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When I was 17, I had just lost my job as a farm laborer. I had no tertiary education and very little money in the bank, and no father to fall back on. I got no welfare from the Government, so I made sure I found work very quickly. I got another farm laboring job and then a job in a mail room, and then a job rounding up animals at the metropolitan sale yards starting at 4 am each day rain, hail or shine. Am now retired with no welfare. You can do it too if you try.
You are right here Sam. I can not let an opportunity pass to add another problem. Australia is exposed to a global market with easy access to all global products putting all primary producers and processors in direct competition with global suppliers. It ignores the obvious fact that our jobs are therefore also in a global market, and continues without change to the old broken system of protection of awards and conditions. If that is not a recipe to destroy jobs in Australia then I don't know what is.

Bush Matters

The big question in matters such as this is - Will it result in a transfer of Australian wealth creation/generating assets, to an overseas Country? If so, in what way has Australia extracted the rent it is entitled to for such a transfer? Every time Australia allows a transfer of its wealth creating assets to an offshore Country, it lowers our own wealth creation prospects so that we are running down our National balance sheet. If a Company runs down its Balance sheet, it is headed for insolvency.


Concerned, do you know how many people could be living at home in their parents' homes, but have chosen not to resulting in their dire financial situation? Do you realise that the only money the Govt can give out is the money that they get in from taxpayers or borrow on taxpayers' behalf and then must pay that money back with more taxpayers' money? Do you know how much taxpayers' money is being wasted on less necessary measures than your concerns? Will you work to shift that money across? Will you work to help homeless and unhealthy by sending them back home/changing their unhealthy living habits?
CBH has done all this and more and done it better as a grower owned co-op.
The question not being answered is why is farming dying in Australia when it is flourishing in USA, Europe, China, and other Asian countries? Our farmers are always found to be among the most efficient in the world. They have survived and expanded for over a century without the sort of Govt assistance packages in other major producing and exporting countries. They have carried an inflated regulated wage and Govt rule regime while at the mercy of corrupt markets. Yet it is the farmers and agri-business's from the assisted countries taking over our markets and farms and agri-business's. Wake up.
Linda Botterill, don't you over look two important factors? Firstly the car manufacturers were long term inefficient basket cases virtually blackmailing Govt every year regardless of weather; and secondly you have not offset any drought loan interest subsidies against Government blunder costs burdened upon farmers, by their destruction of the legitimate live export business. You cant have it both ways. The cost of lost export opportunities in recent times alone, would be greater than your quoted interest subsidy cost when looked at entirely.


eric hunt is right. The other thing that this report highlights is the hiding or muddying of all the supply chain costs. Under the AWB Single desk model every single component of the supply chain costs were made public for every state. That way customer scrutiny was able to be applied as a means of keeping a lid on each specific component of the costs. The fact that they are now often unspecified or grouped in with other costs, gives too much scope for over charging, and reduces scope for scrutiny.
Actually boris you are not totally correct. Govts intervene in all markets one way or another if only by varying taxation rates and rules. There is legislation covering all players in any market. Additionally, while we allow foreign goods into this country, we import the outcomes of o/s Govt intervention into our market. We buy plenty of food from countries whose Govts intervene in their markets.So there is nothing new or different about the Rob Moore idea of selling produce through a public auction process. The biggest stock market in the globe does that.


Abbott may have broken a few promises, but his broken promises don't see any hard working Aussies or genuinely in need people having their future destroyed by bankrupting debt levels run up by a totally outrageous Labor/Greens/Independents Government.
The difference between Abbott and Shorten is that Abbott is a leader prepared to sacrifice his own career to save his nation; and Shorten is just a politician prepared to sacrifice his nation to save his own career.
The only reason anyone could be making money out of wind powered turbines is because the tax payer is subsidizing them. Cut all Government subsidies and see how they go then.
Well said Rob Moore. Trolls is what they are. Barnaby need not take any notice of the trolls either.


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