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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Farmers are land managers. Yes we should work towards our income making business being able to stand alone BUT we are also managing the land for ALL Australians and future generations. If these so-called handouts were renamed for their true reason, "Land Sustainability grants" for all Australians, then it could be seen as successful instead of the farmer always having to make a living and spending a lot of it on the land sustainability factor. It should be directed to cover our land management which is really for a better brighter future for all Australians.
25/11/14 10:30 PM
DL it is a shame that you seem to be bias against farmers or is it just a way to get a reaction?
As a farmer I would be happy to get an honest days pay for an honest days work but more often than not farmers work day in day out and half of the night to make ends meet.
We don't want handouts. That is why the vast majority of farmers don't Quit. The dole is just another handout!!!!!
30/07/14 09:27 AM
At the end of the day, the cane farmers take the most risk but will receive the least.
07/07/14 09:42 PM
David, firstly, Get your facts straight before you mouth off.
QSL is owned by Millers and growers, not just growers.
You seem to be hell bent on bagging all agriculture. Get out of the room and get a real job.
06/07/14 09:35 PM
While David has some reasonable comments in this article, there are a number of mistruths.
At the end of the day we all have a right to have an individual opinion and that includes "to work as a collective is better for our interests"
There is good evidence that the introduction of Ravensdown into the Australian market influenced the other companies pricing.
David has it totally wrong about loyalty. That is exactly why some farmers did not move to Ravensdown, Loyalty to their locally owned supplier that they were always dealing with. "Unity" created the loud voice of the sugar industry.
25/05/14 07:08 PM

Bush Matters

Totally Agree. Most Cane Farmers are family owned businesses that are trying to provide for the next generation in a manner that is better not worse off.
29/05/14 09:03 PM


As a farmer it is difficult to employ people at high wages when we have very low margins if any in alot of cases. So who does the menial tasks at ungodly hours? the FARMER themself.
Any business that has invested a large ammount should be given a better share than the employee that has no investment. But Australia thinks All farmers are rich and destroy the environment. Australia, just keep buying cheap imports then there will be NO farmers to whinge about!!!!!!!!
19/08/15 11:40 PM
Usually Sugar is DEMANDED to be left out of most FTAs by the other countries.
Could someone explain how any "fair play" effort by government to intervene can be considered negative towards FTAs?
19/06/15 04:18 PM
Why are we really concerned? We are locked into this cane industry for years because of the crop cycle of cane. Common practice is 3 ratoons but can be many more. This crop is committed in the ground for 6 years.
Our payment system commits us to a long period before payment for plant cane . = Example - ploughout Nov 14 - Plant Cane - April - 15 - Harvest - Aug 16 - last cane pay - July 17. Thats nearly 3 long years before we get paid fully for ONE crop that direct costs started in Nov 14.
Would you be concerned for the future if the miller has full control how we get paid???
15/03/15 11:53 PM
As a cane farmer, I am concerned that the millers steadfast stance on marketing the sugar has an hidden agenda which will result in less income for the farmer and allow an opening for far more imbalance for the future of the cane farmers. We need a bright future for our next generation but I am scared that they will be the peasants of the future.
15/03/15 10:43 PM
Keep up the good work.
I love dick too. A real aussie.
23/01/13 11:56 PM


The millers are the ones that are on the attack and the farmers will lose if the miller continues to DEMAND that farmers can't have a choice who markets the sugar. It is the responsibility of gov to keep a level playing field.
13/06/15 11:29 AM


I expect that everyone that wants to ban live export are vegans or are you just stupid sheep pandering to the extreme view of a few.
I would say there is an overtone of racism in these comments.
17/12/12 10:02 PM


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