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  Divided they fell 10 Comments 10
Sure the Labor Govt were a model of disunity and mismanagement. The killer for them was that they did absolutely nothing but destroy all the policies that were working in Australia like border security and added some real momentum killers like a carbon tax, excessive debt, an over specified NBN, and a botched mining tax. On top of that they messed up the introduction of the NDIS and mismanaged the pink bats and Schools halls fiasco. They did nothing for infrastructure except to add a few klms to the Pacific highway upgrade, but that was skewed to keep Oakeshott onside. That is why they lost.
14/09/13 10:16 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
Broken Gate You are behind the times. This story was posted in May and you have only just found it, and your ideas are broken like your gate. You don't fool anyone. ABC Needs to be privatized or shut down. We have the private sector covering every bit of news around the country and the world now and don't need to waste any more of our tax money on this Left Wing excuse for a politically neutral broadcaster. It's coverage of political matters is non existent when the left are in the wrong and excessive when the right is. It is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money.
15/07/13 09:41 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
Qlander, I'm with you in suggesting medieval theatre of cruelty move elsewhere. And take all your whinging aa mates with you.
20/05/13 04:25 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

About time David Leyonhjelm started tackling a few real problems that would help Australian farming and industries start to make some profits and contribute to growth in our economy and create jobs and pay off some debts. Instead of that David chooses to attack any ideas for progress put forward. He still fails to put up any cogent ideas either. It seems more important for him to push for marriage equality as more urgent than getting our economy into shape.
28/10/14 10:22 PM
Consolidated, as I have told you before, don't be too gung ho. When the tide goes all boats are left high and dry. You need to focus more on what the tide is doing than what the other boaties are doing.
The fact is that all farmers today are worse off and the tide is not turning. If it was better off, there would be more people involved, The ABS stats show that the income from your ton of wheat today buys you only one sixth of what it bought you in the 1900's should be one sign post that is easy enough for even you to see. Better investigate that eh before you too run aground.
22/10/14 06:40 AM
Deregul8, you continue to spread fibs about the prices offered for Aussie wheat being at a premium.
The facts from the USDA say the opposite. They show Australian fob bids at a discount of around US$50/t below equivalent wheat out of the US. But don't let facts get in the way.
22/09/14 11:47 PM
My answer to you Jock, is that the worst thing a good man can do, is remain silent when wrongful or misleading actions or claims are made. I support those presenting contrary or counter points of view.
30/07/14 03:26 AM
About time a well constructed statement was put together, to show up the hypocrisy and pathetic lack of logic and animal care, in the fringe group trying to kill our LE industry.
Congratulations David.
16/06/14 02:27 AM
Taxpayer you have been told before. Diesel rebates are not subsidies. It is the money refunded by Government up to 18 months later, on fuel tax payments at the bowser for fuel not used on road. As no road benefits are gained from the "road tax" on that fuel, it is refunded without interest. It is virtually a subsidy from the off road operator to the taxpayer.
27/05/14 12:15 AM
You probably don't care that your comments have been trashed by your readers here today David. Even if you think so, your readers are not the mugs you take them for. Hope you learn something when you get into Parliament because you are going to be on a nice fat juicy taxpayer funded salary. From what you have written here it would appear you have done nothing to deserve it so far.
23/12/13 05:10 AM
As David L correctly reports, Aust farmers receive very little assistance from Aust taxpayers. In fact unlike their counterparts overseas they never have. Those posting that they do should pay attention to this information.
15/09/13 09:21 PM
I knew a guy like you once angus. His dad left him the farm he developed and paid for through years of blood sweat and tears with help from his father, all ready to expand and make money. He saw greener pastures and sold out. Now all his money is gone and he is bankrupt after all his genius ideas went south and his foreign investment money makers were not really there to help him, but rather help him out of his father's fortune. All that glistens is not gold.
10/09/13 11:28 PM
I am interested in your arguments here JFT. You say "we are a small trade exposed nation with no military power". And you seem to then argue because of such an (incredible and unsubstantiated) view, that we just lay down and let the world rape us? What an amazing cop out. We have proved over and over on the battle fields and in the market place we are far from a push over. Why do you think the US administration and Trading giants like Cargill and ADM put so much money and effort into bringing down our AWB Export system. Clearly not because it was a weak trader, quite the contrary.
09/09/13 01:24 PM

