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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Outside agriculture, there are plenty of examples where businesses are price takers. The dominant players in the business set the price and the rest just have to follow suit and compete as hard as they can for their share of the pie. They are essentially price takers and have to adjust their business accordingly to make a profit.
30/07/14 04:10 AM

Get Muddy

Have to say I'm glad to live in Australia if this is going to be our biggest issue. A anti-meat debate is a "first world" problem. There is not many higher sources of protein than red meat. There are vast tracks of the globe completely unsuitable to crop production and only suitable for grazing purposes, which actually can enhance the natural landscape and carbon cycle. Keep on grazing and eating red meat I say!!
05/08/14 11:21 AM


Find me the evidence the Chinese government are involved with Orient!! All comments regarding Chinese govt involvement only stem from the very first comment and there is nothing I read in the actual article to suggest Chinese Government involvement. So who's brainwashing who? For a lot of foreign corporations in Australia Ag, they arrive with truckloads of money and leave only with suitcases.
09/10/14 11:40 PM
This property had been on the market for a long time. If people are so concerned about foreign investment, why didn't they put their hand up and buy it??
09/10/14 04:51 AM
X, since when is there a level playing field in business? One side will always have some form of advantage!!
07/10/14 05:41 AM
Jo, we already buy Aussie products via China!
07/10/14 05:38 AM
Probably have to agree with Peter Blackett. Maybe he was the best candidate for the job. Sounds like he has the right credentials if he was running CHS previously. If some of the stories are true of how inefficiently some Graincorp sites are currently managed, a little bit of Amercian influence at the top is not necessarily a bad thing for growers if he can improve them!!
13/08/14 02:54 AM
Co-ops are great in theory, however, I have to agree with Ivan regarding management. yes they do provide increased bargaining power, however, they also create in-fighting between members as everyone is trying to push their own agenda and want their say on every little issue.
29/07/14 11:42 PM
if you were a major owner (shareholder) of a business, you would want to keep up with that business' plans and management decisions. Graincorp's announcement to close 70 sites would be of interest to ADM as a major shareholder as well as their progress in obtaining a new CEO. Even if ADM are not in the market to buy Graincorp (for the time being?), they still do not want the "value" of Graincorp to deteriorate.
24/07/14 02:43 AM
This was always going to happen. Are the Nationals who initially blocked the sale going to pay compensation to Graincorp shareholders if ADM do end up buying Graincorp at a huge discount from their initial offer???? I think not. Being an existing large shareholder allows them a huge vote on the fate of Graincorp. The initial decision to block the sale was CRIMINAL. And I now hear that Barnaby Joyce is a fan of foreign investment and believes it does have a place in Australia. Two hat Barney is it?
22/07/14 03:19 AM
wtf and Beef Man. If you think China and other parts of Asia are going to sit back and retain inefficient supply chains in the future and pay higher and higher costs for commodities, you are kidding yourselves. Their supply chains, technology, and infrastructure will improve over time, so it may as well be Australians benefitting from assisting with these improvements rather than another country. Also, the reason you had 10 different answers is because they had their own individual opinions, and there's nothing wrong with that.
08/07/14 04:53 AM


I've never heard of a bank forcing someone into buying a property in the first place. It is the individual's decision to buy in the first place.
16/07/14 02:06 AM
Percy, maybe you should ask the farmers that question? I haven't heard you criticise the fact that a NZ entity (which also looks to be government owned corporation) currently owns this land.
14/07/14 03:28 AM


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