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budget update the other day ... we will be going backwards after we have banked this record crop. cbh will record another record profit guaranteed.
22/09/16 01:51 AM
so why subsidize lime to lake grace farmers only? and isn't this simply a distraction from the inability cbh is going to have to handle the coming harvest. dropping the ball.focus on the core business
16/07/16 01:19 AM
never a good idea to invest in a sector which is red hot. someone always ends up paying too much and in this case it looks like blue lake are laughing all the way to the bank. investment all about timing
29/06/16 10:29 AM
I'd like to know what CBH is going to do with what looks like be an absolute buster of a year.
this year is going to highlight that while the directors have been focussed on their little pet projects, the core business got neglected as farmers fine tune their craft. It was only a matter of time before the above average years started to return and grain storage capacity will perhaps be exceeded. You won't want to dawdle this harvest otherwise you could have a farm full of trucks with nowhere to go.
18/06/16 09:40 AM
Ok let's have the vote. It's obvious CBH have something to hide in their books and I am betting some major losses that they are covering at the moment. of course they have always been able to cover up losses by cross subsidizing and fiddling the books accordingly. these directors are on notice and should have learnt from the AWB that corruption always catches up with you
10/03/16 09:59 PM
heres an example of the money these corporate affairs turkeys walk away with when they muckrake ..
Deutsche Bank AG will receive at least $6-million and possibly as much as $11.5-million if Stelco Inc. accepts another bid instead of the German bank's $900-million offer to raise new money for the legally insolvent steel maker.
http://www.theglobeand che-bank-break-fee-angers-stelco- investors/article18277354/
07/03/16 10:36 PM
whilst cheaper fertilizer is always welcome, me suspects this is going to come back to bite us in the form of higher storage/handling costs. growers can see through this.
i guess when you havbe an open cheque book and you run a political organisation, you can throw all your resources (our hard earned) into preserving the political organisation
28/01/16 11:49 PM
been a lot of advertising on GWN television last 12 months. how much does that cost?? don't need adverts, need cost savings. we are getting stung up. trains with no train tracks. top heavy management structure. trading losses. what next? writedowns on Asian investments. what happened to our investment at Newcastle. 3rd year of drought over there. debacle!!!!
30/10/15 03:55 AM
A Grower, plenty of cockies out east here this year that won't have a profit but will still have paid plenty of GRDC pound of flesh. That is tax without profit cobba and hardly cricket.
Maybe you Western Districts farmers could pick up the slack when we cant grow a profit out here.
GRDCs no use to me when Im forced to Mandurah like two of my cousins already have been.
17/10/14 11:37 PM
confidence fast evaporating as the wheat price simply tumbles! down $45/t in under a month!
06/06/14 12:21 AM


another 40mm this weekend 20mmt a possibility and cbh has been busy preparing for it by building malthouses in Vietnam, buy oat processing plants in vicco, building grain terminals in nsw, opening offices all around the world??? wtf? what happened to looking after the core business. tempers will be running high towards the end of this harvest. you wouldn't want to be the last to finish this year cos there mightn't be a home for it
16/07/16 01:12 AM
as a long time coop supporter I've had it up to here from the board with the so called network plan we never get to see. It's obvious there is no plan so for me the AGC proposal shows leadership which this company needs. the reality is CBH has to get efficient or it is going the way of the dodo along with our equity. put it to a vote mr Newman .. What are you afraid of ? Growers exercising a bit of democratic right??
02/03/16 09:49 PM
out these parts the grdc drain is taking its toll. been a while since we turned a profit for consecutive years. no amount of research will make it rain more.
more equity on the other hand will make us more resiliant. the system is broke, the only free riders as far as i can see is the grdc.
19/01/15 05:19 AM
12 years eh? pity i dont grow chicpeas eh? a lot of farmers have gone bankrupt in that time payin levies for useless research. so the question is was it grdc who solved the problem or the chemical companies?
15/08/14 04:56 AM
to NSWNoTill. Could you name us the last innovation you adopted that wasn't discovered by a farmer rather than GRDC?
14/08/14 11:32 PM
plenty of farmers still own wesfarmers shares they was originally issued, storm in a teacup, lets get the baby listed so I can buy some more shares. they'll be gold!!!
27/07/14 10:01 AM
For those of us who farm in the eastern Wheatbelt, it is obvious our storage and handling costs are going to rise no matter what happens to CBH. The Western producers given any choice, will jump to the cheaper paths to market and leave CBH with our tonnes to derive their profits from. For me, I prefer a future where I have my equity in the form of shares in a company that pays dividends to offset these rising costs. Any cockie with half a brain out here knows the cross subsidisation is not far off ending.
08/06/16 10:25 AM
As a grower in the eastern Wheatbelt there is a great deal of apprehension what will happen to our S/H costs in the future. Regardless of whether CBH corporatises we must come to terms with the fact that regardless of what the future holds, there is nothing more important than bringing our CBH equity onto our balance sheets. If costs are to rise the new listed shares will offer a perfect hedge. ATM we have no means of hedging s&h costs. Theres a lot of silos going in out west on farm. Everyone out here is doing the sums and they look pretty good given the recent good production years.
24/02/16 12:40 AM
CBH will have to all but give up on this catchment once all this up country capacity is up. whos next cargill, ADM, Drefyfus or maybe even one of the Asian trading houses???? the leak is about to turn into a gaping hole and all our cbh wealth will evaporate as well . bloody travesty
29/01/15 11:51 AM
the only time we here squat from these directors is when they need a vote. things have to change at CBH, they are as transparent as a foggy shower screen. where is the leadership really coming from? we don't need a harmonious board, we need a board with differed opinions to drive debate to the best options forward. above all we need clarity on how we can al get access to our equity. out here i can tel you that is all that matters
14/01/15 11:08 PM


Biggest challenge for the Eastern Wheatbelt is LIME. Rules Limesand pit has 4-5 year left and AgLime has found a reef of limestone angling up into their resource reducing the life of the deposit. $50/t lime anybody?
20/06/14 01:52 AM
This problem exists because farmers have been paying too much for the neighbour's farm and shiny new gear. Now these mal-investments are unwinding we are in for a stormy road ahead. Land prices have crashed in our area. Pretty soon CBH is going to imbibe our debt problems and face a solvency test itself.
16/05/13 11:05 PM


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