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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Someone getting under your skin there, thugboy?
18/06/14 02:13 AM
Why on earth do you think I should pay for your over inflated and heavily protected wages and conditions that increases your personal wealth, thug boy? If you can't survive without heavy protection you are simply incompetent and unviable, that's your problem not mine.
And stop calling people mate, you don't have any mates.
25/05/14 08:13 AM
Hey Jen, you forgot the biggest subsidy of them all, the regulated protected Australian labour market.
28/08/13 12:45 PM
That's the sickening hypocrisy of the unions, dunart.
02/05/13 02:27 AM
It already is ludicrous, David, that my taxes are used to prop up your bus driving mates wages and conditions.
01/05/13 03:03 AM

Get Muddy

No sb handouts/grants, Nikki? Maybe you should Google "Small business grants".
20/08/13 09:58 PM
He is just using his other names, ecnerwal. You know, like that bloke from Tamworth way.
07/08/13 10:58 AM

Bush Matters

Pity we can't have a rational industrial relations policy, eh, thugboy? There's no way your lot can survive without protection and subsidies.
25/06/14 12:45 PM
No more of a broken record than you and your multitude of screen names, thugboy.
23/06/14 06:02 AM


"Bushie Bil" ? Thought you only use one name?
17/07/14 10:07 PM
The age of entitlement belongs to heavily subsidised and protected labour market protectionist union thugs, and it's to hell with everyone else, isn't it?
07/07/14 10:12 PM
Change the record
07/07/14 10:19 AM
Coming from the king of diversions, who is surprised by the shameless hypocrisy?
23/06/14 10:06 PM
Spoken like a true union thug who can't survive without protection and handouts.
14/06/14 02:39 AM
Their inability to answer your very relevant question, wtf, shows a total lack of integrity and credibility. Are you at all surprised?
30/04/14 08:25 AM
Probably just posting under his many other screen names, Frank. Or, hopefully, he may have finally whinged his hypocritical head off. Thank heavens for small mercies.
14/04/14 11:20 AM
Same applies to you, Em, or whatever you are now.
20/02/14 08:14 AM
Is for you whinging no hoper union thugs, thug boy.
17/02/14 11:06 AM
"beyond your grasp", argis, is a union thugs way of saying hypocritical and proud.
12/02/14 07:57 AM


Farming will always be peasantry in this country, gougho, while you over paid, under worked, none of the risk, all of the reward, whingeing union bludgers mercilessly rip off farmers, consumers and taxpayers with your heavy subsidies and protectionism. I know you will have a nice day, someone else is paying for it.
08/05/13 02:42 AM
Why no whingeing about the billions and billions of taxpayers money wasted on bailout schemes like the pink bats scheme and school halls just to bribe unions during the so-called GFC, taxpayer. I'm also disgusted any bailout funds are being wasted subsidising hopeless, inefficient union labour, it's a disgrace.
02/05/13 02:25 AM
Been to the Bushie Bill Agricultural College, Sylvia?
Would go along way to explain why you are clueless.
12/09/12 02:45 AM
Pools are for people who pay tax.You pay tax,Aaron?Or do you pay interest?
10/09/12 08:19 AM


No, argis, Bushie Bills vision is for heavy subsidies and protection for his beloved unions and to hell with everyone else.
23/06/14 10:10 PM
And save the boring and predictable diversionary tactics for someone who doesn't know you are a gutless wonder. If you want to bring up the subject of paranoia, what sort of weird freak is writing crap about posters who think he is a complete fool at almost midnight? Something or someone keeping you up at night? There are pills you can get for that, it may help your obviously miserable existence, I doubt it though, you appear beyond help.
26/02/14 10:40 AM
Sure you do, thugboy. Of course, I believe you as much as I believe any other integrity and credibility deprived worthless troll.
However it is a treatable problem thugboy, it's called getting a life. Good luck with the treatment. Don't bother letting us all know how you get on because no one cares.
26/02/14 10:34 AM
It doesn't matter how many different screen names you use, thug boy, you are still and always will be a painfully boring, mindless, hypocritical whinger with no proven integrity or credibility.
20/02/14 08:44 PM
You mean like how the bludging unions expect taxpayers, producers and employers to subsidise their artificially propped up wages because they think the world owes them a living, seethelight?
19/02/14 02:16 AM
You support a heavily regulated and protected labour market, thugboy, and that is what unionism is.
19/12/13 01:18 AM
Shame you can't prove it, thugboy.
06/12/13 01:41 PM
Nothing is more breathtaking than the shameless hypocrisy of you credibility and integrity deficient union thugs, thugboy.
05/12/13 12:22 AM
Only ever use one name, eh Bushie Hill?
26/02/14 10:52 AM
Want cheese with that whine, thugboy?
28/01/14 06:54 AM


Love it when a watermelon whinges about socialism.
07/09/12 02:36 AM


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