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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Keep calm Jock.
06/07/14 09:52 PM


Buy shares in GrainCorp Jock.
01/07/15 09:05 AM
Dan Cooper was 10 years old in 1989 when the than Federal Government decided to privatise AWB. This marked the beginning of the eventual lost of the true advantage of the single desk because there no more Government backing after 1999. When the single desk was finally lost, Dan was not involved in Ag politics at all. Why the personal attack rather than focusing on the issues?
20/06/14 11:07 AM
The NSW Government all but gave us Graincorp in 1992.Then only 10% of growers thought it worthwhile to buy shares.
PWA/GGA/GGL held a large portion of the shares and a structure that made it almost impossible for a take over. When GGL did sell their shares to the market, at a discount, growers were not even given a chance to buy them. Now you want the government to give us a second chance?
06/06/13 10:06 PM
Become a shareholder.
21/12/12 06:55 AM


Yes, Jock, I think the end users may well be regretting the loss of the single desk! Remember when the Pool held wheat for up to two years with all finance and storage costs paid for by the grower. So all the end user needed to do to secure supply was to out bid export parity.
18/06/15 11:00 AM
Thank you for trying to unite a grain industry.
22/01/13 07:30 PM
How about GGL directors?They sold our share holding at a discount to the trade without giving growers a change to buy any.
01/05/13 09:42 PM
This is about CBH and Western Australia wheat. A grower Co Op.
28/03/13 03:46 AM


A bit rich coming from Paul Howes leader of the most protected and regulated sector of the Australian economy.
15/10/13 09:20 PM


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