers simply paid the average wage.
If food prices are going to skyrocket, then all Australians should be able to profit from the nation's farmland.
05/11/13 12:05 AM
if youre up to your ears in debt, you have hardly proven you are deserving of any financial support. if the 'real wealth' you create has cost the nation more to produce than it makes you might as well be on the dole
08/10/13 06:41 AM
everyone is going down the gurglar cobba so where do you stop bailing businesses out? you want to end up like europe? australia is food secure 20 times over. everyone has their hand out to govt
19/05/13 10:58 PM
Plenty of Australians struggling to make ends meet at the moment. It's not the role of government to bailout farmers that expanded in the good times and left themselves vulnerable before the bad times even hit. Farmers need to downsize by selling land and machinery before prices fall too much further.
13/05/13 12:47 AM


i have friends that have lost their houses because they became insolvent. why should farmers get a bailout when they have assets to sell? farmers think they are above the laws of economics. i'm disgusted any bailout funds are going to these farmers
02/05/13 12:38 AM
its the hide of cheek to ask for taxpayer funded bailout policy when you have the equity to help yourself! wish I had a spare $6 bill in the coffers to help prop up housing prices!!!!
14/04/13 11:37 PM


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