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Because Chick, they have the money and the Territory does not.
15/10/15 04:26 AM
Western World consumers must stop discarding 40% of their supermarket purchases? That will easily be achieved when food and other resources have a sizeable price increase. Waste will be unaffordable, at least for majority.
05/12/14 05:51 AM
Angry and Farmer Joe have hit several nails on the head.
04/07/14 05:05 AM
Blondie - check who owns what percentage of AA's shares. You may wish to revisit your comment.
28/05/14 02:34 AM
Exactly so Daw.
30/04/14 12:23 PM
Yessss even "inherited assetts" require money to run to produce the product (which you will be a price-taker for)- you've got to make money before you can spend it - or get another loan. Diversification requires Capital Injection - producers in debt already not in position for that.
Where are you from Bosco - I want to visit and see what a wealthy farmer looks like. While sizable funds get traded in my operation the actual personal cash return to me is minimal and it IS below the Dole and has been for years. I'm OK -used to it but I'm not recommending it to my children.
13/12/13 07:35 AM
There is a lot you don't know about AACO.
24/10/13 05:22 AM
One swallow doesn't make a summer.
11/07/13 02:57 AM
Yea!!! Bloody Wonderful!
Sock it back to them!
01/03/13 07:31 AM
So - bearing your statement above, Bushie, who do you think really owns the farm?
21/02/13 03:37 AM


So well said David.
26/06/15 03:56 AM
Well put NMGD
26/11/14 11:34 AM
Clearly MLA did not address viability issues.
Production gets pushed down producers throats but at whose benefit? Not ours.
23/08/14 01:04 AM
Freerange is not the best for pigs.
Good business practises and good returns go hand in hand and abused, neglected animals WILL NOT support the above outcomes therefore they will be out of business in next to no time - no room in the AG game for financial mistakes or underperformance.
13/12/13 07:46 AM
Not going to complain about 82mm of rain and not too cold for the cows either.
25/11/13 05:33 AM
Wake up to yourselves and get over it.
02/09/13 01:50 AM
Well said Gabriel
31/07/13 02:38 AM
Yes Will,
I am going to try it too.
05/03/15 07:42 AM
Yes Farmer - nailed it down.
31/12/14 05:31 AM
Dear Jack, you have obviously never had to go hungry.
If, by chance you had nothing else to feed your family excepting cage eggs, I bet you you would soon lose your high and lofty stance. I'm 100% right cos else you would starve to death.
16/12/14 08:26 AM


I wonder who Dr. Prowse is actually working for....and whose interests are promoted - certainly not those of us trying to operate businesses that are impacted by wild dog predation.
Put your money up Dr. Prowse, lease a property, use your "modelling" here on planet earth and take your paycheck from the profits. Bet you don't.
15/12/14 07:31 AM
John - I too should like to see a $500 bounty.
14/07/14 05:29 AM
Brindi - not all wild dogs take baits. People should be free to do what works to control their issue - if they have one.
14/07/14 05:28 AM


Agree with Fiona - this property is not cheap.
Another thing - Mitchell grass is good - but 20 points and see it blacken - no better than anywhere else then - my point - it is not worth 20 M with grass - you still have to get a return on money invested - spend extra on stock and or upgrade infrastructure for alternative income e.g, agistment.
22/10/14 05:10 AM
Property prices should really be in respect of what they(the property) produces as a business, unless the property is being purchased for other reasons, e.g. such things as sentiment, philanthropy, animal sanctuaries....
Otherwise - the property price bubble situation worsens.
20/10/14 06:09 AM
Cows may come and cows may go ...... but time's been overdue to wind up the Bull around here.
Bad business is bad business no matter who is in charge.
29/08/13 02:22 PM


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