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Animal activists are sad little people who have this notion that it's their duty to save the world... get a life.
22/12/13 09:11 PM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
The ABC is full of lefties, what do you expect.
16/05/13 11:40 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Cubby Station, anyone.
03/01/14 02:01 AM
Why do you suppose ADM was happy to pay dearly to get hold of Graincorp, would it have anything to do with Australias' clean food image, proximity to a growing market in SE Asia, GNC having a monopoly on the East coast.
I'm puzzled, can anybody help.
02/12/13 06:41 AM
How can GNC still operate with a board and CEO that recommended selling out to a foreign multinational.
They need to be kicked to the kerb and new ones appointed ASAP.
02/12/13 06:27 AM
If the call is for Australia to become "the food bowl of Asia", then why the hell are allowing the sell off of semi monopolies like GC that could be earning mountains of loot for us.
10/05/13 09:41 PM
Don't confuse chooks with humans as the animal huggers obviously do, chooks only need 3 things, food, shelter and security, the rest is just window dressing.
07/03/13 12:49 AM


You get the feeling that the powers that be don't want us consuming our own grown food, they are more interested in letting in untested cheap produce, how about some better labelling laws, can't cost that much.
19/02/15 06:41 AM
If foreign ownership of land was halted, the Chinese could hardly bleat about it, try buying a farrn in communist China.
18/01/15 07:33 AM
The road transport lobby must pony up more $$$ for political donations than the rail lobby.
01/08/14 12:15 AM
How many grain growers have a header sitting in the shed which gets used for a few weeks a year.
13/05/14 03:16 AM
The idiot Rudd could have put some of the wasted billions into rail infrastructure, but no, he wasted it on $900 handouts spent on Chinese tvs.
24/03/14 11:46 PM
Might work in the lab, but in the real world.?
07/03/14 02:45 AM
' Buy Australian' could violate a bilateral trade agreement, what th', maybe someone should be taking a look at what gets put in these trade agreements, they never seem to favour us.
06/02/14 10:45 PM
Here's a thought Joe...... build a series of small nuclear desal and pump plants along the NSW south coast, to pump water up to Lake Eucumbene, there's the problem sorted for hydro power and irrigation water for Murray basin farming to supply the coming Asian demand.
Small nuclear plants of less than 100MW, similar to submarine and aircraft carrier power plants, that run for years before needing refuelling, can be delivered to a site on the back of trucks.
The second is our 'safety net' social security is more like a futon, it's too comfortable and too many are on it that don't need to be.
06/02/14 12:34 AM
A dingo of an act, the previous govt spent everything, leaving a smoking black hole.
Let SPC/Coca Cola go cap in hand to the bank.
04/02/14 07:41 AM
We have enough water, just too much population.
14/01/14 12:19 AM


That seems excessive cost for a bulk product.
$60 a tonne for a 200km trip ..jeeeeez.
06/02/14 11:41 PM
And here's Australia, selling off farms, ports, grain handling, etc, with a market like this on our doorstep.
We need our head read.
23/07/13 07:47 AM
Sounds a bit like the story of NASA spending million$ to make a pen that writes in space, when the Russians used a pencil.
12/02/13 03:27 AM
Will most likely be $360t by the time harvest is in.
21/08/12 07:55 AM
"TED".......... I think you'll find Morrocco is in the Northern hemisphere, hence they are in spring.
02/04/12 04:26 AM
Spot on, Mike, and furthermore, where are the Green groups screaming about the extra fuel and rubber to be used in replacing rail with road, not to mention polution, crowded roads, and accidents.
If I had a kid using a school bus in any of these wheat areas, I would be very, very worried about their safety.
This report which is leading to Tier 3 closures is a most dishonest one, engineered to justify the Govt not spending any money on the rail system.
08/02/12 03:49 AM


The RSPCA is now chock full of lefties and greenies, and it shows.
21/04/15 06:09 AM
Just imagine what could be done in the north of Australia
with new dams.
02/01/15 02:05 AM
Rhiannon needs to get out of the city a bit.
25/03/14 04:44 AM
I'm sure the folk that design and build roads in Australia would be surprised to find that trucks use them too.
24/03/14 11:55 PM
These animal activists never got over having to give up thier teddy bear, they think every animal is just soo cute and deserves to have all the rights of a human.
03/09/13 03:33 AM
" Hard working objective educated intelligent public servants".
... that says it all.
23/11/13 12:11 AM
When you see the CEO of a company about to be taken over, recommending that takeover, you have to ask what's in it for them.
12/11/13 08:32 PM
Even though ADM directors are facing criminal charges. ?
10/11/13 10:29 PM
I just did a trip from Brisbane to Blackall and back and saw many hundred dead roos, one pig, two foxes and a few crows.
I did not see one live roo, I drove between 9am and 4pm.
The large amount of dead roos is usually a sign of drought, the roos come to the roads for the green verges and get belted at night.
It was very dry out west.
12/08/13 07:25 AM
Keeping Rudd on the back bench and selecting Short Willy shows that Labor hasn't learned a thing.
09/09/13 09:50 AM


The imported stuff, whether from Italy or Hungary or the US may be cheaper but I have never bought it, only SPC for tinned peaches or tinned tomato or baked beans.
06/02/14 12:39 AM


What's wrong with an 11,000v fence and rotties plus cctv.
The idiots need to feel the full force of the law.
There are procedures if they 'feel' that the animals are being mistreated.
15/06/13 03:24 AM


How good is that, this is truly ' Coals to Newcastle'.
22/09/13 10:10 PM


Would this fire sale be an indirect result of the incompetent Labor govt shutdown of live ex.
06/02/14 11:18 PM
Both sides of govenment are falling over themselves to sell us out.
Go Bob.
27/11/12 09:29 PM
Let's hope they make a cockup of it and sell up for half the price paid for it.
23/09/12 06:07 AM


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