Get Muddy

  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
Well Sam, You have gone up in my estimations with this article. It is a great explanation of how selfish and petulant our society has become. We can only hope that Joe sticks to his guns and somehow gets his budget through. I don't mind if the paid parental leave system falls off the wagon on the way through however. It is a misfit in our current environment.
27/05/14 12:47 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Victor, tell me more about how urban development is so concerned about the environment. What they do is bulldoze entire landscapes, even in swamp areas (eg Warriewood NSW), and replace it with brick monstrosities. No trees, no wild life left. New home owners are not required to do any re-vegetation or restore any endangered species. But those living in such destroyed native environments have the gall to lecture farmers about retaining native vegetation and endangered species. About time you started paying for all your demands on rural land holders. Until then no respect for your comments.
11/08/14 12:10 AM
Bishop, you have no statistics to back you up. What you overlook is that the salt encroachment you talk about is still not understood even by scientists, as to its real cause or prevention. No farmer willfully damaged his own productive land. In virtually all circumstances, farmers were encouraged to go and turn native vegetation into productive farming land by Govt/community via various farm occupancy schemes. They then applied the best available knowledge to do so. In the process all have learned and now improved land care. The whole nation benefited but now asks just farmers to pay. No!
10/08/14 11:58 PM

Bush Matters

Don't know why you are wasting your time with these comments when I have no argument with the fact that the AWB was a regulated sole export seller of wheat on behalf of growers, at all times until deregulation.
25/06/14 10:45 AM
You did not read PAYG's comments deregul8. PAYG states he was a supporter of the Wheat Single Desk. It was only the WIF transfer for AWB listing he opposed.
25/06/14 07:00 AM
PAYG, the government did not take control of the commodity and trade it, as you state. The Wheat Marketing Act allocated that task to a group of farmers elected/nominated by growers. If it had been the Government as you suggest, then it would have been the PM, Ministers for Ag and Foreign Affairs and Trade before the Courts over the Iraq Oil for Food Inquest and not the Board and Management.
25/06/14 04:58 AM
PAYG, it is not clear whether you were ever a supporter of the Single Desk? On one hand you are saying that Government intervention killed the AWB. Where did you stand on the Government's Single Desk regulations prior to the WIF levy system, because that was also "Government Intervention"?
23/06/14 04:36 AM

Out of the shadow

I agree with LTF. He has hit the nail right on the head.
01/12/14 02:17 AM
Chick Olsson, you have summed up the current Labor Party and agriculture perfectly.
We still need to get big improvements out of the Coalition also in relation to agriculture and small business in general. They are pretty good at lowering our prices but hopeless at cutting the impact of irrational Government regulated costs we have to carry.
But for the moment, the Labor Party still deserve many years in the sin bin for total failure in managing the nation's finances and businesses. Their stance on Industrial corruption is unacceptable.
21/10/14 11:17 PM


