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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

You say Farmers are no different to anyone else when it comes to a liking for other peoples money David. Actually I beg to differ with you. Most farmers are less interested in other peoples money than most other people. Your statement is an urban myth. But it seems you are at the top of the list of people liking other people's money with total costs of well over $250k a year for us taxpayers to cover your costs as an MP. That is guaranteed for 6 years with guaranteed increases or reviews totally disconnected to markets, weather, our economy, or your performance.
27/11/14 12:48 AM
Have a listen to bushie bill. He is now denying that he and Mike Carlton are one and the same person, when no one has even suggested they are! Interesting also that he fully supports Mike Carlton and obviously the disgraceful behavior he was sacked for. Says it all.
08/08/14 05:00 AM
Bushie sounding more like the disgraced Mike Carlton all the time.
07/08/14 02:05 AM

A matter of opinion

Look, the PM said today that the ABC cuts came as a result of the Labour Government lies about the forecast budget outcome. That deficit forecast or BS guide was nearly 3 times bigger than advised, going from -$17b to nearly -$50b this year alone. On that basis the ABC should have been cut much more deeply. ABC copped a half percent cut while the Government deficit turned out to be +300%. Stop the belly aching.
If it were me in charge, I would have cut it back to 1 TV channel &1 radio channel and done away with all the online news medium. If they didn't like that I would sell the lot.
01/12/14 05:59 AM


Well CSIRO wastes millions of $$s on climate change. Drop that useless waste and transfer that wasted money to biosecurity and there would be a lot better value in such investment. Clearly you are worried. The answer is in your own hands. Just do it and stop whinging!
25/11/14 08:46 AM
Frank Blunt, You are 100% right about the ABC. It has stooped so low, its credibility and trustworthiness regarding anything it reports, is now totally shot to pieces. It is nothing more than a propaganda machine now and apart from a few kids' programs, it does not deserve 1 cent from the public purse. I can no longer bring myself to watch it. I say lets flog it off now.
25/11/14 05:00 AM
It is not inaccurate, Consolidated, to say that the average crop farm size is much bigger today at around 5 or 10,000 acres than it was 60 years ago when it was about 1000 acres. If small farms are better able to survive why are farm sizes continually growing? Kind of shot your argument in the foot there, didn't you?
24/11/14 07:54 AM
Once we get a volume of our farms in Chinese hands would be a good time to reintroduce single desk statutory marketing for the produce. That way we let the Chinese reform our labor systems and produce food and fibre at the Chinese low cost levels and then make sure we do not lose control of the produce. That would test their genuine desire to be Aussie farmers for the good of Australia just as our farmers have for the last two centuries.
17/11/14 04:19 AM
Torobrook, you are the pot calling the kettle black.
11/11/14 11:12 PM
Two issues - Management & Ownership. No matter who owns GC, if it is not well managed, it is costly & inefficient. GC has a history of poor management & infrastructure maintenance & modernization. Allowing NSW, Qld & Vic all to come under same ownership & ,management has not helped & has been anti competitive. This has meant less efficiency & less service at higher costs. Ownership by other than farmers has meant farmers are last in the queue for any improvement in either profit sharing or service. At least farmers in WA own CBH outright, & it is more modern and efficient than privatised GC.
10/08/14 09:20 PM
Bushie, you sound and behave a lot like the disgraced Mike Carlton.
06/08/14 11:49 PM
You are right Jock Munro. David's life story in this publication did say that he was in favor of gun freedom.
My summing up of his story could go something like this - let us all play the game, (be it NRL, AFL, Business/Commerce, medicine, education, or life), with no rules and no referees. Imagine the NRL State of Origin, or AFL Grand Final under these "non conditions". It would descend into a blood bath. Having Government is democratic chaos. But David's alternative sounds more bizarre.
10/07/14 02:01 AM


PayAttention and Independent Farmer, just wondering what impact you think supply demand has on the market and prices?
While you are at it tell us why you think you can survive on your own against the mega traders when hundreds of thousands of farmers in USA & EU cannot without Government subsidies? Also tell us why it is important to stay tiny as sellers when all other sectors of the business are forming giant organisations to muscle you into submission.
11/11/14 10:34 PM
Deregul8, there has never been credibility in anything I have read under your tag on this blog site. Making such outrageous allegations against past AWB people when investigations into the Iraq matter specifically said there was no evidence of any personal gain. This is par for the course for you. Proof there is no credibility in anything you say. You must be more desperate than ever that no one believes any thing you say.
03/09/14 08:18 AM
Which came first, the Grain producer or the grain trader? Which could survive in the grain industry without the other? Which one is creating wealth and which one is just taking a slice of the wealth cake?
10/07/14 02:06 AM
Peter Blackett, you have just been very lucky for a few years. Can you be sure your luck will remain? If it changes just as with all crazy gamblers, what will you do then? Tell us please what you have got between 2008 and 2013 as a percentage of the real price of wheat compared with what you got as a % of the real price for wheat between 1974 & 1994? Also tell us what net profit per tonne you made on farm gate returns for your wheat 2008 -2013 versus 20 to 40 years ago? The fact that there are about 20,000 less wheat farmers in 2013 than in 1983 means less profits per acre.
21/08/14 02:21 AM


Spot on Cattle Advocate. Countries like Australia not only fail to discourage political opportunists and traitors, they make heroes out of them via destructive and irresponsible media.
10/07/14 02:14 AM
Mr Truss may be no pop idle as MP's go but at least he is a steady, stay the course person, who does not change his policies and views daily with the wind. I would listen to him 10 times before listening to the fly by nighters like Palmer, Muir and Leyonhjelm. Truss is right about PUP's link with (fickle) protest voters.
30/06/14 12:06 AM


I suggest Mr Wilkie drop his subjective bias against livestock exports and do some wide reaching objective research before he opens his mouth again on this subject. He is just pandering to the extremist radical fringe group vote at this stage.
19/08/14 09:55 PM


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