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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Perhaps David should talk to the myriad of small farmers and wholesalers who used to make a living supplying the greengrocers before they were decimated by Colesworths. Much better that they are now reduced to surveying idle land and picking up welfare. And all for the benefit of providing consumers with more money for SUVs and McMansions by reducing their grocery bill.
Obviously David supports the transfer of wealth from country to city and from the 99% to the 1%.
05/05/14 03:06 AM
Using China instead of Russia as an example of communist economic disaster is 'unaustralian'. It challenges the belief system of people like David, so must not be mentioned.
BF, no individual grower gets control over their levies, but they do get a say. It's called democracy. Demand outputs, encourage your fellow growers to do the same and the research body will improve. Or sit back and whinge.
20/01/14 01:49 AM
The bg above is not the bg who has been posting on this site over the past 18 months. I actually agree with the post, but would prefer it if the poster avoided confusion by changing his/her screen name.
15/01/14 01:20 AM
Not always do I agree with David, but this is one time. But the same argument also applies to other middle class subsidy schemes such as Tony's paid parental scheme.
26/08/13 12:01 AM
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Labelling laws are 1 of the ways aussie farmers have been screwed - by people like David.
Many consumers will pay a premium for our produce (that's higher income, folks) but they want honest labelling.
ACCC do the best they can with woeful laws. I just read about a case won against a processor who put imported food into containers labelled Aussie product. Way around it, change label to 'Aussie made from local and imported products'. Try getting the Nats to protect farmers from being screwed, no way, they look after the big end of 'town' (city).
12/07/13 05:46 AM
Dirty Redneck. As long as your member gets the message that you are not rusted on, then you have a chance of him/her or their replacement listening to you.
Pollies listen to marginal seat voters. Help make yours marginal and they will start to listen.
I have voted Nats, but now see them as the enemy of the family farmer.
I'm not in the business of telling others how they should vote, just hopefully getting them to think about it a bit more.
05/04/13 02:47 AM
The author is expressing the views of both the Coalition and Labor parties, who can't be so explicit or they risk offending their voter base, especially the Nats.
Funding advisers is a subsidy. The only subsidies/free rides approved nowadays go to the groups who have influence. Agriculture no longer has influence, largely because it continues to vote the way grandfather did. So sit back and watch the Coalition do deals with miners, bankers, the Colesworth duopoly, Murdoch, etc. while the family farm slowly dies.
The alternative, farmers become swinging voters. I'm not holding my breath.
05/04/13 12:19 AM
Another smear campaign disguised as journalism. Are Made By to be protected from competition because the competitor is Greenpeace? Are they really bribes? If so, are the Cancer Council, etc. also receiving bribes? The business model is similar.
Is there any rebuttal to the poor score of wool and cotton? No, just a smear.
Maybe Greepeace haven't factored in the longer life of natural fibres, if so, wouldn't it be better to tell them, rather than throw mud.
21/03/13 12:48 AM
Relax folks, he's quite clearly 'having a lend'. Just read the last sentence again. The jokes on anyone who takes it seriously.
12/02/13 11:21 PM

Get Muddy

Australians, especially farmers, have been taught to focus on the bulk market for the last 50 years that I know of. You are talking about niche products. We do have niche producers but they tend to be on the outer of the mob, And the mob rules. Ever been to a dairyfarmers meeting where a young fellow comes up with a bright idea? He is soon put in his place at the back of the herd.
Unfortunately there appears to be no mechanism to change the culture.
24/02/14 10:22 PM
Bernardi is a bull in our china shop. When owners of the china (voters) object to the china being broken, he then lashes out at them for being PC.
Left and right both accuse the other side of being PC without realising that they are trying to stifle debate.
Bernardi rails against abortion, but his stance encourages abortion. How so? A young woman gets pregnant, doesn't want to be a demonised 'single mother' so chooses abortion. As tiki19 suggests, we need to be inclusive, not divisive. Sometimes we have to be negative, mostly we should be positive.
14/01/14 04:45 AM
The global food shortage is a con. Output exceeds demand for most of our food, that's why the prices are not increasing. It's so cheap, 50% is not consumed. That will drop when demand increases. But we can sustain a lot more people if food is the limiting factor.
If we degrade the resource we may reduce the production and we will run out of new areas to exploit, but people are starving due to economics, not food shortage.
02/10/13 05:06 AM

