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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, no grazier would want to have a herd of GM cattle. It doesn't make sense genetically. You may select for form and productivity but in the end you have a herd that is all genetically the same. Sounds good but as the MIS schemes found out, if you have a forest of genetically similar clones and a disease gets in there is insufficient genetic variation for the majority to survive. On that simple basis, a lot of MIS plantations failed. It doesn't matter if it is a cloned tree or cow, a disease in a population will take all if there is not enough genetic variation. It's simple genetics.
08/02/14 08:00 PM


We can't offend out Chinese mates too much or they might give up digging up Aussie farms and exporting them to China.
What a pathetic fine.
31/03/15 04:47 AM
I'll bet any cutting of red tape is lengthways.
31/03/15 04:42 AM
If I want to support Aussie farmers and fishermen, I never buy a product that is labeled " Local and imported ingredients". It can't be impossible to say the fish or frozen peas I am about to buy are "Product of Australia 75% and imported 25%". Even then I would buy the one that said "Grown, and packed in Australia". Without identifying Australian product, we canot support our own producers. Maybe that is what the Food and Grocery Wholesalers want?
Give us honest labeling and the home grown product will be better off. Anything else is pure nonsense.
25/02/15 09:32 PM
The Greens should be congratulated on introducing this bill by all livestock producers. As I see it, this is a very positive way of reducing their electoral support right across the board in rural Australia. Not satisfied with their reduced vote in Tasmania and South Australia, they have come up with this ingenious way of totally making themselves totally irrelevant. Well done Lee Rhiannon!
01/04/14 09:36 PM
Graincorp holder, in reference to Grain Corp et al, it may be worth you blokes looking at organisations that work. NZ has combination coop/corporation organisations/companies that work well and go ahead and reinvest their profits in their own industry. Sometimes they borrow against assets to reinvest and have been proven to be successful. If the farmers of OZ got off their arse and pitched hard with the Feds to allow simple corporate coops, you may be better off than whinging about it.
14/01/14 08:33 AM
Bushie, as an outsider in this field, I notice by your current and past comments, you always criticise others without offering alternative courses of action. I don't particularly care what colour of politics anyone adheres to, but in my eyes, if they cannot offer up some concrete suggestion for new courses of action within their criticism and logically and reasonably justify it, they are relegated to "BlowHard" status and their credibility is severly reduced.
03/01/14 11:26 AM
Amusing comments above. Seems that most people want lower retail prices in the supermarket and yet producers want higher farm-gate prices for their produce. Let me know how you get on with that. Costco and Aldi are not the solution to your woes.
30/12/13 08:58 PM
BB, bankrupt them? $32k out of their multi-million budget is going to bankrupt them? It may be a good thing that Hockey is refusing to subsidise AA in a lot of peoples lights but your statements make me wonder about your intellectual capacity. To the rest of those who are happy about Hockeys cut, let me remind you that it is not going to stop AA from doing what they do. If you want to stop them, you need Canberra to harden up the trespass and privacy laws for a start.
19/12/13 08:39 PM
Brino, humility and respect ? Abbott? How do you arrive at that? Now, if he were like Jim Killen or Ben Chifley it would be a definite yes. And strength? I think you are mistaking recalcitrance and obstreperousness for strength.
28/11/13 10:40 AM


Nikki 2, And now we have moronic manufacturers who make no sense in claiming their product is gluten free in an attempt to cash in on the irrational "gluten free is good" propaganda. I have seen "Gluten Free" and "Naturally Gluten Free" on milk, beef, lamb, jam, salsa and a whole host of other manufactured foods that don't have any grain based products in them at all. Often the Gluten Free label is on a product full of fats and/or sugar, foods that are not healthy at all if they take up a large proportion of your diet. The whole scene would be laughable if it weren't so deceptive.
08/07/15 06:27 PM
Dogsbody, there are no patents issued on plants that already exist in nature. What actually happens is that a PVR (Plant Variety Right) is issued If the plant is substantially different to what it was bred from. In the case of genetically manipulated plants, the genes that are inserted have to be demonstrated to make the plant different and this difference is recorded with the PVR application. In effect, a PVR is not a patent, though there are similarities.
18/06/14 07:08 PM
"In a recent interview with Fairfax Agricultural Media, Mr Joyce said the GM debate had to move on from the religious and to the scientific".
It is a pity the Federal Government doesn't even have a science minister and is drastically reducing funding the CSIRO, our leading science organisation that is working on better breeding of crop plants.
So who are the ideologues, the anti-Gmo protesters or the anti-sciencers who reckon Global Warming is crap and who currently run this joint?
Seems that the Feds and the anti-Gmo organisations are tarred with the same brush.
28/05/14 12:37 PM
“It is clear that non-GMO farmers such as Steve Marsh face significant financial impacts if their crops are contaminated.” WA Senator Rachel Siewert .
Incredible. 8 or 9 GM plants are "Contamination". Get into the real world. It is not like the place was over run by something really damaging like parthenium or lantana.
28/05/14 12:27 PM
Scrit, it seems that Michael B doesn't know if he is coming or going, just like the anti-GMO lobby. So good to see a rare piece of justice and common sense from our courts.
The unimaginable thing is, it was all over eight or nine wildlings. Wouldn't a normal person just pull them out and get on with life.
28/05/14 12:16 PM
Argis, I think you should have a sit down and a cup of tea after all that jumping to conclusions about my political orientation. Depleting your blood oxygen levels like that doesn't help your reasoning capacities.
It might make you ponder on things political, economic and fundamental to the welbeing of this country more closely if you were more critical in your examination of the performance of both the major political parties in this country.
But don't you worry your little head about all that. Leave it to the grown-ups.
21/04/14 11:56 AM
Nico, people like argis et al, have no hope of reading and understanding any sort of science paper. These deniers are part of the great IPA/Abbott, deny at all cost, puppets who cannot grasp the simplest concepts. They are to be pitied, not argued against because they do not have the capacity to reason on the most basic level nor can they understand the logic of science. It is a shame, really, but these are the ones who have elected this science denying government and will be the first ones to bleat when the cuts to the CSIRO begin to affect R&D into crop and animal breeding.
16/04/14 09:51 AM
What!! CO2 is not really a fertiliser after all!! Gee, Golly Gosh, who would have thought that that the scientists were right after all??
12/04/14 09:16 PM