Are you feeling alright bushie old chap? You have made some good sense in your comment here. Good for you.
02/01/15 03:17 AM
D8, as I told you I don't touch that stuff. You are the one who knows all about dosing up on cannabis, not me.
10/12/14 12:17 AM
Torobrook, try doing some homework. The peak in prices under AWB Single Desk were 4 x higher in todays $'s than the peak prices of today. Go to ABS Year Book for the facts.
You cant have it both ways. If you want to argue that only deregulation can deliver growers high prices, then you cant argue Single Desk only brings you low prices.
One day you may wake up to the fact that supply demand varies month by month & year by year and has a bigger influence on spot prices than any other factor including single desk regulations or deregulation.
09/12/14 01:26 AM
What a joke the so called free market embracers are. Most of them are still wet behind the ears. What a hide they have. All the infrastructure in the grain industry, including the central silos & storage system, 95% of todays Port Grain Terminals & the grain quality systems and branding of our crops, was done with fees & charges against farmers incomes & not "on the back of tax payers". That was when we had unified well organized marketing arrangements & farmers were actually making enough money to build new infrastructure. Under "free trade" farmers get bugger all, but the traders do well.
08/12/14 12:29 AM
Sounds like a good and beneficial stoush to me that has done no harm to anyone, and where it was fairly even on points. Its called making our elected MP's accountable. Nothing wrong with that.
29/10/14 04:33 AM
Insanely irresponsible nonsense deregul8. Even you said you did not forward sell enough early.
23/09/14 07:18 AM
If you were to sell half your crop in March, JFT but suffered crop failure in October, and couldn't deliver, you would be bankrupt, and sued for breach of contract. If only half was sold and the crop had not failed, there could still be a huge hit on the second half couldn't there. Anyway, taking that kind of risk would clean you out pretty soon on dryland wheat. Bad enough having a crop failure but having to go out into a drought market and buy wheat to fill a short contract is financially fatal if not impossible. It is pure madness.
23/09/14 04:25 AM
Deregul8, that $60 you speak of as an Aussie premium over the Chicago market of $195. Did you not tell us it was $60 when Chicago was at $295? If so your deregulated market is delivering you $100 less now. And according to your prediction, it is heading lower now. That is not much support for your claims of how the mega traders in a deregulated market do such a good job for Aussie growers is it. By harvest time when all the grain floods the market here, will it be down a further $100?
22/09/14 09:25 AM
Oh dear deregul8, I cant believe how this deregulated wheat market has now failed you. You put all your faith in it, and continued to talk it up while so many others knew what you are just finding out. That is, when you sell out to the mega multi nats, you go down eventually. It was only ever shortage of supply that caused the price hikes of recent years and not deregulation. You put your all your eggs in one basket and it was the wrong one.
22/09/14 05:40 AM
Don't need to John, it is very obvious, but maybe you should.
16/09/14 12:14 AM


PayAttention, there was nothing stopping farmers from setting their margins under Single Desk. It was open to any farmer to fix their margins by using the futures and derivatives markets to lock in margins. So it didn't really matter what your Pool Returns were, if you already had sold your crop forward on futures or derivatives. If you sold forward pre harvest at a high price and harvest prices were low, you bought back your futures at a profit to add to your Pool Return. So you got the high margin you sought.
15/12/14 06:04 AM
Not dreaming at all PayAttention, just quoting facts. As I said, you and your minority fringe anti Single Desk colleagues can't have it both ways. If you claim today's high prices are the result of deregulation just because they occur while deregulation is in place, you cannot deny the existence of much higher peaks in prices while Single Desk was in place. So if we go with your argument, then it is not deregulation which is giving us today's high prices. In fact experts are saying that they should be much higher than they are. Indicates the traders are ripping us off! No Surprise.
12/12/14 08:43 AM
Hoegrass, yes. Only the people who are interested in true facts and not those more interested in propaganda.
12/12/14 08:36 AM
Ok Torobrook tell us what leverage you think you have?
11/12/14 07:04 AM
Our growers are now in the hands of the international grain merchants who are no different to the international oil companies. They are able and willing to ignore the economic factors and pay us or charge us whatever they please. On our own as individuals, we grain growers have no leverage whatsoever now.
10/12/14 08:00 PM
The ABS Year Book, 2006, show wheat prices in 1950s at $1200/t in 2004 values and even in 1974 they show at over $600/t in 2004 values. Using 2014 values would put those 1900s prices higher than that.
10/12/14 09:08 AM
PayAttention, my quotation relates to A$ prices. Go to the ABS Year book if you are interested in the truth which I suspect you are not.
09/12/14 08:12 AM
PayAttention, unlike you I suspect, I do not indulge in illicit drugs of any type.
09/12/14 01:15 AM
Go to ABS year book and Pay(more) Attention in future.
09/12/14 01:13 AM
Some people want it both ways. When prices are up they want to claim it is due to deregulation. However even though the top prices under Single Desk, were 4 times better than todays best prices under deregulation, they claim Single Desk caused prices to be lower. These figures come from Australian Government Authority sources.
You just cant put brains or an honest tongue into some people can you.
08/12/14 12:41 AM