A matter of opinion

Well said Matthew. I'm not a beef producer, so not directly involved, but I have seen fear of the unknown cripple agricultural decision making. Progressives in CCA need to keep pushing.
Not a fan of Maccas either, but hey they are a buyer and we need to sell product.
09/04/14 11:03 PM
Both major parties (Lib and Lab) are solely focussed on Western Sydney. That means they have created a wealth shift from regional Aus to cities.
As one example, the Colesworth duopoly gives cheap food prices to cities at the expense of most farmers.
So where the bloody hell are the Nats? Meekly submitting to their Liberal masters.
I agree with qlander but would rather see them fall just short, cos they won't get the message if they squeak over the line.
21/08/13 01:49 AM
Gabriel. I know its politically correct to blame the current government. Please check the record of how agriculture fared when Howard was in power and the Nats held the balance. Look at the decrease in family farm nos. commodity prices, bankruptcies, etc. The trend has been there for 40 years or more.
We have serious problems. Don't expect Tony to rescue us, he has a lot more powerful figures to appease. Just like Labor, really.
28/06/13 05:44 AM
Exactly, pollies have failed agriculture. How can this be when the Nats have mostly held the balance of power for decades? Farmers desperately need to abandon the Nats and become an unpredictable vioce that no one party can rely upon. The Nats have failed, but still get rewarded for their failure.
28/06/13 02:56 AM

Bush Matters

Sorry I can't share your optimism wtf.
Libs, Nats and Lib Dems are all about 'free market'. It's basically the powerful (financially and politically) against the rest with no umpire. You and I are in the middle, so we get squeezed, just not as badly as those on the low end. When there is a choice between the big end and farmers, these pollies have no allegiance to farmers. But they will hand out a few baubles while picking your pocket.
07/08/14 04:23 AM
Farmers have been in a cost/price squeeze for as long as I can remember. Anyone who thinks that the Nats will solve this is dreaming. Don't believe me, look at the statistics on farm defaults/forced sales under LNP and ALP leadership.
Barry is just looking for a fall guy for when the Nats fail to deliver.
07/08/14 02:31 AM


I'll leave it to others to decide whether an increase from 300 to 400 is a 33% increase or 100th of 1% increase.
25/07/14 05:06 AM
Frank. Re benefits/costs of 0.8C increase in global temps. One of our critical industries is stonefruit. Varieties are chosen to suit climate. Flowering time is critical especially if early and followed by frost. Growers risk millions if crops fail. Jobs, exports, gone. My own crop now flowers about 6 weeks ahead of 1995, so far I've been lucky with frost, but quality and value have gone down. Further increases in temps will put me out of business. I am offended when you claim that AGW is good for us.
24/07/14 04:04 AM
Frank. Your claim that the increase in CO2 is 1/100th of 1% is nonsense. It's like saying that if I eat twice as much it is only a microscopic increase when you consider how much everybody eats. The real increase is 100ppm divided by the starting point of 300ppm, or 33%.
24/07/14 03:51 AM
Pepper I agree. Trouble is what you suggest is against the interests of the fast food lobby, which is why Senator Nash squashed such schemes. That's why I believe the LNP acts against the interests of farmers.
21/05/14 05:23 AM
Cont. Ludwigs main mistake was to penalize those doing the right thing as well as the rogues. So ALP needs a lesson on how to deal with an issue, instead of knee jerk. I'd even map out a plan, for AA, Greens, ALP, LNP, media and industry on the steps each should take when (not if) the next issue arises and negotiate that with each party beforehand. I can facilitate.
Hope this helps.
21/05/14 05:14 AM
Appreciate that Kayu and I acknowledge that the task is enormous. The industry will never stop the bad news stories, but it can alter its response. A credible spokesperson who does not attack either the accuser or the messenger is a good start. Acknowledge the 0.11% and concentrate on how that is reducing each year. Never play the 'poor farmer' card. Let the viewers recognize that any industry making an effort is worth supporting, most will respond positively. Don't attack the Greens, inform them. Support action taken against the rogues. Cont...
21/05/14 05:05 AM
Inverell, like it or not, our economy is based on the level of wages that you say are out of control. A general wage freeze would have major social and economic impact, not all good. Devaluing the dollar would have more benefit, it has been held up artificially high by the mining industry at a cost to farmers. Also, the average wage figure is misleading, skewed by the likes of Gina. The median wage (half earn less, half earn more) is a more realistic measure.
20/05/14 05:45 AM
I support a humane live export industry. The Greens do not support the industry because they believe it is inhumane.
The industry would be best off demonstrating the industry is humane, that then takes the argument away from the Greens.
Remember that the Greens get more votes than the Nats, check the WA Senate results. They also happen to buy a large proportion of the produce I grow. Don't shoot the customer.
20/05/14 05:33 AM
Technological breakthroughs are more likely to occur when there is no control over research by the private sector, as the existing industry has an interest in preserving its income base. Often the benefits are real but not commercially exploitable. Research is a bit like drilling for oil. Low % success rate but a high return when oil is struck. If you stop drilling, the success rate is nil. Wastage can be stopped if we stop 'drilling' and let other countries get the discoveries. Also a good plan to export our brightest minds.
08/05/14 03:19 AM
Good point Stockman.
In that case the politicians took the scientists seriously and there was no unified lobby group stopping action from being taken.
Result, we stopped producing most of the chemicals that were causing the problem, replaced them with less harmful chemicals and let nature do the rest.
Most politicians also take GW seriously. Gillard could have taken the easy way out too, but she had more spine than Rudd or Abbott. Like the ozone hole, the solution is not scary unless we act too late.
03/04/14 04:14 AM