In regards to the water levels of the bores, hasn't it occurred to anyone that the ridge is the underground aquifer recharge area? That's why they haven't found water on the ridge. Open up the ridge and you have coal and all of its constituent natural and undesirable heavy metals, sulphur and whatever being allowed to enter the water table without much restriction. Using explosives will make the pollution worse and will open up fissures to the water table even more.
23/07/15 12:30 AM
Don't expect much out of NBN wireless. Ours drops out at around 7.00 PM most nights and so I started to use it at 4.00AM and it dropped out at 4.15 AM and we got it back at a slower speed at 6.04 AM when everyone else was just making their first cup of coffee. Not impressed.
16/07/15 08:46 AM
Haya Nico, the bunch of ignorant twits that believe that more CO2 in the atmosphere is good and beneficial, ranks up there with Abbott the Rabbit's statement that coal is good for humanity are getting more entertaining as more and more evidence comes to light about the effects of CO2 in our atmosphere. Good entertainment value at least.
07/04/15 11:40 AM
Wonderful assumption,s Old Crow. Pity you don't understand the limitations of plant growth to increased heat and lack of necessary increased water availability. Basic plant physiology would give you a better understanding. Also, with the increased heat comes the extra variability of the climate.
Never mind, one day it might dawn on you, you are so far behind the eight ball when it comes to being able to see the big picture, it will be a mammoth task for you to catch up. But really, it is doubtful if you ever will.
06/04/15 11:11 AM
Percy, Max, Nat, Tremblz, Ivan and Andy, It is surprising to me that none of you have any idea of why milk is pasteurised. From the point of view of science which has proven outcomes, not one of you have anything right. It is sad that this is the level of understanding of reality in regard to pasteurisation of milk.
By the way, I have a pet crocodile that is fully broken in and comes with a tailor made saddle and bridle for sale. He is going cheap at $10,000 with free delivery.
18/12/14 11:44 AM
JFT, Where do you get that nonsense that there has been no warming in 17 years, etc. Nothing you claimed could be further from the scientific truth. Don't bother waving some cherry-picked factoids at us. Find some peer reviewed science with real evidence of your claims. The global warming deniers web sites seem to lack understandng of even the basic science, and if there has been no warming for 17 years, why are large slabs of Antarctic glaciers falling into the sea and the Arctic Sea ice reducing to record levels, and massive melting of the Greenland ice mass starting? Get some real science.
18/06/14 07:22 PM
Now, it doesn't matter one iota what the deniers claim. They are failing to realise the benefits of adapting for CC and the implementation of renewable energy. Their credibility has been shot. They keep on deliberately cherry picking and interpreting data wrongly and/or cannot understand the science and in the meantime, the sea is still rising, the ice caps keep melting, the pH of the sea keeps dropping and they can't see the big picture around them. They aren't worth arguing with.To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.
05/07/15 10:52 PM
Just love it when people proudly display their scientific ignorance on their sleeve like a badge of honour. Poor stupid twits.
07/04/15 11:29 AM
Simple, Old Crow, they understand what is happening and there is nothing remarkable about it when you understand the difference between weather and climate. Pity you can't learn what the big picture is all about.
Pity you denialists are being left behind by the science.
Never mind, at least you can proudly tell your grand kids you did every thing to help the fossil fuel multinationals dig up and stuff up not only the land where you earn your living, but also the climate. That'll be a proud record for you to boast about as you and others of your ilk keep bleating about the grand conspiracy.
06/04/15 10:55 AM
Bushie, I build and repair cranes and I grew up as the son of a farmer. Now let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever produced a physical item for sale? If so, did you get the costs and mark-up you wanted? Were you in control of your sale price or did your customers determine what your product was worth to them and offer just the cost of production? Are you in some government protected business or are you a simple public servant? I would be most interested in knowing what you are and where your experience is founded or foundered.
03/11/14 09:43 AM


Macho Pico, absolutely precious. You should think about all that DNA you eat in that nicely rare rump steak. It's rotten with DNA. One morning, you're going to wake up with horns and if you have been eating lamb and cabbage, you'll probably be growing wool all over your back and cabbage leaves sprouting out of the top of your head instead of hair.
Yup, bad stuff this DNA garbage they are poisoning our food with. I say, it has to stop right NOW.
04/05/15 09:50 AM


Here is a clear example of someone living their dream. In other words, Chris Delforce is living in a dream world disconnected from logic or reality. So sad!
11/07/14 10:18 PM


Next you are driving down the road and being held up with a slow old back hoe, maybe you will hope that machines like this will become standard in the future. (:-)
20/09/14 12:31 PM


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