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"Delusion" is probably the most apt word to describe this article. This Bettle bloke seems to think the election was fought over live export. It wasn't. It was a protest against an incompetent Labor government. Abbott's win was the smallest margin to win government since 1972.
Bettle also makes the idiotic reference to "extreme activists" as if displaying humane acts and opinions was a bad thing. In all our live markets slaughterhouses our animals are treated abominably, and tens of thousands of Australian animals continue to die on the death boats every year.
06/10/13 01:24 AM

Get Muddy

Great article, Sam! I'm so sick of the bellyaching from those who wouldn't know hard work if it bit them on their arse. Good farming is adapting to the circumstances. The whingers would be better off leaving the land.
12/07/13 06:45 AM


@farmerswifeintraining, no that's not the case. ESCAS puts the responsibility on the exporters. ESCAS acknowledges that Australia has no power to force other countries to act ethically toward animals. What Edwards wants is all cash no responsibility. Remember these are sentient lives you are transporting overseas along with Australian jobs. Why are you alleged farmers consistently blind to that fact?
12/04/13 08:30 AM
It's very convenient for atavistic throwbacks like 'chops' and 'grazier' to try to bully a woman like Lyn White. Takes a big man to do that.
What they forget is that she was supported by a multiple Walkely-winning journalist, Sarah Ferguson, the entire 4 Corners staff, Dr Bidda Jones from the RSPCA, Dr Temple Grandin, tens of thousands of people who gave their weekend to march, and millions who sent letters to MPs.
This is not about jobs. It's also not about one woman. It's about animal welfare, and the stain on our national character whilever live export continues.
07/06/12 07:57 AM
"A GRAZIER" , you just don't get it, do you? The link you provided simply showed a slaughterhouse owner who believes he had the right to continue abusing animals because he "just don't think city people really understand about killing the way country people do."
This is the crux of the issue: it's not about city vs country, it's about behaving in a manner , and conducting one's affairs in an ethical way. Bashing pigs with sledge hammers should not be "standard practice". neither should killing them in full view of their live mates.
Giles deserved to be shut down.
06/06/12 06:03 AM
The conduct of farmers and much of the rural sector over this issue has damaged their reputation considerably.. Rather than fight the issue they should have helped to shut down live exports on principle. Lyn White has emerged from this as the number one role model for all young Australians.
06/06/12 03:46 AM


That pretty much says it all. When the only defence put forward by the animal killing industries is one of monetary value, you know they haven't got an ethical leg to stand on. Legality does not equal morality, in fact throughout history laws have lagged well behind the advancements in ethics and compassion. Were it not for activists, women would not have the vote, African-Americans would still be slaves, our indigenous people would have no rights, whales would be hunted to extinction and whole ecosystems would have collapsed.
12/07/14 01:19 AM
Anyone who is involved in this trade can never speak on any issues of ethics. If they ever had a soul, they sold it along with their participation in this barbarity.
23/03/14 09:40 PM


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