Speaking as a life long true bushie, Bushie, I can tell you, you won't hear a peep out of me the day the ABC is sold off. You will hear a very loud cheer. They are a total waste of valuable taxpayers funds. The $20 billion they will cost us over the next 10-15 years could be much better spent paying down the debt your mob created so we can all pay less taxes.
02/12/14 12:35 AM
The nation has gone backwards for long enough and the Greens have wreaked havoc on our economy and industries for long enough.Their credibility and influence should be contained to their level of votes at about 8-10 out of 100. We put Barnaby Joyce in to fix a few things and we don't intend to let a few radicals derail him. Get on with it Barnaby and lets see some of that water that floods wasted out into the ocean every year conserved and put to use in food and fibre production. Not to mention how many more people could also be sustained.
28/10/14 10:15 PM
Give me an open honest hard working Barnaby Joyce over that insipid, do nothing, Tony Bourke any day.
29/10/14 04:25 AM
I think you have hit the nail on the head Frank B. As Einstein said, "all things are relative".
28/10/14 06:45 AM
Gough could not manage the finances of Australia. Fancy a PM negotiating billions in finance for a sovereign nation from a no name exotic money dealer. He took us within a whisker of the cliff.
Had he been allowed to continue, we all would have been peasants to this day. Don't worry about any tariff issues.
21/10/14 11:05 PM
Brad and drowning in debt, maybe if we had much more commitment and unity in our Farm Lobby Groups, and those groups committed more to the problems underlying farm gate viability, we could better use situations like this to get the attention of Government and Community, to make some necessary reforms. For a start, I would be seeking changes to shift inflated regulated domestic costs to the welfare budget and away from the cost side of the business ledger. At least that would be more fair and equitable. But alas we have no strong unified Farm Lobby any more?!
16/09/14 01:16 AM
Drowning in debt, I am very sorry to hear your story. If you want to help stop the repeat of what happened to you, you must stop listening to the con men and look for the real reasons why farming families are continually going out backwards. I can tell you that CBH is not the problem. It is much bigger than that. It is community wide. All farmers costs are based on inflated regulated costs of inputs versus lowest world priced incomes. Wheat income today buys only 20% of what it did it 1950. While we are giving more jobs to others at our expense, ours are being lost.
15/09/14 11:39 PM
Brad, it will only end up that way in WA if you don't open your eyes and see the folly of your argument.
Wouldn't you be better to get yourself elected onto the CBH Board and work for growers from inside the tent instead of peeing on them from the outside.
15/09/14 03:44 AM
Brad Jones, CBH is owned by growers, with a Board of grower directors, elected by growers, working to negotiate to maximize growers sales prices against the likes of Bunge, ADM, Cargill, and all the other non grower owned corporations. Why would you want to make your Directors use your money to give a leg up to those seeking to take your money from you? Sometimes, I wonder what is in the water over there in the west.
15/09/14 02:55 AM
There a few commentators who keep talking about CBH operating inefficiently when compared with a commercial (public) corporation. Please read the AEGIC Report from early this year. It plainly shows CBH with much lower fees than the existing public companies operating around Australia. Comparing CBH with overseas on the same footing, on basis of services provided, for fees charged, also shows CBH up as very competitively priced and efficient. So those suggesting CBH is either inefficient or uncompetitive need to put up honest independent evidence or stop whinging. Its unprofessional & tedious.
14/09/14 09:34 AM


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