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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the elder statesman stuff just yet. The Senator needs to put up the persuasive argument that convinces state and federal parliaments to adopt legislation that abolishes agricultural levies first, then even a Knighthood would be justified.
14/07/14 06:54 AM
You wouldn't sue a chemical company when your neighbours spray drift damages your crop or the match manufacture when your neighbours burn off escapes and damages your assets so what's the difference with GMO's escaping when the risk of contaminating neighbouring property was so evident from the Canadian experience even before GMO canola was introduced in Australia?
17/02/14 12:31 AM


A double dissolution of Parliament is what's needed but the current incumbents won't come at that because they know most would be looking for another job if it were not for the generous Parliamentary pension which is not available to the rest of the Australia's population. Working on the floor at Rossi until they are 70 before becoming eligible for a pension might focus their minds on what really parliamentarians could doing for Australia.
17/07/14 04:45 AM
Bushie is ignorant of the CAP worth 1.2 billion euro annually paid directly to his efficient Irish farmers for just being farmers.
14/06/13 03:39 AM
NBN satellite is much faster and cheaper than 3G and I suspect faster than 4G, that's if 4G were ever going to be available to remote rural areas and to state satellite is slower than dial up is just silly. High speed NBN satellite is currently here and now and an option unlike unaffordable connections to a node some day or being stuck with unreliable copper wires.
15/04/13 01:12 AM
Bushie Bill, you have Ted pegged correctly but Australian farmers, processors, manufacturers are going to the wall or moving offshore if they can. The farmers left are getting older and would sell to the next generation if that were possible but can't because farming is financially unsustainable in Australia. Severe austerity will surely follow when mining runs its course and the city subsidies dry up. Enjoy your lifestyle now Bill because farmers austerity will be yours as well quite soon.
11/04/13 03:05 AM
I thought Jock may have put a spine back into the NFF. What a weak reaction to a clear invasion of privacy.
02/04/13 11:07 PM
From my experience two weeks after applying you will have cheap, reliable NBN connected. That is assuming you are genuinely remote, otherwise you already enjoy access to commercial ISPs. It’s your choice to remain connected to the copper put in last century.
23/01/13 10:28 PM
The time to act was before the loony right got their way on so-called free trade, deregulation and selling up public assets to make the books balance. Unfortunately the books still don't balance. Foreign investors are already buying up our cheap dirt with no impediment. Not until the urbanites feel true free market competition for their labour and services will this situation change for farmers and manufacturers. The answer is to welcome and freely allow in overseas labour and services to compete with the locals rather than jail so-called illegals in our expensive detention camps.
23/01/13 11:52 AM
NBN allows farmers affordable communication with high-speed Internet and therefore the ability to use this type of technology.
23/01/13 04:53 AM
Not until the urbanites cost of living outstrips their ability to pay for the imported goods they rely on to support their way of living will anything change. The high Australian dollar is the root cause why Australian manufacturing has moved offshore and why farmers cannot compete with their overseas competitors either domestically or as exporters. The general Australian population centred in the capital cities currently riding on the mining boom will not agitate their politicians for a lower dollar value and in fact a higher dollar gets them a better holiday "overseas".
23/01/13 04:14 AM
So who with authority is going to tell the Americans, Europeans, Asians that having depleted their easy hydrocarbon gets that had been sequestered for eons that they better rug up for winter and find a cool place in summer that does not rely on electricity because this is their future. No volunteers? Thought so! We better all adapt and suffer the consequences of hydrocarbon exports, coal seam extraction and the like along with accepting the risks with using nuclear power in our own back yard. These comments are not peer reviewed nor based on dodgy science.
04/01/13 09:06 AM


A good starting point would be replacing the likes of Howes and Fitzgibbon rather than selling off Ma and Pa farms to foreigners that exploit Australian company and tax laws. At least Ma and Pa contribute to their Australian communities rather than flying in and out.
05/12/13 11:30 PM
For some farmers the best out is to sell to overseas investors that can arrange their affairs to dodge costs ordinary Australian farmers are stuck with. What would our war veterans that fought and died for their country think of the current population that sells out to a communist country just to make a quick quid? Wake up before it’s too late and we are governed by a totalitarian government. If you reckon farming is tough now take a trip and ask a Chinese farmer what tough is.
04/01/13 09:38 AM


Any shearer that still thinks they cannot be filmed misbehaving on the board is deluding themselves. There is an iPhone hanging from every stand these days with no red blinking light to indicate who could be starring next on national and international television. The waste of space Australian Wool Innovation has once again demonstrated its inability to protect the wool industry or even understands the risk this type of adverse publicity does or how it could have been prevented.
15/07/14 12:52 AM
So everyone working for the Minister was doing such a terrifically great job that the chief of staff had to fall on his sword or was he the sacrificial lamb?
17/02/14 01:33 AM
So which corporate structure would Mr Howes advise his worker members to strive for after ma and pa have been corporatized. The American system where begging is the method of social support, Pakistan or India where the wage is likely to be one dollar a day. I would employ more workers if I had the advantage of American subsidised farming or could operate a sweat shop operation but that would go against my principles.
02/12/13 09:25 AM
Hey Dick... Why should farmers land be stuffed up so you can get cheap gas? How about extending the Timor Sea gas pipe to the capital cities instead. Oh, that's right you need the cash from cheap export oil and gas to maintain your suburban lifestyle.
23/01/13 04:30 AM


So Australian Wool Innovation has managed to fund a project that any farmer could have given them the answer to free of charge. Meanwhile the destruction of livestock continues unabated while bureaucracy thinks up more unjustifiable impediments that make it harder for farmers to deal with livestock predation.
15/07/14 03:52 AM


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