Wonders never cease. I am in agreement with Bill Pounder.
Good fresh local olive oil, no margarine or seed oil, occasional butter, no 'low fat' products = good health.
24/07/13 12:07 AM
AA. Not sure if you represent the AA movement, or are a renegade stirrer. Destroying the animal industry will not save the planet, or feed the starving masses. It would destroy some livelihoods, but for no gain. If you think that is ethical, you are on another planet.
We need a mix of foods/crops to feed people while making prudent use of our resources. We also need our farmers to be profitable.
By all means point out where we can improve, but attacking industries because they exist is the pits.
24/06/13 06:15 AM


A positive move. It will help to overcome the image of farmers being a bit slow on the uptake.
Can someone inform me as to how a modern society can exist without an underpinning reliance on science? Even is we don't understand it, we rely on it. And yes I have looked at all the claims that climate science is a fraud. If those claims were based on science they would have gained credibility.
20/07/15 02:42 AM
You have identified standard National practices. Best buddies to bush folk till they get elected. Best buddies to the city elite after they get elected.
I've seen it over and over. Just fail to understand why the sheeple keep voting for them.
01/06/15 01:40 AM
pepper, that would be 18.6c/kwhr. My last bill was at 31.1c/kwhr, plus I have to pay all the fixed costs which add an extra 3c/kwhr. I'd like to get that profit margin on products I sell. In other words, the electricity retailer should be able to afford the cost of buying solar.
04/09/14 02:52 AM
So I guess you were vehemently opposed to the Managed Investment Schemes introduced by Howard.
Also you should be opposed to; the subsidized low tax rates available to those investing in superannuation, negative gearing, direct action, etc.
Please rail against all handouts, not just cherry pick some.
BTW, pensioners and those who can least afford were fully compensated until the latest budget.
29/08/14 03:36 AM
I am not a fan of Shorten, but he had alternatives that have been thrown away by LNP. Carbon tax, Mining tax, closing the novated leasing rort, etc. all now plunging the budget further into deficit. Hockey's strategy is to balance the above losses by hitting the other half (well more like 80%). It's political suicide, as well as dumb economics. The Nats should be threatening to leave the coalition as regions are the worst hit by the crazy budget.
18/08/14 02:02 AM
Pretty obvious Albert. Once again you have confused weather with climate. 'one of the coldest snaps in the last 5 years' does not equate to no global warming. Check long term (160 years in this case) average temps for Melbourne. July 2014 min. up 1.7, max up 0.4. Even then, it is only 24 days at one site, so no 'proof' of AGW. The global hottest on record months of May and June are a much stronger signal. Shame they indicate you are wrong, as Chelseaf has concluded.
24/07/14 03:42 AM
Keep going wtf. But I think you will find that very little water is needed, just a hefty electricity supply and some sort of storage for the hydrogen. As a threat to fossil fuel fortunes, the car may go the same way as the price on carbon. We have to keep that 1% happy.
23/07/14 10:50 PM
Interesting WTF. I presume it uses electricity to split off Hydrogen from Oxygen. An alternative to the Tesla. Let's hope that these developments compete and outdo the old fossil fuel guzzlers. I won't be trading my fuel miser yet, but in a couple of years....
23/07/14 05:53 AM
Albert and Ted
Dr Risbey has published his research, complete with assumptions. That is now open for anyone to criticize. It's pretty daunting to expose yourself, so you have to be very confident that you are right. After all, your career is likely to be over if you have misrepresented the data,
On the other hand, those who find fault have to show the deficiencies. Your comments don't cut it. You need to find a reputable scientist who can refute the Doctors findings. If you can't find one, as is the case with almost all global warming science, then the science stands.
23/07/14 01:25 AM
LNP policies promote the transfer of wealth from the regions to the cities. Have done so for decades. Yet regions endorse this by voting for the LNP. Go figure!
Nat pollies could use their numbers to fight for regional voters, but they are way too comfortable. So don't vote for them.
13/08/14 02:11 AM


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