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Get Muddy

Having lived in NZ for over a decade, I was amazed at how they promoted the dairy industry. Many young couples with children go into share farming to make money and then exit when they are ready. It was big news every year when Fonterra would pay the annual dividend to farmers. Great innovation over there that is rewarded, unlike here where we have a federal government determined to dismantle what the Kiwis term "No. 8 wire thinking". No science minister, pulling the guts out of CSIRO....I can go on, and on and on...
02/07/14 02:35 AM
Journalism 101 is actually about getting your facts right, Sam. It is not about getting talent and quotes that appeal to the masses. Unless your work for commercial TV. AusVeg has been critical of Woolies - not Jamie Oliver - and only criticised him when he said his hands were tied. This from a bloke who has been outspoken about doing the right thing, researching companies before he backs them etc. AusVeg has been outspoken about the real story - high costs are killing the industry. It is just that most news organisations want the sound bites and the talent. Not good journalism.
18/06/14 09:34 AM
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Sam - there is a huge difference between those being brought up with a sense of entitlement (your generation) and the hard-line of this budget. This budget hits the least who can afford it - a $7 Medicare co-payment, no social security for six months if you are under 30, the prospect of not being able to afford an education, and pensioners who have worked a lifetime. Please do not get the article from a psychologist pointing out narcissism in our younger generation to a budget that hammers those are most vulnerable. I don't care if I get nothing - but I want to live in a more caring society.
28/05/14 02:29 AM

A matter of opinion

I back what Jacky says 100 per cent. The ABC is sometimes the only news/broadcast service available to people in the bush, yet it's the regions that once again will see the cuts.
03/12/14 09:25 AM

Coultons country

These are wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing your travels.
02/07/14 01:48 AM


Can the naysayers then please explain to me why the sea level is rising? This is a huge problem for the Pacific island of Tuvalu, which has been impacted over the past 20 years. The projection is that most of it will be underwater by the end of this century. If there is no global warming, why is this happening?
12/11/14 01:53 AM


WTF, there was a doubling of peanut allergy from the early 90s to the mid-90s demonstrated in the Isle of Wight study and this was when people sat up and took note. Food allergies now affect one in 10 Australian infants (Prof Mimi Tang). While the concern with GM is that of hidden allergens, it is not something that is high on the radar of those working in the allergy and immunology field (have a look at the ASCIA and AAAAI conferences for the latest research). The link between food allergy and GM is considered fringe (not the institutions).
30/03/15 07:37 AM
WTF - linking GM with food allergies is considered very fringe by those doing the research in this area and if there are any papers published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, I can't find it. What researchers are finding it is that the rise in allergies is multi-factorial: our bodies not fighting off parasites, a change in diet etc. Prof Gideon Lack has just published the findings of his LEAP study and it appears that actively avoiding the early introduction of peanut has led to an increase in the allergy. I wouldn't really quote stats from a journalist - go to the science journals.
30/03/15 03:46 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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